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Steve Hart UK Prepper

Imagine waking up tomorrow, to a disaster situation
How long do you think you could survive?

I am a UK Prepper and know that being prepared for a Doomsday situation is on the increase in Great Britain.
More and more people are becoming aware of just how fragile our society is really becoming.

Regardless of the reason for a total meltdown there’s one simple prepping rule that that we all stick to……..

Prepping goes under many different names:
From an 'off grid survivalist' and 'eco warrior' to a 'tin hat wearing nutter'..! 
Most UK Preppers are get up and go people who are taking action to safeguard themselves and their families from the harm of a doomsday situation, however that may occur.
There are literally hundreds of thousands of people who look at things a bit differently than they did a few years ago and are now taking sensible precautions.
Throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, the UK is becoming a world leader in prepping.
Why not have a good look around the UK Preppers Guide website and see if anything interests you?

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