Jun 19 2013

Every Day Carry Survival Kit for UK Preppers

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As a prepper it’s important to cover all aspects of survival – as a UK Prepper the Every Day Carry Survival Kit is something that also needs careful consideration.

All preppers will try and be ready for the different situations that could effect them. Most times you would expect some type of warning, even a slow build up to a doomsday situation or natural disaster.

But the situation changes when a disaster situation happens suddenly, almost without any warning –  This could be either at home or at work – that’s why it’s very important to be prepared for this type of scenario and always have your EDC –  every day carry survival kit  with you – even a small amount of survival kit can be mean the difference between making it through a disaster or not.

Some preppers will try to get the smallest possible EDC. So small, in fact, it just clips onto a key ring – I personally think this is ridiculous – as a well thought out Every Day Carry Survival Kit has to be just that – a survival kit….

edc1A typical example might be working in London and using the underground trains – if that were me I would ensure I had several dust masks, a good touch and survival blanket as a bare minimum, along with a multi-tool knife and a pocket knife in my EDC and certainly not a couple of odd bits on my keyring..!! – I hope you see my point there…

A well though out, well equipped and practical Every Day Carry Survival Kit should contain the minimum of survival kit that has the maximum effect to help you survive the initial disaster situation. I prefer an actual carry bag, it’s no bigger than carrying a briefcase or a any other normal work bag – in fact, I quite often include my lunch sandwiches in my EDC..! 

Below I have outlined my personal thoughts on the Every Day Carry UK – you might agree with my thinking, you may not. Your comments are always welcome……

Every Day Carry for UK Preppers

  • Compact carry bag,  with a full waist strap – this will leave both hands free.

The Snugpak Response Pak is ideal as a EDC. You can fit a lot of gear in here and it is able to be attached to most Bug Out  Bags.

Click here to view full details, prices and customer reviews



  • Multi tool knife – Swiss army style –

the Victorrinox Swiss Army Knife has all the blades and accessories you will need. –

Click here to view full details, prices and customer reviews  





  • Multi function tool

The Gerber ‘Bear Grylls’ compact multi tool really is an essential item –

I always carry 2 types of survival multi tool and this one and my Swiss army make a great combination.

Click here to view full details, prices and customer reviews



  • Drinking StrawWater filter drinking straw

The drinksafe water straw will filter out bacteria and gives you over 700ltrs of drinkable water – it’s light and compact – essential bit of EDC survival kit.

 Click here to view full details, prices and customer reviews




  • 550 Paracord

Several metres, loose or pre made as a survival bracelet

or see our paracord article > Paracord Bracelet with Stainless Steel Bow Shackle 

paracord is another must have item as it can be put to so many uses

Click here to view full details, prices and customer reviews




  • Survival blanket

These are so small and lightweight I carry several of these – they 

take up next to nothing space and are dirt cheap too – 

Click here to view full details, prices and customer reviews




  • Torch –  LED tactical with strobe SOSEDC nebo redline tactical LED strobe torch


This is the Redline Tactical Torch and is an excellent bit of survival gear – you can light up a whole area or zoom the beam in to over 100mtrs away. It also flashes out an SOS signal and is super bright white light. I also carry a spare battery pack. 

Click here for full details, prices and customer reviews




  • Bandana – this can serve many purposes – bandage, tourniquet, water filtration, dust mask
  • Smart Phone – fully loaded with survival manuals , first aid, GPS location
  • Lighter – sometime I might carry two
  • Whistle – mountain survival whistle – 100db 
  • Cash – I keep a small stash tucked away – £50
  • Super Glue – 1001 silly uses – can also be used for closing wounds
  • Latex Gloves – many uses – hygiene, cross contamination, tourniquet, holding water
  • Stay Alert Chewing  Gum –  caffeine on a stick..!!! to keep alert
  • Spare pair of glasses (if you wear glasses)
  • Additional daily medication (if you need some)
  • Aspirin pack – for pain relief
  • Small pack of antiseptic wipes
  • A couple of snacks / energy bars
  • Small bottle of water or carton of juice


There is also another often overlooked side to EDC – that is the survival key ring – I cover the survival kit that is available on a separate page – Key RingSurvival Kit


All the items above are compact and light weight and easily fit into my EDC pack. This pack is with me as much as possible 24/7 – once you get used to carrying your Every Day Carry Survival Kit  you’ll feel odd without it..! So go ahead – make yourself a EDC kit – it’s more essential than you might think to help you through a disaster situation.  



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