UK Legal Pepper Spray for Self Defence | Video Review And Test

The Alternative UK Pepper Spray
for Survival and Self Defence

UK laws regarding self defence are very strict, and for any normal member of the public this can be a problem – as a prepper it presents its own problems especially if SHTF.

uk legal pepper spray

The choice of weapons to defend yourself, your family and your preps is very limited and controlled by the strict UK laws and rightly so.

You cannot walk around with a 10″ machete strapped to your back, a handgun or any other weapon for that matter, even if you say it’s just for self defence.

A weapon is a weapon, as simple as that, if you carry one then the intention implies that you would be prepared to use one – resulting in varying injury levels or even death.

So when it comes to the question of preparing and defending yourself the choice of “weapon” is not so easy.

In the UK it is very much against the law to even hold and point a knife at some, would be looter, and even worse to actually use it.

Additionally, the crime rate in the UK remains a problem – theft, break-ins and mugging are still commonplace, especially in our cities.

judge with gavel image

So, when you add to that to the fact that we cannot legally carry a weapon to defend ourselves, we are constantly having to look for an alternative method of protection for ourselves, our children and the family.

Possibly the most effective, non lethal, weapon that would deter a would be looter is ‘the good old pepper spray‘ – the type the police and many other 'authorities' have with them.

unfortunately for us, the general public, this is also classed as an offensive, and thus illegal, weapon.

The UK law makers are genuinely between a rock and a hard place when it comes to weapons and the general public.  
But surely we should have some rights when it comes to our own personal self defence...?
You simply cannot take everything away from the man or woman in the street.  But that's exactly what has happened folks..!
Of course, the criminals and law breakers don't abide to these laws now do they.!

The law is very specific,
and is laid out in Section 5(1) (b) of the firearms act 1968.

This act prohibits any weapon of any description, designed or adapted for the discharge of any noxious liquid, gas or other substance.

In a nutshell the law is saying that full on pepper spray, the type the UK police use [ as seen in this photo ] that contains a noxious gas is one of those items that is considered illegal to carry and illegal to use in the UK by civilians and preppers alike.

uk pepper spray legal

So what are the alternatives to pepper spray for members of the public…?

The only LEGAL ALTERNATIVE that the public or UK preppers have at their disposal and is the equivalent to Pepper Spray in the UK for self defence is theFarb Gel Spray Criminal Identifier

Here's the specifications;

  • Non Toxic & UK Legal
  • Can Be Carried By Any Adult 
  • Discreet & Compact
  • Non Lethal Criminal Identifier 
  • Contains No Harmfull Chemicals
  • 4 mtr Spray Range
  • Highly Effective - Giving Time To Escape
legal pepper spray for the Uk

The Spray Container is very discreet and measures in at only 85 x 34 mm yet packs a punch that will stop a mugger in his tracks.

If sprayed at face level it will completely disorientated the attacker – with the natural instinct for him to back off – if sprayed at the eyes it also cause blurred vision, making an attack even more difficult.

With this sprayed into the eyes it is not possible to see what you are doing - wiping it off only makes it worse.

Having tested this on myself, I can assure you it was not possible to do anything other than try to protect myself and my face from the spray. (see video below)

UK legal pepper spray alternative
pepper spray for the uk

Also, the natural instinct is to try and wipe it off – this only makes thing worse.!

Can you imagine the panic factor you put into the attacker when he looks down at his blood red hands after you have sprayed him..!?

He will have no idea what has just happened and be more scared and ready to run off, than you !

This Farb Gel remains on the attackers skin and clothing for up to 7 days – making the police very aware if a potential attack has taken place.

Value for money, this is a ‘must have’ self defence method for preppers and everyone else, especially at the silly price of under £11 including VAT & delivery for the basic spray bottle.


Current price under £11
Best price - Amazon


Current price under £14
Best price - Amazon


Current price under £16
Best price - Amazon

Do you even need a method of self defence in the UK.?

legal pepperspray for the UK

In the UK statistics show that crime against adults [16 and over] has decreased. In fact crime in the UK is at an all time low and continues to fall.

From its peak in 1996 to 2013 it has steadily fallen each year.

So is everything OK then.?

Well, yes and no –

Yes, inasmuch as it’s good that the crime rates are falling and things are getting safer.

No, when you look at the actual figures and the amount of crime still reported.

farg gel defence spray with woman being stalked by a man
farb gel self defence spray

Latest figures and statistics from the government's own information website, The Office of National Statistics, quotes that in the latest Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) there is an estimated 8.5 million incidents of crime against households and resident adults (aged 16 and over).

The study is for England and Wales during the year ending June 2013.

The good news is that this figure actually represents a 7% decrease compared with the previous year’s survey. But 8.5 million incidents..!!

That's an awful lot if you ask me.

As a member of the public, I do not want to be one of those statistics, thank you very much…..

And again, as a UK Prepper, being prepared is what it’s all about and whenever I go out I always carry and EDC plus my survival keyring kit AND my Defence Spray – it just makes sense..

*  See My Personal Video Of The Pepper Spray In Action

Final Thoughts On This Self Defence Spray - 

The spray has been designed to meet all UK legal requirements and is totally legal to carry here – any member of the public who has concerns about safety for themselves or their family should definitely consider purchasing and carrying one of these sprays.

I carry one, and so does all my family.

The good thing is the red coloured gel remains on the attacker for up to a week after, making them instantly recognizable as a potential threat again.

I like this Pepper Spray UK Alternative very much for the simple reason that it works – not only are they cheap and effective, they are also completely legal to carry.

You can buy the spray with a neat belt pouch for a couple of pounds extra – I found this very handy as it will clip onto a 2″ belt quite easily.

It can also be attached onto a ladies handbag where it is readily accessible if you need it – I then just bought the spray on its own as a backup.

UK legal pepper spray alternative
Read This To Understand The Spray:
this defence spray will buy you a couple of precious seconds to make an escape.

It is not designed to maim or incapacitate an attacker to the point where they are rolling around on the ground, gasping for breath with their eyes burning out of their sockets - but when used it will disorientate and stop that attack for a few seconds minimum.

While the attacker is busy wiping the spray out of their eyes, you make your escape.
Even if that attacker is drunk, drugged up or high an adrenaline, they cannot attack you if they can't see you.

With a 4 metre spray range, you have the ability to keep a good distance from anyone as they approach you - if you feel threatened, and anticipate an attack, then you have the right to use this in order to make an escape.

*  Buy Your Spray Here

Choose from the spray only, spray and pouch or add a twin pack below:


Current price under £11
Best price - Amazon


Current price under £14
Best price - Amazon


Current price under £16
Best price - Amazon

An absolute 'must have' for preppers and the general public. All you need is a couple of seconds and you can avoid an attack.

I highly recommend this product and the fact that it leaves an attacker identifiable for days makes this even more useful.

Happy Prepping Folks.


Steve Hart UK Preppers Guide

Also see:  Other Non Lethal Self Defence Weapons




I have found out a couple of legal points regarding the Farb Gel Spray – please read before you buy:

  •  This spray is only legal in UK mainland and wont be shipped outside of the UK mainland  
  • There are some concerns as to whether it is legal to ‘use’ in Northern Ireland.- you can own the spray but you may  possibly be breaking the Northern Ireland laws if you actually use it .

Generally as an Alternative UK Legal Pepper Spray for self defence this product ticks all the boxes and is something to consider for all the family, especially as it is effective and easy to use.

But, the best of all, it works AND it’s very cheap…






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  1. Anthony Maldonado

    Great job man! Very interesting article! From this article, I can get some useful tips that I didn’t know before. You made my day awesome, Thanks.

  2. Dan Davis

    The self defense laws in the UK are ridiculous and are far to strict. In the wake of the terror attacks as well over the past 3 months especially Saturdays in London maybe if we were allowed to carry items such as pepper spray for self defense not so many people would be killed in such a barbaric way.

  3. Jeanine

    Can this be purchased in stores? I want it for my daughter who will be traveling solo in UK soon (from USA).

    Thank you,

    1. UK Prepper

      Hi Jeanine,
      Its sold through Amazon here in the UK.
      please click here:
      UK Legal Spray

  4. RickoMortis

    Make your own pepper spray very easy & cheap you can buy a filable small spray repellent finely grind the strongest dried chillies seeds add boiling hot ( surgical spirit ) stir, when cooled filter & it bottle it up in your mini spray bottle & if stoped by the Police it’s to put on your take away as you enjoy spicy food. Self defence I used it & as my attacker raised his fist to punch me I let him have my home made mixture the Police visited me & as it was self defence it was legal for me to spray my attacker with my take away spicy source mix. There is many loopholes in the uk just have your story ready for the Police but never admit the real reason your carrying your home made pepper spray. It’s amazing stuff even on chips as well as sprayed into eyes, as intended .

  5. Boo

    What if you are old or have a disability and can’t run away to a place of safety given a few seconds head start?

  6. RJordan

    Buy and carry Wasp and Hornet spray. Sprays up to 22 feet or 7 m. Effectively blinds the attacker.

  7. Yog sothoth

    Quick question. I know guns that fire toxic chemicals are illegal but is it okay to get tear gas grenades and if so does anyone know a reliable way to legal do that? I wouldn’t walk around with them or anything but in a full on shtf situation they might provide a useful option for clearing a small space with the minimum risk of either side getting hurt. If they are illegal does anyone know another alternative that could either be thrown or pumped into a room through a tube that could safely incapacitate someone or force them out?

  8. Peter J Colman

    Nice site – but not 4 me!
    If I am attacked – I make sure I can do as much damage to my attacker as possible, I’m 65 and carry a knife and cs spray.

    1. Gordon Johnson

      THEREFORE, you are the criminal, as you are breaking the law in the UK. If you injure the attacker, you may be charged as the assailant.

  9. Andy

    Think of the amount of legal items you can carry on your person that can be used in self defense, you may well be surprised.

  10. Syeda

    I was mugged yesterday in broad daylight literally outside my home in a very quiet and upscale residential area of Ilford. All if my I’d and bank cards amongst other things gone along with my Gucci bag which was torn in the struggle. I feel so violated useless and angry and I have been told that in my self defence I cannot carry anything this is beyond crazy.

    1. Jeanine

      I am so sorry that happened to you. I’m American and see our right to defend as a women’s rights issue because we’re not as safe as men because we have more to worry about and are (usually) not as strong. I feel sorry for my cousins across the pond whose government keeps them so vulnerable to attack. I hope you’re feeling less vulnerable now.

      1. Gordon Johnson

        The main point is that in the USA, you are many times more likely to be attacked than in the UK, because of people carrying guns and knives. I have walked the streets of the UK, unarmed, for most of my life (now 74), and have never been attacked. That is the perspective.

        1. Rikko

          Your perspective is just that Gordon – your perspective. I am 60 and have been attacked four times over the years walking the streets of the UK.

  11. Jules weakley

    Aliens are people too! Just because they have green skin…… It’s not their fault! This is just ALIENIST!!!!! Just think how much the capsaisin would hurt their poor multiple eyes!………….. But seriously, many good comments.

  12. Philip Cressman

    Use of a high intensity strobe light could be useful in cases of sexual harassment as well as more serious potential sexual assaults.

    Working on a new product to meet this requirement.

  13. Raymond Harwood

    Yes our laws on self defense are highly intelligent. The criminal can (and does) walk around with any kind of weapon he likes, as he has no respect for the law. On the other hand, the law abiding citizen is not allowed to carry any kind of weapon to defend themselves with.
    That is so cleaver, I wonder which Einstein was behind that !!!!

    1. Rob

      HI Raymond, the answer is simple: the army of Solicitors, Barristers, and all court parasites plus Police got the job if you are being assaulted. If you solve the problem yourself they are jobless 😉 believe me, they exactly know what they are doing, Raymond

    2. Jeanine

      I don’t think it’s worry about their jobs. In America, we have the right to defend ourselves and we still have police, etc. Not everyone uses the right and it’s not the wild west. We don’t take the law into our own hands, we just defend ourselves and our loved ones.

      I think it’s because of those upstart colonists who had guns and decided they were tired of tyranny.

      1. Tony Blair

        No you don’t you moron, you have the right to self-defence that has been a corner stone of English common law for centuries.

        ” decided they were tired of tyranny.”

        By keeping slavery 90 years after the UK you dumb bitch. Yes they were clearly “tired of tyranny”.

    3. Gordon Johnson

      The criminal who walks the streets of the UK with a weapon is probably going to jail anyway. The statistics show that in the UK it is very probable you will never be attacked, so why do you need a weapon of your own? Most people who are found to have a weapon say it is to protect themselves from other weapon-carriers!

  14. Citizan Smith

    I think I will invest in this product. My daughter is 14 and is becoming worried about this new “Killer Clown” scary mask twaddle. What goes through these peoples brains to want to put on a mask, wield a knife and scare children? I would imagine that this spray would find it’s way into the eyeholes of the mask. I am more concerned with the spate of bundling kids into cars or vans that is occuring more recently. I suppose it would be a bit over the top to suggest using a blow torch to the mask of a retarded, brain dead ‘killer clown’.

  15. MeToo

    Thank God I live in the U.S. and not in your pathetic country. Here we are free citizens and not “subjects”. I live in the state of Arizona and I am NEVER unarmed when out in public. And in my state one does not need a permit, aka: a govt permission slip to carry a firearm, openly or concealed. You brits deserve to be ruled by a horse faced family of in-bred “royals”…… you were detailed a long time ago. In a few decades you will all be facing Mecca, praying multiple times a day, and living under sharia law. And you begged for it.

    1. BournemouthBill

      I’m English and proud but your comments are true, due to the gutless lefties in this country!

      1. David Murphy

        in 2015 there were 11,000 gun related homicides in the US and about 30-40 in the UK

        1. Jeanine

          I don’t think anyone deserves unjust rulers (I’m American). I do think you deserve the right to defend yourself.

          Comparing homicides by type (gun/knife, etc.) is a pointless exercise. I could, if I wanted to kill someone, think of dozens of methods. I have access to guns but I probably would choose a different method that would have less chance of being forensically caught. It’s a good thing I have peace in my heart.

          Comparing homicides to homicides would be a better measure. But to really get to the bottom of the causes, you’d have to compare access to mental health care because low emotional states and murder go hand-in-hand. Happy people aren’t killing friends or strangers. (For the research to support this see “Is Punishment Ethical?” by Jeanine Joy or “Evil: Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer” by Roy F. Baumeister.) You’d also have to evaluate poverty statistics because poverty plays a role in crime. If you really want to get to the bottom of it, you could look at the fact that both UK and US criminal justice systems were designed using economic theory; not psychology or sociology and re-design them with modern knowledge of behavior to prevent most crimes before they occur or are even ideas in the minds of future criminals.

    2. Richofisca

      Like Bournemouthbill I am English and proud and agree fully with what you say, if I was younger I would leave this country to it’s fate and move to Canada.

    3. Hxnnxh

      … Your disrespect towards Muslims was uncalled for. Also, there isn’t really any country that has a government/Monarchy where you are 100% free; so you aren’t exactly ‘free citizens — I mean no disrespect, just wanted to point out a couple of things.

  16. ETW

    Does the farb gel spray have an expiry date? I assume if its left unused the propellent gas will eventually lose pressure.

  17. kay

    I had my pepper spray (bought in Germany where it us legal) taken off me at security at the Eurostar in Brussels.
    Would I be allowed to travel with The Farb Gel Spray You recommended?

  18. Nicole

    I’m a lady from America who will be traveling to the UK in a few months. I really would like to carry whatever I can to protect myself like a knife and maybe this spray? Can I buy it in a store? I’m so used to being able to buy all the weapons I want at a gun store so I don’t know where to buy this stuff in London. Any help would be appreciated. Also I’ll be in Scotland and Ireland too (Dublin) traveling by air so if you’re familiar with laws? I can out all this in checked luggage? I’m really sorry you guys can’t carry actual guns, that’s too bad.

    1. rastus

      Stay away from city centres and late night bars and clubs ,England and Scotland are just as bad as some of your places ,The colour of the skin and the locals dress gives you a Big clue , Avoid the areas where the Sun seems to be stronger and they all have beards and the women wear scarves round their faces . Enjoy your stay and keep safe , remember your mobile phone shows up a long way off and they like stealing them .

      1. UK Prepper

        Very good advice there Rastus.
        Thank you for your comment.

        UK Preppers Guide

        1. Lacy

          Really? Do you not see how racist and fascist that comment is. The person is basically saying, stay away from black, tanned and muslim. I can’t believe you’ve just commended him on that comment. I’ve lost all respect for your blog.

          1. pc plod

            THe comment made by Ratus to Nicoles question is perfectly acceptable and quite true.

            I can only assume you are one of the weaker, limp wristed types who is a ffraid to say, what is actually the truth…

            Rastus is mearly pointing out the general requirements of being aware in a specific way related to avoiding specific areas.
            Situation awaremess and especially areas to avoid are paramount to keeping safe anywhere, let alone in the UK.

            There are no go areas in the UK – stay away from them.

            Like it or not, and for what ever reason, these areas are dangerous because of the type of person in them – feel free to play the race card, which you have, but get real and see it for what it is.
            Areas dominated by one group or type of pewople who do not take kindly to an outsider, for whatever reason are not safe for strangers and should be avoided.

            When I have been to abroad, I have made a point of finding out the ‘bad’ areas – they are not always black or full of religious extreamists – as the type of person does not bother me – its the amount of danger they represent.

            So please, think things through first – this is a preppers website, for people who want to survive, and the comments above are perfectly correct and in context with being safe.

            Nuff said…..

          2. Dan

            What an idiot.
            So your going to just waltz on in to an area overrun by religious extremists and feel quite happy that you’ll get out without something happening.
            These comments have nothing to do with being a racist – its plain common sense.

            Your way of thinking is what gets people into trouble.
            Just plain stupid.

            There are dangerous areas with dangerous people and I you have the guts to say it – most are predominately based on ethnic and religious genders.

            THis blog is very fair in the way it allows all comments, even the ones like yours.

            But with your way of thinking that everybody is all lovely and kind and wonderful and you mustn’t say bad things about them…., I don’t think you’d last five minutes as you seem to be quite happy putting yourself in a dangerous situation..

            Good luck mate, but get real first eh.

        2. manny

          Hi i am offended by the xenophobia here, what ugliness. You are more likely to get attacked by drunks.. and in any area by gangs of yobs and criminals…colour and background is irrelevant…but most of the time you should be fine as long as you don’t roam around alone at night and take reasonable precautions..

          1. Citizan Smith

            Don’t get offended by a few comments that are not xenophobic but merely facts. Your statement “You are more likely to get attacked by drunks” is not a fact. A drunk yob (white say) will fight without reason, once INTERACTED with. A troop of black youths WILL seek out lone whites and attack without provokation. This is a fact to a certain degree, as I personally know of four such unprovoked attacks, myself included. There are areas everywhere that should be avoided and most of these areas seem to contain coloureds. To name a few, St.Anns, Brixton, Highfields, Chelmsly Woods. We have also got the Eastern Europeans to worry about now. I am NOT a racist, nor xenophbic, I am a realist and an English survivor. I, for one would like to see it completely legal to carry both propper pepper spray and tazers in this country, for legal use ONLY in self defense. After all, they are both non-lethal, what’s wrong with hurting an attacker before they get the chance to hurt or even kill you. I would protect myself and my family before I had any thought towards the well being of an attacker, whatever their colour, race or religious beliefs.

      2. Hxnnxh

        People need to stop putting all Muslims under one umbrella. Not all of us are the same. I came to this site because I felt like I couldn’t be safe in my country anymore -UK- due to racism and generalisation. I have my religion, you have yours -or don’t have one at all- and that’s fine… just don’t pass judgement on me and my people without having met us, thanks.
        If all 1.6 billion Muslims were angry, aggressive, dangerous killers/haters… don’t you think life would be V E R Y different for us all….

        (Now please, no disrespect towards the Muslims that have not done anything to you. If you want to talk about so-called ‘Muslims’ that are causing harm to you/people… be more specific/reference them with names etc and don’t put all Muslims under the same category…)< That is just a polite request please, in order to bring more awareness to this issue. Thanks again.

      3. Khan

        Stop talking out off ur Ass you racist bitch go get a life scum bags Ass

    2. Jeanine


      If you’re still getting updates from this site I’d love to hear how you found your trip (safety wise).

      My daughter, 26, is leaving for a similar trip next week for a few months. She will be in UK, Scotland, Wales, Ireland.

      I’m on here looking for ways to protect herself. She is traveling solo. Her pepper spray and taser are not legal there.


  19. Chip

    The 100% point of a pepper spray is to incapacitate the attacker so you can get away, no other reason to use it.

    The paint is a nice extra for identification but it is not why you spray an attacker in the face. It seems you are just focusing on the red paint identification benefit which does not seem to incapacitate the attacker. And it seems you legally can’t make a product in the UK that hurt an attacker. This means I question whether in a real life situation, other than be messy does it really do anything to get you out of the attack. I watched the video and the fella just stood there. I don’t think the red spray would be enough to stop an attack. You might be able to identify the attacker after he as killed the person, but it would not stop the attack.

  20. tails miles prower

    Seem useful when I get in police to be a pcso I can legally carry this. Since pcso don’t have teasers or bats or pepper sprays! And will help track the crook down 10x faster!

  21. Tony Dimattes

    Self defense has become a basic need these days…

    We all read news papers, watch television and see so much crime around us that we need to be extra alert…

    We can’t just simply rely on cops or 911, we must do efforts to protect ourselves…

    I liked your post because of this reason only, you have mentioned that there is huge difference between, protecting ourselves and killing somebody.

    One can defend themselves with various means without taking law in their own hands.

    Self defense shouldn’t mean to take law in our own hands… I recently bought a tactical flashlight and a pepper spray and trust me the products are really good.

    You have actually insprired me to be bold enough and face the situations.

    Thanks for this awesome share!!

  22. Ola

    This country is crazy ! If someone is capable to atact other person to do a rubber or rape deserve to be treated with a pepper spray!

  23. Vi


    We can see how this spray is visible on white skin, how about black skin?…
    I am not racist, don’t get me wrong, I am just curious



    1. UK Prepper

      Hi V,
      Any skin I would think…
      Black, white, yellow… Hell, It would even show up on an alien..!
      It is very distinct bright red and I suppose on white skin it will show stronger.
      But it also gets onto your hands and clothes as well, and if you look at the start of the video, I had already washed my hands a dozen times and they were still red.
      A black skinned person has quite light shaded hand palms so it would be much more visible there as well.
      If I ever have a volunteer with dark skin I’ll do another test video…!

      all the best

  24. TankManTank

    Learn KravMaga.

    nuff said!

    1. UK Prepper

      Couldn’t agree more.

      Krav Maga is one of the very best forms of self defence for anyone.
      Simple, effective and easy to learn the basics.

      see my Krav Maga article and find out why I think its the best self defence martial art:

      Learn Krav Maga

      But, as with everything, keep aware of your surroundings and the people around you.
      Do they look dodgy? If you suspect anything – take action and remove yourself form that potential situation.

      all the best

  25. Alyy

    What about perfume sprayed in the eyes?
    Or just regular paint?

    Why does it have to be ‘special’ spray?

    1. Fango

      Hi Alyy,

      No way. This stuff is far superior than anything like perfume or paint!

      Perfume would be no good until you are right up close.
      Spray paint has a distance of a meter before it fixzzles out.

      If your prepared to get up close and personal with an attacker, then maybe they will help, but no comparison to this stuff.

      I bought a few cans for my family and my kids insisted we try it out… on me, poor old dad!

      From over 4 meters it was VERY accurate and powerful – in fact I was surprised at the force it hit my face.
      And it doesnt wash off for several days either.

      i was known as the Jolly Red Giant from then on!!

  26. Dango

    Surely this is just paint..???
    I’m not sure if it would stop a mugger either.

    And if someones attacking me – I’m going to get covered to!!!

    1. UK Prepper

      Hi Dango,

      It’s a bit more than just paint.

      It fires a precise spray over 4 metres.
      It’s more like a thick gel spray.
      It’s quite oily and sticks to anything.
      Slight stinging to the eyes

      It leaves the attacker or criminal marked for the police to identity – as the spray will stain the skin for at least a week.

      More importantly – it gives you those vital seconds to make an escape and run a away.

      You not trying to hurt them or injury them – just get away for the situation and this method will work if you have a little bit of situation awareness and pay attention to your surroundings.

      all the best

    2. Danger Man

      Agree with you there UK Preppers Guide.

      It’s all about situation awareness.

      Don’t put yourself in a position of danger in the first place – simples.

      And if you are aware and you perceive a danger to you, then you are ready to deal with that situation by using the spray BEFORE the attack starts, thus allowing time to escape.

      To many people wander aimlessly around without a clue who ro what is going on around them – zombies.. 🙂

      1. UK Prepper

        Hi Danger Man,

        Completely agree with you there.

        Situation awareness is a vital key in self defence.
        I touch on this in an old article about personal alarms here:

        Personal Attack Alarms

        Always be aware of whats happening around you – AND BE PREPARED…..

        All the best

  27. danger man

    I am presuming that this spray is not designed to actually incapacitate or stop an attacker full on as would real pepper spray?
    I can see the benifits if used at the right time to give you a quick method of escape.
    Of course being aware of an inpending attack is all down to your own 6th sense or you awaremness of a danger.


    Wake up and look around you.

  28. Posh Prepper

    Good article. It makes sense to carry something, anything really that can help you warn off an attacker.
    Scream alarm or spray, anything.
    Ive heard its better to yell ‘fire or rape’ rather than help..!!
    Using this spray would definitely give you a second to escape away from danger AND you’re not going to kill anyone in the process!

  29. Graham Of Essex

    Hi, good article,
    As a pure defensive method this is very good.

    You are not trying to kill someone here, purely incapacitate them for a second or two.
    Those vital seconds are enough to run away from the danger.

    I always try to be aware of whats going on around me at all times.
    Being aware is your first line of defence.

    Just dont put yourself in a position of danger if you can avoid it.

  1. London Thoughts- Week 6 – Positively Mandy

    […] Pepper Spray is illegal here. My friend Rachel actually informed me of this, which I thought was a little crazy but it’s probably a good thing. (Yes, a Texas girl did just say that. She’ll also say GUNS ARE BAD! Please don’t make it legal to carry them anywhere. k thanks. getting distracted) So there’s this thing I’ve been meaning to buy called Preppers. My lovely finace informed me of it. It’s still a spray, but instead of stinging the victim it just blasts them with bright red ink- and boy is it hard to get off. Sounds good to me. Want to read about it and watch a fun movie? HERE! […]

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