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What If you woke up tomorrow morning to a disaster situation, how long do you think you could survive?

I am UK Prepper and know that being prepared for a Doomsday situation is on the increase in this country as more people become aware of just how fragile our society is really becoming.

Prepping is all about survival – from building up supplies and hunkering down in your home to learning wilderness survival skills and being able to live in the wild.

Regardless of the reason for a total meltdown of our countries rules and laws, there’s one simple rule that always applies 

Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail

UK Preppers come from all walks of life. Different backgrounds and upbringings. But all those people in the the British Isles are smart enough to realize the potential for something to go very wrong.

From various natural disasters and climate changes to man made  economic meltdown, we are fast approaching the point of a total breakdown of society.

With a possible Doomsday just around the corner, we must be ready to survive with a fully equipped Bug Out Bag for a real immediate emergency and your home fully stocked and equipped with essential  supplies in order for you to last and become a true survivalist. 

Just how long do you think you would survive

If you’re thinking of preparing for the future, then now’s the time. Prepping is now seen as a very viable and important thing to do, especially with the rise of TV coverage it has been getting – you only have to check out the  Wikipedia website on Doomsday Preppers to see what I mean.

This website will help you –  so don’t put it off until tomorrow, because that tomorrow is fast approaching us all.

You need to start planning your emergency kit for any Doomsday scenario right now – Look around you and take a look

- How long would you really survive.?

Did you know, you can only last about 3 days without water, before your main organs begin to fail – do you have enough for you and your family if the supply were to become contaminated…?

You need to start planning how you will survive a doomsday situation and begin your prepping as the doomsday clock has started ticking and it’s only a matter of time before it effects you and your family.

This website has lots of information to help you along the way. From choosing the best survival knife to finding the best water filter, there’s full video reviews and informative articles covering all aspects of survival, camping, hiking, essential clothing and footwear as well as lots of survival equipment, all with helpful tips for everyone looking to safeguard their family and home from potential disaster.

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A short  History of British Prepping

Since the beginning of time man has tried to predict and prepare for the disasters that can effect both himself, his family and friends. Natural disasters, floods, famine and through world wars, the citizens of various countries have  battled to overcome the doomsday scenarios that were bestowed on them. 

It’s these type of events that have prompted people to become true survivalists in order to ensure their safety and their continued survival. Events like the Great Depression back in the early 1900′s have set the scene for more preparedness amongst people. Natural disaster, stock market crash and many man made disasters have been narrowly averted in the past. We all learn from past events, both man made and natural.

But now, since the emergence of the internet, people have been able to truly see the extent of how fragile the earth really is and how quickly we could face a complete breakdown in society.  The stock market crash of 1929, the extreme threat of a nuclear war during the 1960′s and 70′s, the increase in naturally occurring disasters for many decades and right up to the famous Y2K bug that was predicted to bring everything to a halt. All these type of things have brought on the increasing surge of a realisation that we must act now for future of our survival.

Preparedness in the UK is now on the rise too
Uk Preppers Guide phote of world war Blitz-telephonists

Being in a state of readiness goes back to the world wars where Great Britain was subjected to extreme hardship, especially during the ‘blitz’.

Rationing, sharing and preparing for disaster were immediately implemented to ensure our survival - everyone had to be prepared to shelter, to wear a gas mask, to make their home as safe as possible and to be fully prepared for the worse scenarios that could happen to them. 

Nowadays, these old school British preppers are thought of as Survivalists, who consistently and methodically ensuring they are ready if and when we are all faced with a breakdown in our society and the laws and order of the land start to fail and break down into what us preppers know as SHTF…!



Please browse the UK Preppers Guide website – you should find a lot of information on how to survival - some pages have a comments section, please add your view and any additional information for other people to read. We have also just started a forum, so why not join in and finally if you’re looking to purchase equipment, then click on the sponsored links from within this website as it helps keep the hosting costs down.


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