Top Ten Survival Skills – Make Fire

 Top Ten Survival Skills 

Number 4 – MAKING A FIRE

making fireHaving the skill to make fire is absolutely essential in any survival situation – without this ability will render many other important survival necessities impossible.  

Fire will provide you with heat and light, as well as being a means to cook your food and sterilize your drinking water, to ward off would be predators and also a great moral and physiological booster. 


Fire is possible without any modern tools, but requires a lot of patience and practice  – you cannot know how difficult it can be until you actually try it.!

With every survival skill you must practice and this definitely applies when it comes to making your own fire.

Solar Fire Method Using Double Glasses


fire 2

making fire








So, do you think you create a fire..?  

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top ten survival skills book


 Top 10 Survival Skills

  1. Shelter
  2. Find Food
  3. Make Fire
  4. Find Water
  5. Sanitation
  6. Medical Requirements
  7. Personal Protection
  8. Grow Your Own Food
  9. Preserving & Storing Food
  10. Signalling & Communication











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