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Apr 09 2018

How To Make A DIY Bushcraft Knife With Basic Tools

How To Make A DIY Bushcraft KnifeUsing Basic Workshop ToolsI thought it was about time I tried my hand at making myself a decent bushcraft knife, and in this article I have added my full video of: ‘How To Make  DIY Bushcraft Knife Using Basic Workshop Tools And Equipment’, for you to follow along with …

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Oct 12 2017

Swiss Army Knife Guide The Best Multi Tool For Survival

Swiss Army Knife Guide The Best Multi Tool For SurvivalA multi function tool is an essential bit of survival kit to have at home and in your bug out bag. The reason a multi tool is widely accepted as a high priority item by survival preppers is the fact that they can be so versatile, offering a …

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Oct 09 2017

Best Budget Fixed Blade Survival Knife For Prepping

 Best Budget Fixed Blade  Survival Knife For Prepping​Rok Survival Knife By HX Outdoors Full Video Test And Review Quick Navigation Best Budget Fixed Blade Survival Knife For Prepping​* Main Features Of The Rok Survival Knife* Specifications:* Video Review & Testing The Rok Survival Knife* Where To Buy The Rok Survival Knife In this knife review I am looking at …

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Oct 03 2017

Best Legal Folding Pocket Knife for UK Survival

Best UK Legal Folding Pocket KnifeReviews and Comparison GuideA pocket knife is one of the very few knives you are legally allowed to carry in the UK.As we all know, our knife laws are very strict and if you are caught carrying an illegal knife you could be looking at some serious repercussions. Buy & Carry …

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Jun 14 2017

High Quality UK Legal Folding Knife Review The Nomad From Des Cattys

High Quality UK Legal Folding Knife Review The Nomad made by Ben and Lois OrfordGuest article by: Des from Des Cattys In my previous knife review, I mentioned that I also had another knife that accompanied the Wolverine by TBS knives. Well, this one is “The Nomad” – where both knife and sheath are made by knife maestros …

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May 22 2017

Wolverine Bushcraft Knife by TBS Knives Review From Des Cattys

Bushcraft Knife Review – The ‘Wolverine’ by TBS Knives.Guest Post By: Des, from Des Cattys. If there is any subject that can turn best friends into best enemies it’s the subject of knives.  It’s a crazy subject that every owner of such tools claims to have the best of: To be honest I don’t get drawn …

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May 04 2017

Mora Knives – Are They The Best Knife For Survival And Prepping

Top Mora Knives For Preppers And BushcraftMora knivesAre They The Best Knife For PreppingHaving a good knife is the absolute essential piece of survival gear you must include in your bugout bag.Without doubt, one of the most used, is the brand of knives from Mora of Sweden.  In this article I will be looking at the …

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Nov 18 2016

Good Locking Knives For Preppers | Lock Knife For Sale | Review Videos

Folding Lock Knives Review and For SaleThis article is solely about folding lock knives: With video reviews of each locking knife shown, and also links to the lock knife sale page for each one. The locking knife is, without doubt, far more desirable than a non locker, and generally far more useful for everyday pocket …

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Sep 08 2016

Lock Knife Or Non Locking Knife For Preppers

Choosing A LockOr Non Locking Knife The lock knife is considered by most knife aficionados, to be a far superior tool than the “UK legal” non locking knife. But is this true?A non locking knife is just as capable of performing the same basic survival and bushcraft tasks that a locker will do.It does, however, have one …

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Aug 07 2016

HX OUTDOORS D Fixed Edge Knife Review

Knife Review: The HX Outdoors D – Bushcraft / Tactical / Survival Knife For those of you out there who like an unusual knife, the HX Outdoors D, certainly meets that criteria. In keeping with most Preppers and Bushcrafters, I like my knives. I have expensive knives and cheap knives and they all work fine. I …

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May 03 2016

Making A Small Neck Knife Sheath

Making A Small Knife Sheath for a Nordic Knife  Last year I wrote an ‘how to’ article about Making A Nordic Knife after attending a blacksmith class. This year I am following it up with, How To Make A Small Knife Sheath for my Nordic knife. The knife itself is quite small at only 4″ long …

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Mar 21 2016

Lock Knife | Locking Knives For Survival And Prepping

pocket folding lock knife on belt clip

Lock Knife Locking Knives For Survival And Bushcraft Firstly, lock knives are legal to own, however, it is illegal to carry a lock knife in public, without a very good reason to do so. more info this article:UK knife law It is not exclusively knives that can be locked either:This is my Leatherman Wave, a multi-tool which has …

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