Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife – Fine Edge – Knife Review

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife – Fine Edge – Knife Reviewknife gerber ultimate bear grylls pro

The Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro is the upgraded and updated version of the standard Bear Grylls ultimate knife. These upgrades have taken this, already good, knife into the ‘big boys’ league.

As the old saying goes, ‘a knife is only as good as it’s blade’ and gerber have upgraded this knifes blade and made it from 9Cr19MoV high carbon, stainless steel AND increased the blade width giving extra toughness and edge-holding ability.


  • The Blade

They have also made the Ultimate Pro to a full tang survival knife, with the higher quality carbon steel blade now running from knife tip to pummel.

Staying with the blade, you only get a choice of the fine edge blade – the serrated blade is not available – which, to be honest, is preferable anyway, as a fine edged blade is considered the best type of blade for survival. The knife also comes pretty sharp, straight out of the box – sharp enough to shave hairs from your arm..!

You can get this even sharper with some fine honing if required – just to get it razor sharp – but all in all a very good blade, sharp and holds an edge well.


knife gerber bear grylls ultimate pro pommel

  • The Pommel. 

Along with the full tang knife, Gerber have beefed up the pommel end which makes it even better when battoning, chopping and striking.

you can hit this knife with a club hammer and bury the blade into a log without any problem or fear of damaging the knife – the log wont be too happy though..!




knife gerber ulimate pro spear

  •  The Handle

The handle and grip on Gerber Ultimate feels really comfortable and solid and is made up from TPE Overmold, a kind of rubberised nylon, that fits very comfortably into your hand. Gerber have put a ‘slab’ either side of the tang and bolted it all together making one solid piece of kit.

There are also two holes that go right through the handle grips and the tang making this and excellent knife for lashing to a pole and thus forming a spear.


  • The Sheath

knife gerber ulimate pro sheathGerber have made some improvements with this one – producing a very nice and effective knife sheath for the Gerber Ultimate – However it is not without its faults – the knife is held by a friction stop and clicks nicely into place by means of a couple of raised clips  – you have to use the Pro Sheath as it will only fit the Pro Knife only – the stitching on the straps is good and seams to be a type of waterproof rubberised stitching which is very nice.

The handle strap is Velcro and works well – there are two belt straps – top and bottom, however, the main belt strap is really not that big and if you wear a wide belt wider than 2″ you will have problems getting it to fit right.

The sheath is also not suitable for the MollE system, which is a shame.! Another good point is the upgrade knife sharpener that is now fitted on the front of the sheath and offers a left or right handed option by just changing a couple of screws – it’s a simple pull system that just about anyone can use to get an edge back on the knife – very nice.


  • Fire Starterknife gerber ulimate pro ferro rod

As usual the Gerber Ultimate feature a very good quality Ferro Rod fire starter that is positioned, right way up, on the front of the sheath and works very well with little effort producing a stream of sparks.

  • Extras
  1. Gerber also include the Bear Grylls essential survival pocket guide which is conveniently positioned on the back of the sheath and is water proof. A nice little extra that shows essential survival, with pictures, on things like building a shelter, collecting water, trapping and signalling.
  2. The knife also comes with a short lanyard with an emergency signalling whistle attached



  • Overall Length: 10″
  • Blade Length : 4 .8″
  • Weight: l3.7oz. with Sheath
  • Steel Type: 9Crl9MoV high carbon stainless steel
  • Handle Material: TPE Overmold
  • Blade – Fine Edge
  • Drop point blade