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Jul 16 2018

Superfood For Survival | How To Make Stinging Nettle Tea

Natures Super FoodHow To Make Stinging Nettle TeaEvery survivalist needs to know how to forage for foods, but not all natural foods are equal…In this article I want to cover the advantages of drinking stinging nettle tea and how to make stinging nettle tea when your out in the woods. The drink itself is very refreshing …

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Jun 05 2018

Best And Most Powerful LED Torches For Your BugOut Bag

Best And Most PowerfulLED Torches For Your BugOut BagReview Of The X7R Marauder TorchThis is the X7R Marauder, made by high end manufacturer, Olight, and in this review I try out this ‘coke can’ sized torch to see if it’s worth adding to my prepping gear.The X7R Marauder12,000 Lumens Of Insane Power! In A Hurry …

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Apr 05 2018

Most Comfortable Hammock For Wild Camping Amok Dramur 3.0

The Amok Draumr 3.0Most Comfortable Hammock For Wild CampingWhen choosing a camping hammock there are a few generally accepted things to consider. Pack size and weight being important to many people. Ease of setup, another.But one of the most important factors to using a hammock over ground dwelling is the actual level of sleep comfort …

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Feb 11 2018

Bug Out Weekend – May Bank Holiday 2018

Bug Out Survival Show 2018 (B.O.S.S)Survival Learning For All Of Your Family5th May – 7th May 2018Winteringham LaneWest HaltonScunthorpeDN15 9AX Steve Hart UK Prepper What’s the key to good prepping success?I would say it’s Knowledge & Practice​, and being able to do both at once equals good prepper training.The Bug Out Survival Show this May …

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Oct 06 2017

What Is A Go Bag | What Equipment Do I Need In My GoBag

What is A Go Bag?What Equipment Do I Need In My GoBag?When it comes to prepping and surviving a disaster or emergency situation, us preppers have got it covered.At least when it comes to survival equipment anyway.We have a good number of pre-packed, ready to go, fully equipped rucksacks just waiting for their time to …

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Sep 26 2017

Importance Of Bugout Training And Practice

Importance Of Bugout Training And Practice​Finding the time to fit everything into our hectic lives is pretty much an impossible task.  There is always too much to do.  There’s always something that has to be juggled about to make way for something else. We prioritise this and prioritise that, but still things get left out or just …

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Aug 03 2017

Wild Camp Bugout With An Overnight 35L Challenge

Jul 03 2017

Small Rucksack Gear Essential For Bugout And Survival

Small Rucksack GearEssential For Bugout And SurvivalGuest Post & Video Review By: Des, from Bushcraft By Des CattysPhoton ‘FREEDOM’ Micro Personal Safety FlashlightIn a hurry:  Skip straight to Des’s video review here:  orSkip straight to prices & availability here: I would like to ask a question:When you are looking to purchase a torch or flashlight …

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Jun 22 2017

Practice Your Bugout Bushcraft And Prepping Skills At All Times

Practice Your Bugout Bushcraft And Prepping Skills At All TimesIn this short article I have a video of a recent trip away deep into the woods for a bugout scenario. We begin to make ourselves a bit more comfortable and get used to sleeping under the stars.​ I have plenty more videos on the UK Preppers …

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May 31 2017

Bugout Foraging Prepping – Living Off The Land For Survival

Bugout Foraging PreppingLiving Off The Land For SurvivalFor any prepper who is planning to Bugout in a SHTF situation, the big question is ‘How Long For’?Just how long do you plan to hide yourself away from the dangers of a disaster?One week, a month, or more. Indefinitely is the stupid answer, if you ask me. The …

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Jan 04 2017

Training And Practice For Bugging Out

Training And Practice For Bugging OutAll preppers have supplies and equipment to help survive a disaster situation.We have a plan if X,Y or Z were to happen – we all have escape plans if you need to get out of your area, away from the possible danger.In a hurry: Skip straight to my wild camp kit …

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Sep 06 2016

The Bug Out Bike – Bicycling Survival When The SHTF.

The Bug Out Bicycle Even when you are comfortably pedalling along, a bicycle is still three times faster than walking. That means you would take an average of 3 hours to walk 10 miles as opposed to only 1 hour using a bike. In fact, a half decent rider can easily reach speeds of 17 …

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