Gerber LMF II Infantry Survival Knife Review

Gerber LMF II Infantry Fixed Blade Review Gerber LMF II Infantry

The Gerber LMF II Infantry Fixed Blade Knife is certainly a top rated survival knife for preppers. Especially as it is manufactured by one of the top, mainstream knife suppliers – Gerber.

I really like this knife a lot for many reasons and make it one of my top survival knives to own. 

The Gerber LMF II Infantry Fixed Blade Knife is manufacture without the normally sort after ‘full tang’ – instead it has a 3/4 tang that runs within the handle grip but not to the very end.  I immediately bring this point to your attention as  there will be many UK Preppers that insist on only having full tang survival knives in their survival kit.

But Gerber have a method in their madness.!  And actually, it makes quite a bit of sense in the case of this particular survival knife.

 The 3/4 tang makes sense –

  •  The pummel at the end of the handle incorporates a ‘bit gap’  – a separation between end of tang and pummel end – this allows for the cutting of ‘live’ electrical wires without getting a shock transferred through the tang into the handle. Also, the pommel end itself can be used for hammering with minimal shock transferred to the hand of the user.

knife gerber lmf ii pummel endThe Gerber LMF II Infantry Fixed Blade Knife was originally designed for the US Airforce as a full on survival knife and has every good characteristic you would expect from such a breeding. Sticking with the pummel end, this is very solid ‘V’ shape and makes for an excellent impact weapon or a tool for smashing out a glass window if need be, so you can see this has been thought through…  

This knife measures just over 10 1/2″ long with approx a 60/40 handle to blade split and is larger than most survival knives so therefore a little heavier – not the sort of knife you go for a weekend family camping – but with that little bit extra weight come a more solid, heavy duty bit of kit – ideal for survival and preppers. The handle is made from a form of nylon and is very comfortable and also gives good grip when wet, almost non slip I would say. The blade works well in all situations and, again, is thicker and tougher than most and works well doing all survival chores.. 

The Gerber LMF II Infantry Fixed Blade Knife also comes with a very high quality sheath – one of the best I would say – knife gerber lmf ii sheaththat holds your knife secure and safe when not in use. There are multiple fixing points and webbing connections that make it easy to fit to most bug out bags, belts and MollE straps – it can also be worn around the leg. There is also a knife blade sharpener incorporated into the sheath for emergencies – but you can’t get a razor sharp edge with it, but certainly good enough to clean up the blade and give a sharp edge.



-Overall Length:  10.59 inches

-Blade Length:  4.84 inches

-Weight:  11.39 ounces

-Weight:  11.39 ounces

-Blade:  Partially serrated

-Blade Material:  12C27 Stainless Steel

-Handle Material:  TPV over moulded on nylon

-Handle designed to reduce shock absorption

-Low-profile sheath to minimize interference

-Sharpener integrated into sheath

-Made in USA

-Lifetime Warranty


Very good YouTube demonstration:


Overall I really do like The Gerber LMF II Infantry Fixed Blade Knife – OK it’s a bit pricey – but you’re getting a top notch bit of survival kit and when it comes to a survival knife, a good one is essential for any UK prepper…..

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