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Jan 15 2018

Bushbox Essentials LF Titanium Outdoor Survival Cook Stove

Bushcraft Essentials:  Bushbox LF Titanium  Outdoor Survival Cook StoveFor those of you who are looking for real quality products, in your outdoor cooking equipment, you know your in good hands when you choose from the range of outdoor cook stoves from the Bushcraft Essentials range.I am quite fortunate and actually have all the cooking stoves shown …

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Oct 18 2017

Best Portable Water Filter Bottle – Water To Go

Best Portable Water Filter BottleFor Safe Drinking WaterI have used and reviewed many types of water filters in the past, but could this really be the best water filter bottle yet?! Everyone knows a story about someone who has been very ill as a result of drinking contaminated water – it may be as simple as …

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Oct 09 2017

Basic Food Storage For Prepping For Disasters And SHTF

Basic Food Storage For Prepping For Disasters And SHTF​ For Every New Prepper, One Of The First Priorities Is Building Up A Food Supply We all have a certain amount of food stored away in our cupboards in the kitchen. In fact we already have the Basic Food Storage For Prepping For Disasters And SHTF, but …

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Sep 28 2017

Can You Drink Rain Water

raindrops in hand

Can You Drink Rain Water?Collecting water can be a great way to conserve resources but can you drink rain water?Collecting rain water at home or in a survival situation may well be your only choice for drinking water.However, rainwater is not quite as pure and clean as you may might think, so never assume the …

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Jan 04 2017

Top Survival Foods You Must Store When SHTF For Prepping And Survival

Top Survival Foods You Must Store When SHTF For Prepping And Survival My list of top survival foods you must stockpile and store before the SHTF.Also bear in mind the fact that your food stockpile is not all about waiting for the SHTF – no way. In fact a good food storage system will cover …

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Nov 18 2016

Survival Cooking using no Bushcraft Equipment

bushcraft equipment showing meat cooking on a leaf

Preppers Survival Cooking Using No Bushcraft EquipmentBushcraft & Survival Skill For Preppers In a survival situation that has suddenly happened or in an unforeseen circumstance, you will probably not have any Bushcraft or Survival Equipment with you so you will have to improvise, and use what you find around you and in your immediate environment.Survival …

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Nov 17 2016

Could You Find Supplies After SHTF

Could You Find Supplies After SHTF A prepper is far more ready for the SHTF than your average Joe Soap If the time were ever to come and disaster was to strike, it would be chaos.  As soon as the SHTF, anything could, and probably would go very bad, very fast. As a prep­per you …

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Aug 12 2016

Basic Survival Skills – Grow Your Own Survival Food

different vegetables

Basic Prepping & Survival SkillsGrow Your Own FoodThere are many reasons to grow your own food other than for pure survival and living of the grid. Cost is the main reason people will farm a portion of their gardens to produce fresh fruit and vegetable for free. Just about anyone can have a crop of …

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Jul 30 2016

Building A Supply Stash For Hunkering Down And Bugging In

preppers store rack of food

The Importance Of Building A Supply Stash For Hunkering Down And Bugging In Everyone should have at least one months food and supplies stored in their homes before the SHTF If your one of the hundreds of thousands of citizens who haven’t got yourself at least one months supplies of food and equipment, then it’s …

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Jul 21 2016

When and How to Use Your Survival Seed Bank

preppers seed planting

When and How to Use Your Survival Seed Bank As you know, timing is everything. That includes knowing when and how to use your survival seed bank. You don’t want to rush and use the seeds too early – but you don’t want to wait so long that you miss out on the right time. …

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Jul 20 2016

How To Store Your Survival Seed Bank

How to Store Your Survival Seed Bank You need your survival seeds in order to start the garden that’s going to keep you and your family sustained for however long it takes, so know just how to store your survival seed bank is very important.Right now, with food still being plentiful and most people able …

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Jul 19 2016

How To Set Up A Survival Seed Bank

seed bank supplies

How To Set Up A Survival Seed Bank Some people avoid reading or watching the news because they don’t like what’s going on in the world. But avoidance can’t stop what’s coming because you can’t control the things that affect the world’s food supply. There’s an impending sense that a major food crisis is on …

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