Mora Heavy Duty Robust Carbon Survival Knife Review

Mora Heavy Duty Robust Carbon Survival Knife Review KNIFE Mora heavy duty compainion

Firstly, this knife is not full tang. Normally I would never advocate a non full tang knife but I have included this Mora knife as it really is fantastic value for money.

It is actually about a 1/3 tang and unless you are using this knife for battonning or doing a lot of levering and hammering it ticks a lot of survival boxes.

Probably the biggest plus is the weight as it really is very light weight and quite compact at just 225mm long so slipping the Mora Heavy Duty Carbon Steel to your Bug Out Bag wont be a problem.

The Heavy Duty Mora has been beefed up with a 3.2mm carbon steel thick blade and really keeps a good edge for fine work – In fact, if anything, this is one of the best skinning knives around and just so cheap and good value for money.


knife mora heavy duty companion sizesThis is a compact knife with a blade length of just over 100mm and overall 220mm, but still has a decent full size handle that feels good and sturdy.


Quite simply the best value for money survival knife around – NOT in the big boys leauge but you will find a use for this handy, robust and strong little knife and for the price, you cant go wrong..

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