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The UK Preppers Guide website has been running for over two years now and I thought it was about time to add a regular UK Prepping Blog.

This is something I have been planning to do for a while now, but never had the time.

I also deliberately turned off comments to the main UK Preppers Guide website - you are able to freely comment here on this prepping blog

From previous experience there are just too many spammers out there and I wanted real people and real preppers to join in. Not someone selling perfume or trying to promote their website that had nothing to do with prepping.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Steve Hart and I've been a prepper for as long as I can remember.

In fact, I was prepping way back in ‘the old days’ before the word ‘prepper’ was even heard of.

Mind you, everyone was a prepper then…

By that I mean everyone knew how to make ends meet by stocking up and by having the basic skills like actually being able to cook a basic meal from scratch.

man with air rifle

They knew about real food and how to make it last. They never wasted any food, and what wasn't eaten would be recycled and made into a meal for the next day.

microwave junk meal

Nowadays people just click a few buttons on their iPhone and zap – within 20 minutes there’s a box a ready made food delivered to their door.

But then sometimes they will get really daring and actually buy a box of food that they can “cook” themselves – buy “cook”, I mean open the packet and shove in the microwave and nuke it for two minutes.

Giving them a lovely meal containing just about every ‘E’ number and preservative known to man.

Sad really. We have lost the basic skill of even being able to feed ourselves without resorting to technology.

Over many years I have been quietly beavering away prepping.

For what? Well I don't really know to be honest.

But one thing I do know is that we have a dam site better chance of surviving if we are prepared. I have precious little faith in the government being able to provide shelter, food and a safe environment for me and my family if the SHTF.

So that’s why I prep. Not to be trendy (which apparently it is now), but because I want to be the one calling the shots. The one who can provide for myself and my family.

Over the years I have purposely learnt the essential bushcraft skills to help survival in a full on disaster. I can say with confidence that I have a pretty fair chance of making it through the rough times.

The chances of that happening are quite remote though aren't they?

Or are they?

Hopefully I will never see a world wide catastrophe during my lifetime, and that’s a good thing. But along the way prepping has been great fun to say the least. I have met some fantastic people involved with the prepping and bushcraft community.

And some nutters…..!

Please feel free to follow me on this blog and please comment if you think I’m right or wrong. Or maybe just to say hello.

Happy Prepping Folks..


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  1. David Harding

    Well, what can I say.. back about 18 months some A$$ole perm banned me from ukpreppers because I wanted to send info up in HTML format.

    Never mind.. I continued prepping and am now able to actually see a good result. Hoping to live off grid of everything, and out somewhere the govt. doesn’t hassle too much.

    Anyway, I’ll sit in and listen and chat. If you challenge me, be prepared to talk about it.


  2. iPhone SE

    “Section 5(1)(b) of the firearms Act 1968 prohibits any weapon of whatever description designed or adapted for the discharge of any noxious liquid or gas. Because a criminal identifier spray does not contain any substances and the can itself is not designed to discharge a noxious substance, it is not prohibited by the Firearms Act.”

    Thank you for this helpful information.

    1. UK Prepper

      Agreed. Spot on with that one…

  3. Penny Plum


    In some ways I feel disadvantaged in my prepping, in other ways, I feel I do have skills that some don’t have. I lived in the western isles of scotland for 10 yrs. Winters there always required some degree of preparation, whether it was lack of food in stores due to the ferry not sailing, damage from high winds, the only road to town being blocked due to flooding, loss of electricity etc. I recall occasions when the electricity went down, if snow was on the ground, I would pack the freezer with snow to remove air gaps, keeping things frozen longer. I had a solid fuel stove which ran my heating and hot water as well as cooking. I chopped wood and cut and dried peat for my stove. Bringing it back from the moors in backpacks and wheelbarrows with my kids sitting on top. I cooked mainly from scratch, built furniture and even a pony stable once. I learned to knit and sew when I was a child, something i still do a lot. I forage for food and make preserves as well as storing bought food.

    My circumstances are rather different now. I live as a single parent (my boyfriend lives around 45 miles away), with my 3 yr old grandson, whom I have care of, together with my teenage daughter who is Type 1 diabetic and was diagnosed 3 years ago. My eldest two children have their own homes, one around 5 miles away, one 15 miles away. My other two children, both teenagers also (I have 5), live mainly with their father, who is not a prepper.

    I do feel I am fairly adaptable. My eldest and I were stranded in glasgow (we were attending college and uni at the time )a few years ago when the M8 came to a halt. I made the decision to get home. It took 3 hours to get a bus to leave glasgow, another 4 hrs to get a mile and a half out of glasgow. My son, not wearing his thicker coat, was showing signs of hypothermia as we sat for another two hrs on the bus. I made the decision to walk, it was a total unknown how much longer the bus would remain static, and getting colder, whereas I knew a hotel was around a mile away. It was the most bizarre situation, walking up an abandoned lane of a motorway, 18 inches deep in snow. The first thing I found was a garage that was still open (it was around 10pm by that time) and was able to get my son warm drinks and soup before the final, shorter walk to the hotel. The hotel staff had already welcomed a number of people from abandoned cars and buses and were extremely helpful and supportive. They provided hot soup for everyone and I could see my son recover as he warmed up again. Eventually, after around two hours at the hotel, a friend of my son was able to get his little hatchback out to get us, meeting us nearby, sticking to roads that had been cleared. It took us around 10 hours to get home that day. I still recall an abandoned double decker bus with SOS in place of the numbers, and as far as the bus we were on when I decided to walk, we got home (a further 10 miles from the hotel) long before the bus even reached the hotel.

    I no longer have my own land, I now live in a small block of flats (6 in a block) on the second floor with a communal entrance, not ideal by any means. My teenage daughter has mobility problems and cannot walk far. I am on the very outskirts of a small town, less than 5 minutes walk from the countryside. I do not have a large amount of space for storage now either. I live on minimal finances, meaning more expensive items are a challenge to get, though in regards to food and water, with foraging, preserving food and being excellent at seeking bargains and budgeting, that is something I can usually deal with. Last winter, when there was another power outage, I was able to still provide hot water and hot food to my kids as well as my neighbour.

    So you can see my situation isn’t ideal now. If anyone has any suggestions as to things I can do to maximise my advantages, I’d love to hear. I do live across the road from woods and a small river.



    1. Fenland Prepper

      It sounds like you have a good skill set but unfortunately live in a bad location in the event of a SHTF scenario. Now I don’t normally recommend bugging out in the UK as we have limited natural resources but in your case this might be a good idea. I don’t mean bugging out to a remote location but it might be a good idea to find a like minded person, either another family member or someone you can trust. You may be able to build up resources with them. Work out escape plans from your location and execute them to see how they work, then just keep a go bag with you.
      As you also say you are close to the countryside you might want to look at stashing much needed resources there, bury them well in sealed bins, so again you can grab them if you need to leave in a hurry.
      If you don’t have a car, work out a safe place you can use as an arranged pick up point.

      Its a shame your family don’t see your point of view but maybe explain it in a different way. My daughters boyfriend thought we were a little mad with our preps until I said “what if I lost my job? We could go months without having to buy food.” We have been cut off from clean water three times in 8 years so we have over a hundred litres of clean water on hand plus over 3000 we can purify. The last time the water was cut off due a mains burst there was panic buying of bottled water in the local shops, we were fine.
      People hear prepper and immediately think of the lunatics you see on tv in the USA with enough fire power to provide a small army.
      If you go back 90 or so years everyone was a prepper in some way, it was a way of life.
      I hope these words are of some use to you, let me know if I can offer any more help or advice.

  4. DamIT

    not sure how old some of the coments above are, but until recently i lived on the West coast of scotland where power cuts up to 4 or 5 days werent that infrequent every winter. (no BBC coverage as its scotland and its supposed to be cold!). No leccy or gas, and a bit of snow blocking the roads could keep you at home in the village for around a week at a time. Im only talking an hour-ish from glasgow one of the biggest cities in the UK.

  5. Ace

    Glad I found this site. I actually came across this site looking for torch mounts for my bows.
    I been silently prepping since 2009, although I admit that over the last 12 months or so, I have been winding down my supplies to a point where I actually had to restock things in the last few days.
    I’m not the best or most prepared person in the UK, by a long shot.
    But compared to most I am much better prepared than most around here.
    Getting the message to everyone else was/is a nightmare. People walk around with blinkers on.
    If there is anyone in South Yorks area then would be good to make contact. Surely I’m not the only one?
    I have a bug out plan but in all honesty, it would really have to be bad to leave a fortified position which has water and food.

    While a few friends/family laugh about my preparedness, I see this as just taking responsibility for the safety and well being of my family.
    I will not be dependent on govt handouts/food/water rations.
    I will not be dependent on a non existent Police force coming to rescue me from aggressive would be intruders.
    I have prepared accordingly (within the financial restraints that come with having a family) to best survive and take care of the ones I love if TSHTF.

    Sure my plan isn’t the best.
    I have no bunker in case of Nuke attack. If that happens I’m fu**ed basically. I did look into it and basically it came down to £££££. No way could I afford one and anything I built would be insufficient for any long period of time.
    I’m more prepared for a break down in society. (probably through a currency collapse)
    If the lights go out and things get a little rough (which I fully expect if/when the currency goes down) then I have everything I need here.
    I still have a few things to do before I can say I’m truly ready.
    Main thing (and I have been putting this off for too long) is to get some sort of composting (dry) toilet sorted out. Not the nicest of prep duties but an essential one.
    With this I should be able to be self sufficient for an indefinite period.

    Is it better to buy one or just make one?

    Probably one of my biggest problems will be family, friends and neighbours. None are prepared and that gives me the unenviable choice of what to do, if/when these people have no food or water?
    I think it would be hard not to be somewhat generous and share (to a certain degree) my stash.
    Certainly in a large city like I live in, things could get very rough & we have a much better chance in larger numbers, so there is something to be said for making and keeping friends within the community in your circle.
    What would you do?

    1. Ace

      Just read through a few of your pages and one thing really keeps popping up. I could never solve this problem sufficiently to my liking, although I have made a plan to tackle this problem.
      The problem I had was “heating the home” in a power cut scenario in Winter.
      My house has no chimneys. The modern sort that relies completely on central heating. 🙁
      The provision I made to keep warm in such a case was 2 fold.
      1. Burning bin + a fire pit with a large-ish stack of dry firewood. (obviously can’t use it inside, but it might be useful outside at some point)
      2. All members of my family are well stocked on outdoor clothing equipment which should keep us warm, inside or out.

      I can’t see a way around this problem other than my 2 solutions above.
      Solar panels would not carry enough energy to run any heating equipment.
      A generator would bring unwanted attention.

      Any better suggestions?

      1. UK Prepper

        Hi Ace,

        Agreed, once a building has got cold, that is it – it takes twice as much energy to heat it back up to temperature again and twice as long, if not more.

        My only answer for anyone hunkering down during a prolonged SHTF situation in winter would be to use to use just one room, central in the home if possible and with as few outside walls and windows as possible.
        Next is insulation – the room must be well insulated – with anything that will help keep the heat in.
        Anything from layers of curtains over the windows to slabs of reflective insulation board [these are light and flat and can be easily stored in a loft or even under the bed] – but always try to use some reflective, insulation on the ceiling to ‘bounce’ the heat back..
        It is possible to maintain heat in a room with good insulation – look at how the Swedish do it – they can heat a room with just a 60W light bulb and the heat from the human body in freezing conditions.!!!
        If the heat can’t escape then it’s possible to use simple heating methods like the 36 or 48 hour survival candle, which will give light as well.
        It takes a bit of thinking about but it is do-able.
        Use plastic sheeting to form a porch entrance into the room as a heat shield divider to stop heat loss when moving in and out.
        If it was possible to build a fire outside without attracting too much attention then warming clothes and sleeping bags would be good use of the fire, as would boiling pans of water and then brining then into the room to use as a heater.
        Any cooking can be done outside and the pots n pans brought inside for additional heat.
        Normal house bricks can also be placed in the outside fire and warmed up to use as heat blocks inside the room.

        There are a few more other ways you can survive the winter cold and you question is a good one – I think I will put an article together giving information on that very subject of home heating when the SHTF.


        Steve UKpreppersGuide

    2. UK Prepper

      Hi Ace,

      You have one of the very best and well informed UK Preppers in the country and he is in your area – check out Tom Linden, he runs the – there’s not too many as well informed as Tom is.

      There are also many Yorkshire based preppers, so your not alone!!

      You have the right approach to your prepping, by doing the best you can with the money you can spare – it’s not easy but still very do-able.

      Yes, friends and family are a pain to say the least – and we are only really governed by our conscious there eh…!
      But forming allegiances with others, friends, family or fellow preppers has both good and bad points.

      The jury is still out on that one.!

  6. M. Frey

    Preparedness’ has been a part of my family’s thinking for about 10 years. Food, water and means of heating the home have been secured. When the stock market went crazy over the weekend – we had the peace of knowing we could last for a year or more on what we have stored. My thoughts have been directed to the vulnerability of the power grids in the U.S. and Canada. If “hackers” can easily “out” Ashley Madison, the U.S. federal employees soc sec and home information – why have they not yet done in the power sources? Those that prepare can sleep nights when bad news hits the media. That in itself is a positive.

  7. Denise

    Hi Steve, been prepping for over 10 years now and pretty much organised mentally. Its a shame we don’t have masses of countryside for bugging out, and the parts we do have are already taken by the mod. I’ve got a few ideas though; abandon places like farms, pubs which most have cellars; I guess you just have to go by your instincts when the time comes.As for bugging out at home, if you live in a city its a no no. mass panic will make everyone a target and there’s some pretty horrible characters out there who wouldn’t thin twice I’m not feeling the pressure to have weapons. If we get far from any cities then its likely any intruders will be like-minded as yourself and teaming up would be a better option. Were still going to need to form society after shtf, and also everyone has their own talents which will useful. In the usa most preppers are concentrating on protecting thierselves in the most extreme ways, its their mentality; we dont need to copy, traps to deter would be better. Afterall, if anyone makes it to your location they will be very weak from hunger and scared. Caution with compassion mixed together is where we need to be mentally. The everyday person didn’t get us in the shit and they like yourself will be the ones who have to create a new way of life that puts people first not materials etc.

  8. John D

    I’ve just been reading your piece about Farb Gel defence sprays, which is promoted as being legal for possesion and use in the UK. It looks a very good product. I’ve seen it advertised elsewhere, and would certainly consider getting it for myself and family. As it contains no noxious gas, I would certainly not class it as an offensive weapon. However, despite being billed as legal, I see no reference police or a UK lawyer confirming this. Do you know of any official information that authorises it’s use? I ask this because UK weapons law is very restrictive and can be applied in a subjective fashion. John
    (This is the product

    1. UK Prepper

      Hi John,

      You are spot on – UK law is very much subjective with some huge grey areas that make the laws on weapons hard to decipher.
      Legal carry of a folding knife being one of the most ‘amusing’ to say the least!

      This spray however, is not marketed as a weapon, as such, which puts it very much out of the scope of the UK law to a high degree.

      Its considered as a defence spray for the purpose of criminal identification.

      This is the most direct piece of law I have on it:

      Section 5(1)(b) of the firearms Act 1968 prohibits any weapon of whatever description designed or adapted for the discharge of any noxious liquid or gas. Because a criminal identifier spray does not contain any substances and the can itself is not designed to discharge a noxious substance, it is not prohibited by the Firearms Act.

      I have also discuss this with my local police who agree, so long as you do not go around spraying people and actually using it as a weapon, but simply carry it as a means of ‘helping’ the police identify an attacker, they would be fine with it.
      In fact, the police I have spoken to, openly agree it would help them in the case of an attack.

      But I do still thoroughly agree with you – trying to get any confirmation on UK weapons law can be a real pain.

      Steve – UKpreppersGuide

      1. steve

        bleach in a washing up bottle good for self defense

  9. matt R

    Dear ???

    Thank you for a very good review of our apparently UK legal folding pocket knife article.

    We have had a customer that says his local police station says its NOT.. we are not sure why but they have measured it from the point to further back down the handle which of course would make it longer by 1/4”, since the handle is almost ‘open plan’ with one side longer than the other, but measured as we thought .,it is defiantly under 3”
    We are under the impression that all blade measurements are taken from the tip of the blade to the outermost point of the handle.
    Can anyone please give a definitive..?

    please let us know at [email protected]

    Thanks in anticipation

  10. Rikie


    Do Ukpreppers have a contact email? I have a stove project I would like to introduce to you, without hijacking.



  11. Noodles

    Just signed for your newsletter, came across your site after catching a YouTube vid from wildsoul62 🙂 and thought I’d say hello!
    It would appear that I’ve become a prepper without realising, I seem to have accumulated a mass of equipment and gear of the years, well, just in case. Nice to know other people do the same 🙂

    1. UK Prepper

      Hi Noodles,
      I think that’s the classic way most people start prepping…!
      Welcome aboard..

      UK Preppers Guide

  12. EK

    Hi, I was looking through all the defence spray and could not find one that has a keychain/keyring on it. Is there any other option or advice you could possibly give ?

    1. UK Prepper

      Hi EK,
      I haven’t come across any UK legal sprays that are fitted with a keychain.
      The nearest I can suggest is to use the small pouch that fits the spray perfectly.
      It will fit on your belt and could be adapted for a chain I would think.

      Here’s an example of the Spray With Pouch {bottom of article].

      Happy Prepping….

  13. Ollie

    Hi, Im a photographer and very interested in the apocalypse and the life of preppers. I’m lookng for preppers who would be interested in having a portrait taken in their bunker if they have one or any location or surrounding suitable. If you would be interested or know anyone that would be, please let me know.
    Thank you

  14. K

    p.s. I was just being funny! It is a really good website 🙂 Just felt the need to big it up for the girl power, haha! The defence spray does look good for self defence in general day to day life. I was looking for a “safe” gun, i.e one that would act as a deterrent, like a BB gun. I hadn’t even considered a paintball gun – first I guess I’d need to figure out how to use one! 🙂

    But what I was looking for – was those survival courses. I’ve heard they do “urban” survival courses. Have you been on any? And could you recommend some?

    Thank you!

    1. UK Prepper

      Hi K,
      Thanks for your comments, you had me a bit worried there for a bit..!!
      Survival courses are springing up all over the place now.
      Have a quick look at my COURSES PAGE here.

      Also checkout these BUSHCRAFT SHOWS, they are very good things to go to. You will learn loads and everyone is really friendly.

      Happy Prepping……

  15. K

    Ok great website and everything. I’ve been looking into this topic and thinking about getting prepared……and ok, I’m a city girl, work in an office, I’m tall but I’m slim… terms of defence, I’ve not really got what’s going when it comes to physical strength… you very kindly offer me defence spray?? Are you kidding me?? 😮 So according to your website – men here can get the self defence weapons but women….you fire up the hairspray ladies. Seriously? Are we in 2015?????? I want you to change it – literally, just want to take down “women” – please……. Take it down. Defence spray – fine. Paintball guns – fine – but defence spray WOMEN. You do know that women are in the army now, don’t you? And could be in combat roles by 2016? I’m not even a feminist, I’m a girly girl – but this offends me. I’m gonna go listen to Cheryl Cole and play with my barbies, while all hell breaks loose in the world, you’ll find us, you know, the “reproducing sex” that can ensure the survival of man kind and have been repopulating the world since the dawn of time, all braiding our hair and chatting about our diets whilst combatting all intruders with our lethal “defence spray”. Cheers mate….jeez my brother who was 12 years older than me, once sparked me flat out when I was 5 years old teaching me to box with a giant life size bugs bunny – know what he said when I came round?? Get up. This was in the 80s – you need to move with the times… alive, cos I know if the SHTF my brothers would want me armed up dude and not with a can of “lethal hairspray”. ;-p

  16. Cavemanjoe

    Looks like you are all well prepared in UK, but I would not like to be in Europe, UK, USA anymore, to many people and big cities where the hungry will start coming out the second day? I have lived in a number of places in the world and finally decided to Bug-out permanently? So now we live on a tropical Island in SE Asia (no heating needed), bought a 12Ha mountain property and with a generator and a jackhammer dug out a large Cave Home apartment, 8 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean and 1500 Ft high, that should cover most event when SHTF? We have fresh springwater all year around, rural location with organic gardening and small animals for meat source, guns and visa’s no problem and building permits don’t apply in the mountains. safe and easy defendable and kids go to local schools until things get hairy in witch case we go over to home schooling. We are looking to maybe start a commune here with people with different skills?
    good luck to you all, Caveman Joe

  17. Fenland Prepper

    As a prepper I have a little advice to anyone coming into this from new. You read lots of blogs and articles and they will heavily impress on you the food and water side of things to the extent that you can become single minded.

    But do not forget all the other equally important things!

    Its no good having years worth of food and water if you do not look after the other essentials.
    Opsec (operational security)

    You need good supplies of soap, deoderant, toothpaste, washing powder etc. All the things you usually use. Cleanliness is next to godliness so they say, it also helps to keep you clean of infection and toothache etc. You can buy fish antibiotics from the internet, they are the same as the ones we take just re packed for animal use. You can find which ones to use for what on the net.
    If you can go on a first aid course. Both myself and my wife have been first aid trained over the years.

    Yeah ok you have a stack of food, how do you cook it when the power goes off and the gas does not work.? I have built a couple small wood burning stoves made from large cans that work well, used them wild camping. I have a small meths camp stove that works well and enough spirit to use it for about 2 months. On top of that a large gas barbecue and two big gas bottles. Hot food is important and so is the ability to boil water both for drinks and sterilising the water. I also keep a stack of dry split logs.

    First get use to walking your house and gardens etc in the dark. If the lights go off in the night you don’t want to be walking in to things.
    Batteries, stock up on batteries for torches, try to keep a torch in each room or at least on each floor and practice getting to them in the dark. You don’t want to start off being injured.
    Candles, stock up on candles, tea lights are great you can buy a hundred at a time for a few pounds.
    If you can see about setting up a light powered from a solar powered battery system, there are kits on the net.

    Finally Opsec.
    Be careful who you tell you are prepping. When the SHTF the last thing you want is hungry people beating down your door and taking the lot. Believe me they will if they know.
    Walk your property in the day and at night, see where the blind spots are where people can approach and not be seen. See how secure your gardens are and if you can improve them. taller fences, drive gates, railings etc. If you have sheds keep them locked. If it becomes a long term incident your tools will become valuable.
    Keep your preps out of sight in the house, so when your “friends and neighbours” come round there is nothing to see.
    See if you can build up a few like minded people close to you, if you can get a small group of preppers going you have a better chance of surviving. See what they think about the shows on tv, get them to view their opinion. If they outright say they are all nutters then change the subject. They might say some of them are extreme but the idea of having some extra stuff in the house for emergencies is ok, then you can expand the subject.
    Finally don’t make it obvious that you are eating and drinking well if it all goes to s**t and others are starving.
    I am lucky, both my wife, both daughters and their partners are in and they are also prepping.
    In case you wondered we are not bugging out, I can protect us easier here and our preps are here.
    Feel free to comment or ask a question.

  18. Fenland Prepper

    Ok not a lot of activity so far so lets see.

    Why do I prep? I could go on about economic disaster, solar flares, nuclear war, ISIS, ebola the list just goes on and on. Sometimes you just need to look at your local environment and see what happens.
    We live in a small town on the edge of the Fens, and in the ten years we have been here, we have:

    Had no water for two instances, once for almost a day and a half.
    Had a couple of power cuts.
    Had floods nearly every year that seem to get worse each time, they close one road in and out of town and start to risk the others.

    Prepping does not have to mean that you are building a bunker or a stupid great castle in the woods, its a way of life that we have left behind. Its just too easy to go to a supermarket 24 hours a day and get food, but supermarkets hold a little over 24 hours worth of food, so if those lorries stopped arriving they would empty really fast, even more so when panic buying settled in. loss of electrical power would also mean no water, something most people don’t realise is that for most of us the water is pumped to our homes.
    You can last three days without water.
    Three weeks without food.
    Its the rule of threes. Its not hard a fast but it is a good guideline.

    Personally I think the biggest threat to people in the UK is something like an air borne virus with a high mortality rate. The reason for this is that as it hits the population and infection occurs a few things will happen. the hospitals will rapidly become overloaded, followed by the other emergency services. One reason for this is that they will be at the front of dealing with the affected and so will be at a higher risk of infection. Once the emergency services are no longer able to deal with the problem the military will step in.
    At this point we will see companies cease to function properly as people either stay at home or get sick.
    As it increases we will find it harder to deal with the large number of dead bodies. Supplies at supermarkets will start to decline as will fuel deliveries at petrol stations.
    Then people will start to die in their homes and not be found.

    Yes it is a bleak picture but look at what Ebola has done in Africa and it is not easy to catch, imagine it airborne like flu.

    So we prep for the local problems and take into our preps what we would need for other scenarios. We have 2300 litres of water on hand and the means to sterilise it and collect more. Inside we have 100 litres of drinking water bottled. We have food for three months.
    We have 5 raised beds and grow staple foods each year, potatoes, beans, onions plus some fruit and a plum tree.
    We started jam making last year and have always done pickling, beetroot, onions, red cabbage cauliflower and picalilli. We have also started dehydrating to see if we can add extra real food to our preps. We have gone wild camping away from toilets and showers, cooking over a real fire and sterilising water just to increase our survival training.
    We have disposable suits, hospital grade masks, gloves and hospital grade hand cleaner.

    Do I think I am mad? No. Do other people? I don’t know, we practice good opsec so we don’t tell people what we do.
    People prep for different reasons. We prep for water supply failure and being cut off, after that its general with a lean towards a Sars / avian flue type outbreak.
    Comments please! Don’t ask about weapons as that can be a touchy subject in the UK.

    1. RunAwayDave

      Now here’s a man with a good, common sense attitude to prepping.
      Probably more sane than most of the population!

      Agree with everything you say, especially the air borne attack scenario. Might add to that economic collapse as being one of my high up killers as well.

      yeah, weapons is a touchy subject.. sshhhhhhh… !

      1. Fenland Prepper


        yes I regard an economic collapse as a high possibility, I am also concerned about the slow escalation of events in Ukraine, especially now that Nato is looking to bolster its forces in eastern block countries and the USA is looking at adding arms to Ukraine. Couple that with Russia’s attitude and it’s recent fly bys just outside our air space.

        Ebola has just had an increase in cases when they thought it was coming under control and they have finally admitted it is mutating.

        As for the currency, all currencies these days are fiat, there is no longer any gold or other valuables to back them up, they are just numbers on paper, in a full collapse all money will be worthless. If you can, stack gold and silver, for preppers I think silver is better, it is easier to buy and could be used as currency.
        Happy prepping.

  19. GoodnightVienna

    What do you suggest for people who have only a cricket bat or other household items for self-defence?

    1. UK Prepper

      Have a look at these articles – might help….

      Self Defence weapons UK

      Legal Weapons UK

  20. Danny F-P

    Hey fellow peppers!!

    I am curious to know how seriously people are taking their prepping and if they have bunkers etc? If so how far away from your homes are they and what roughly how much have they cost you?

    If not are you planning a bunker and how much do you think you will spend on one?

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

    1. JimJams

      I don’t know any UK preppers that have bunkers..?!
      Ihave a couple of potential good bug out locations. Other than that Im staying put.
      There must be some people who have them though?


  21. James

    Looks like this blog could get quite interesting…!

  22. Goof Ball

    Looking forward to this blog getting going.

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