Buck Survival Knife, Punk, 5160 Carbon Review

Buck Survival Knife, Punk, 5160 Carbon Review knife review Buck Punk

Specifications of the Buck Survival Knife, Punk, 5106 Carbon:

  • Comes with a heavy duty M.O.L.L.E. compatible nylon sheath that includes a storage pouch
  • The Knife undergoes a heat treatment process in specific temperature controlled atmospheres, which optimizes the steel’s edge retention and strength, corrosion resistance, and allows the hardness to be set to 57-59 HRC
  • Sheath can be adjusted for high or low hip carry and features dual retention methods for safety
  • Blade Length is 14.3 cm (5-5/8″) 
  • Blade Steel is 5160 Carbon Steel with added powder coat finish for corrosion resistance
  • Weight is 209.8g (7.4 oz.) for knife only and 371.4g (13.1 oz.) with the Sheath


I have owned various types of Buck knife for the better part of 30 years. They had been lock blades until I saw this one. The Buck Survival Knife, Punk, 5160 Carbon is one slick and tough looking knife and once I got it home and started putting it through its paces I realised it is as tough as it looks.


It is a survival knife in the truest sense of the word. Use it for an everyday carry, survival kits, and go-bags or for around the house chores if you spend time outside. I used it the other day to trim a rose bush because I did not feel like hunting around for the pruning shears.

buck knives logoOwning a Buck knife means I do not have to think about quality, I know it is a quality product because of years of owning one. The Buck Survival Knife, Punk, 5160 Carbon knife is no different but it is different from any other Buck knife I have owned.

Finally, a knife manufacturer has made a sheath as good as the knife. I really get aggravated when I buy a first rate knife and the sheath is almost like an afterthought.

This is a tactical sheath in every sense of the word.

buck punk knife sheath


The knife is secured and none of this “cutting up the sheath” getting the knife in and out. Buck has that covered so the sheath will hold up. Other knives I have do cut the nylon sheaths getting them in and out because there are no guards to keep the blade from slicing the sides and bottom up, when it goes in and out.

The sheath has a cord so you can strap it to your leg. Securing the sheath to your leg allows you to remove the knife one handed.

Most sheath knives that do not have a way to secure it to your leg require you to use two hands to pull the knife, one hand to hold the sheath and another to pull the knife, not good if one hand is injured or restrained.



The Buck Survival Knife, Punk, 5160 Carbon stays sharp and I mean sharp enough to shave with if you needed to. The blade is heavy enough so when you have to cut rope under tension a one handed swipe and the lines are cut making it ideal for cutting webbing or seat belt restraints if there is tension on them otherwise for safety use one hand to hold the material to be cut when using the knife.

The blade is hard, very hard and once you have an edge on it will stay on it. The Buck is ideal for a backup skinning knife. Not really shaped well for a skinner in my opinion but the blade will take much of the work out of skinning small game.

*for skinning knives see our Best Survival Knife Guide.




  • Heavy duty blade stays sharp
  • Looks good and the blade is shaped for quick cutting and the finger indent on the blade side allows you to “choke up” on the blade for precise handling
  • Even though it carbon steel the blade has not shown any signs of corrosion


  • Handle is a little thinner than I care for but does not really take away from any job you would need the knife for


The Buck Survival Knife, Punk, 5160 Carbon is an all around good knife and is ideal for any job around the home or camp or any tactical situation you may end up in. 

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