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Feb 12 2018

Be an expert Fire Starter Using Foraged Materials Found In Your Environment

survival fire made with a fire starter

How To Be An Expert Fire StarterDo you know how to b​​​​​e an expert fire starter using foraged materials found in your environment? Whatever the situation, and regardless of the survival scenario, the one main constant to successfully surviving and bugout or SHTF emergency is being able to start a fire.There are literally dozens of …

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Nov 03 2017

Knowledge Weighs Nothing Prepping Gear And Bushcraft Skills

Knowledge Weighs Nothing Prepping Gear & Bushcraft Skills​The more you carry in your head, the less you carry on your back:Guest Article By: Des, from the Youtube channel Des Cattys The subject of what kit to carry whilst on an outdoor or bushcraft excursion is almost regarded as a science in the sense that there are many …

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Sep 27 2017

How To Remove And Prevent Tick Bites in Humans

insect bite ticks

How To Remove And Prevent Tick Bites in Humans  Just about anyone who goes out into the wild – whether you’re a hiker, camping or a prepper doing some bug out practice, will have a very good chance of making friends with a tick.! The first signs of these nasty little buggers will be an …

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Jul 03 2017

The Wilderness Gathering a Festival of Bushcraft 2017


The Wilderness Gathering 2017A Festival of BushcraftIs Now A 5 Day Event Undoubtedly the best Bushcraft & Survival show to visit The Wilderness Gathering – A Festival Of Bushcraft The very 1st Wilderness Gathering took place in 2003 at The Bison Centre, West Knoyle in Wiltshire, and every year the show gets bigger and better,Over the …

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Jun 22 2017

Practice Your Bugout Bushcraft And Prepping Skills At All Times

Practice Your Bugout Bushcraft And Prepping Skills At All TimesIn this short article I have a video of a recent trip away deep into the woods for a bugout scenario.We begin to make ourselves a bit more comfortable and get used to sleeping under the stars.​ I have plenty more videos on the UK Preppers …

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Jun 14 2017

High Quality UK Legal Folding Knife Review The Nomad From Des Cattys

High Quality UK Legal Folding Knife Review The Nomad made by Ben and Lois OrfordGuest article by: Des from Des Cattys In my previous knife review, I mentioned that I also had another knife that accompanied the Wolverine by TBS knives.Well, this one is “The Nomad” – where both knife and sheath are made by knife maestros …

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May 31 2017

Bugout Foraging Prepping – Living Off The Land For Survival

Bugout Foraging PreppingLiving Off The Land For SurvivalFor any prepper who is planning to Bugout in a SHTF situation, the big question is ‘How Long For’?Just how long do you plan to hide yourself away from the dangers of a disaster?One week, a month, or more. Indefinitely is the stupid answer, if you ask me.The …

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May 24 2017

How To Baton Wood With A Knife And Without A Knife

Basic Bushcraft SkillsHow To Baton Wood With A Knife One of the most consistant task you will do when out wild camping, or in a survival situation, is process wood to make a fire.  Processing wood is simply working the wood into manageable pieces.Once you have processed your wood down to small enough pieces, then …

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May 08 2017

Backwoods Blacksmithing How To Make A Forge

How To Make A Forge For Backwoods BlacksmithingGuest article, kindly sent in by: Gary Johnston – Jack Raven Bushcraft & Ross Berry – Kaos BlacksmithsIf you’ve ever wanted to be able to make some of your own bushcraft kit, such as knives and traditional fire steels, but thought that building a forge was out of your budget …

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May 04 2017

Mora Knives – Are They The Best Knife For Survival And Prepping

Top Mora Knives For Preppers And BushcraftMora knivesAre They The Best Knife For PreppingHaving a good knife is the absolute essential piece of survival gear you must include in your bugout bag.Without doubt, one of the most used, is the brand of knives from Mora of Sweden.  In this article I will be looking at the …

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Apr 26 2017

How To Make Char Cloth For Prepping Bushcraft And Survival

Basic Survival Skills:How To Make Char Cloth For Prepping Bushcraft And Survival A camp fire is one of the most basic necessities for survival, and there are many ways to make one.  The hardest part has always been how to actually get the fire started in the first place.Using dry tinder that will catch a …

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Apr 25 2017

How To Make A Feather Stick For Fire Lighting

Bushcraft SkillsHow To Make A Feather Stick For Fire Lighting In Wet Conditions Ever tried lighting a camp fire in wet rainy conditions?  Difficult isn’t it.  In fact, sometimes just starting a camp fire to boil up some water for a brew or cook your dinner can be a problem.In this article I want to …

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