Best Camping and Hiking Hammock

What is the best all round camping and hiking hammock for preppers?

lawson hammock system

Setting up a tent has always presented problems when theres uneven or rough ground – no matter how good you clear the area, there will always be a lump or a stone left below, just waiting to aggravate you all night.

Then there’s the problem of wet ground or snowfall – the very last thing you want to be sleeping on.!

Well, there’s really only one answer when you want to overcome all these problems…. Just use a hammock.

Gone are the days of the old canvas, saggy bottomed, cramped and uncomfortable hammocks. They really are a thing of the past.

Modern hammock systems make this form of sleeping an absolute pleasure, and, without doubt, one of the leaders in hammock design world is the LAWSON – BLUE RIDGE CAMPING HAMMOCK.

But theres more to this bit of outdoor kit than meets the eye..!

LAWSON BLUE RIDGE HAMMOCK over rocks    LAWSON BLUE RIDGE HAMMOCK with rain cover    LAWSON BLUE RIDGE HAMMOCK click image to enlarge

Not only is it a superbly comfortable hammock. It can double up as a bivvy tent, giving you the best of both worlds.

The hammock can be used in the traditional way and set up between any two solid objects or, used as a bivvy on the ground with the normal guide rope set up giving support.

Along with the built-in mosquito net and a detachable, fully fitted rain cover, you have every angle covered when out away from civilisation.


lawson blue ridge camping and hiking hammockI have chosen the Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock system as my best all round camping and hiking hammock for several reasons and here’s the specifications –

  • Lightweight, weighing in at 4.25lbs ( 1928 grams )  – that’s less than 2 bags of sugar..!!!
  • Compact – supplied stuff sack measures only 22″ x 6″
  • Integrated double coil nylon zipper bug net with tent poles – all seams are sealed making it a bug free zone.
  • Fully enclosed waterproof rain tarp – this can be used with or without.
  • Internal mesh storage pockets and O-ring ceiling fixing
  • Nylon waterproof lower border – will protect you against water blowing up under the tarp.
  • Aluminium alloy grade archpoles for canopy spreader

The whole unit measures 90″ x 36″ when setup and will take a massive 250lbs weight limit – The sleeping area measures ??? x ????, so, realistically it will take anyone up to 6′ 3″ and weighing 18 stone – as a ‘British Standard Englishman’ of 5′ 8″ and weighing 13 stone, I found it very spacious inside. (as you can see here )


Background information.

The Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock is an American based company that manufacturer this hammock and distribute world wide, in fact, it is the only hammock they manufacture and they have been doing so since 1997 – that sort of longevity gives me great confidence in a company. The founder and owner, Wes Johnson is an outdoor addict and has dedicated his time to designing a genuine replacement for the tent.

Again, another reason I am saying this is one of the best hammock systems out there today – they are not some ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ company. In fact they even offer a money back guarantee on their hammocks should you not be 100% satisfied – just another tick in the box that gives me confidence in their gear…..

As a prepper or any outdoorsman for that matter, I choose my equipment carefully. Value for money plays a big part in the kit I own and certain kit needs to be high quality – fortunately with modern materials and modern manufacturing techniques this hammock system definitely comes into the great value for money area.

I actually think it offers one of the best outdoor sleeping systems on the market today.

As with all my other reviews, it is far easier to actually test out a product and see how it performs out in the woods – so this is my full video review and testing of the Best All Round Camping and Hiking Hammock, the Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock.



My Conclusions:

I really cannot fault this bit of kit..!

It works exactly as you want it to. The quality is superb, but best of all is the amount of room inside.

Changing from a conventional ‘saggy’ hammock to the Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock is like trading in your scooter for a Rolls Royce.

I definitely think this is the best all round camping and hiking hammock for prepping, as well as for campers and hikers that’s available to us today.