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Sep 19 2016

SnugPak Jungle Hammock Review

The SnugPak Lightweight Jungle Hammock The decision between using a tent or hammock is a purely personal one.But, in my opinion, once you have tried a hammock you’ll be hard pressed to want to sleep in a tent again.!Modern hammocks are, without doubt, both comfortable and spacious and in this review I will be testing …

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Jul 15 2016

LifeStraw Personal Water Purification Filter Test and Review

man drinking from a lifestraw personal purification filter

LifeStraw Personal Water Purification Filter –  Test and Review  There may be water everywhere, but would you risk just scooping it up and drinking it? If you were in an absolutely desperate situation where you had nothing to drink for days, then maybe it’s a yes. If your life depended on it, then it might …

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May 14 2016

UK Legal Pepper Spray for Self Defence | Video Review And Test

farb gel legal pepper spray

What Are The UK LegalAlternatives To Pepper Spray for Self Defence?BASIC SPRAYCurrent price under £11Best price – AmazonTIW Farb Gel Criminal Identifier SpraySPRAY + BELT POUCHCurrent price under £14Best price – Amazon​TIW Farb Gel Criminal Identifier Spray With Protective Carry PouchBEST BUYCurrent price under £16Best price – Amazon​TIW Farb Gel Criminal Identifier Spray – Twin …

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Apr 26 2016

Bushbox XL Survival Stove Review

bushbox video review

Wild Camping or Bug Out Cooking Stove Review | Bushbox XL The perfect wood burning stove for wild camping or bug outA decent cooking stove is an essential part of your bug out kit and as such needs to meet a few specific requirements to be considered worth taking with you. Must be compact to …

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Oct 09 2015

Edible insects UK

insect at desk

  Edible Insects UK Can you really eat insects and bugs? Yes, of course you can, alive or dead, but there’s always that risk of getting something quite nasty as a result. In this review I want  to show you a way you can try a whole selection of insects and bugs that you wouldn’t …

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Mar 06 2015

Top 10 Prepping Mistakes

What are the Top 10 Prepping Mistakes every Prepper makes? Don’t fall into these basic Prepping errors  There is literally thousands of pages of information about prepping on the internet today. This makes joining the prepping community easier than ever. If your a newbie prepper it is very easy to fall into an information overload trap …

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Dec 17 2014

Top 10 Prepping E Books

Top 10 Prepping E Books E-Books, and especially E Books for the Kindle reader are the number one, modern way to collect and read books. There are literally millions of books on the E Book format now and all ready for download. One of the good spin offs from the conventional hardback cover book that takes up hundreds …

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Nov 21 2014

Top 10 Survival Films and DVD’s

Top 10 Survival Films & DVD’s     Survival DVD’s are a great way to get yourself all fired up for a weekend of prepping and bushcraft. They get you in that frame of mind to do things and either catch up on old skills or just go out and be that little bit more …

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Oct 07 2014

Best Hatchet for Survival and Bushcraft Guide

best hatchet for survival

Best Hatchet for Survival and Bushcraft Guide A hatchet is one of the most important survival tools for any prepper, with the ability to perform most bushcraft tasks. With a good hatchet you can perform just about all the main survival tasks to help keep you alive and comfortable in the wild, in fact, some …

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Oct 05 2014

Best Multi Tool For Survival

Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Knife

Best Multi Tool For Survival A multi tool is an essential bit of survival kit to have at home and in your bug out bag. The reason a multi tool is widely accepted as a high priority item by survival preppers is the fact hat they can be so versatile, offering a wide range of tools that are …

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Sep 26 2014

What is the Best Fish Filleting Knife for survival

best fish filleting knife

 What is the Best Fish Filleting Knife for survival  It is essential to know how to prepare your fish once you have caught it, however, one of the most important tools that will make this job easier is your knife. But, what is the best fish filleting knife and why.   It goes without saying …

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Aug 24 2014

Best fire starter for bushcraft and survival

bushcraft essential fire piston

There are several different methods for starting a fire in the wild – but with the absence of a naked flame, what is the best fire starter for bushcraft and survival. There has always been a few tried and tested fire starting methods that have been passed down through the ages – most will result in …

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