Are you a UK Survivalist

What is a UK Survivalist UK survivalist

There are many terms used to describe Preppers here in the UK. Doomsday Preppers is one such term, but another name occasionally used is being known of as a UK Survivalist. A survivalist conjures up quite different meaning to your normal, run of the mill, average Joe just pottering around and preparing for a possible disaster. It does, in fact, imply that you fully intend to actually survive any Doomsday scenario and come out ready for action….

A kind of  “Super Prepper” 

A survivalist is someone whose intention is to be fully prepared by being completely self-sufficient and requires no outside help to maintain a lifestyle.

The mindset behind this is often because of a firm belief that eventually society will collapse completely due to various social or political disorder and unrest. Firmly believing that only the self-sufficient will be able to survive.

The most highly required skills of a survivalists include extensive wilderness survival, first aid training and defensive tactics with both weapons and unarmed combat skills.

A UK Survivalist needs to be completely “Of Grid”girl with bow - survivalist

Maintaining a full level of self sufficiency whilst being completely unnoticed and below the radar of everyone is no easy task in this country – I would say it’s almost an impossible task..!

Maybe it’s feasible for a short while, but fully off grid AND going unnoticed. Very difficult.

But, having said that, there are many preppers who are trying to achieve that status – and many who are doing really well at it – these are fully fledged preppers who have gone those extra steps towards ensuring their survival and made prepping a full time lifestyle.

These people are the sort of preppers to be looked up to as they have the commitment and determination to carry on doing, what is without doubt, a daunting task.

Could you be a UK Survivalist.?

If you just starting out on your prepping journey then the road ahead will be filled with differing advice and methods as to what is needed and what you must do to achieve this and that.

From choosing the best knives for survival to surviving natural disasters, everything must be prepared for and living completely off grid is a full time commitment for any prepper.

If you are considering becoming a UK Survivalist then we wish you the best of luck, it will be a tough road and a massive learning curve, but, in the end if there ever is a major disaster situation and breakdown of society you will be the ones who stand the best chance of survival.

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