Oct 07 2014

Best Hatchet for Survival and Bushcraft Guide

Best Hatchet for Survival and Bushcraft Guide

best hatchet for survivalA hatchet is one of the most important survival tools for any prepper, with the ability to perform most bushcraft tasks.

With a good hatchet you can perform just about all the main survival tasks to help keep you alive and comfortable in the wild, in fact, some survival experts prefer their trusty hatchet to a survival knife.

In this, Best Hatchet for Survival and Bushcraft Guide, I will cover the essentials of a good bushcraft and survival hatchet and what to look out for when buying your new hatchet.

Essentially, a hatchet is just a small version of an axe and, with the exception of splitting large logs all in one go or felling trees, it will do much the some work load.

With the average hatchet weighing in at less than a bag of sugar, they are light enough to perform quite delicate carving and wood shaping tasks – this makes them a very good bushcraft tool, and an essential part of you kit.


parts of a hatchet


Modern technology has brought the hatchet right up into the 21st century with new materials that are both stronger and lighter than before.

You can now choose between the traditional forged steel head with a traditional hickory wood handle shaft, right up to a composite, low shock, light weight handle and head – giving you a virtually unbreakable tool.

A lot of hatchets are designed with bushcraft and survival in mind as well – giving you that all round ability to perform many of the main survival task with ease.

Shock absorbing materials make repetitive tasks like chopping kindling or battoning a more safe option as well as less tiring.


All in all, the modern hatchet should last you a lifetime and be one of your top survival tools.




* For more heavy duty log splitting or felling please see my larger axe guide


Best Hatchet for Survival and Bushcraft Guide


Fiskers X5 camping axe/hatchet
- PTFE coated blade
- reinforced polymide fibreglass handle
- double-hardened blade

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35480 grams228Yes
Gerber Gator axe/hatchet - combo tool
- forged steel head
- glass filled nylon handle
- gator handle grip

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60153 grams220Yes
Hultafors Agdor small axe
- hand forged
- Swedish steel
- Swedish hickory handle

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30800 grams440No
Gransfor Buks wildlife hatchet
- hickory handle
- hand forged
- Swedish steel

Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet
75220 grams350Yes