Tom Brown Tracker Knife Review

Tom Brown Tracker Knife Review tom brown tracker knife in sheath

This is my review of the Tom Brown Tracker, Gray Micarta Handle, 6.25″ Black Blade, Kydex Model TPT010


Manufactures Description and Specifications

  • Made from 1/4″ 1095 High Carbon Alloy
  • Coated in traction epoxy to help prevent rusting
  • 11.5″ long overall length
  • 2.5″ carving blade
  • 3.5″ chopping blade
  • Handle is Micarta
  • Includes kydex sheath
  • The Tom Brown Tracker is made for chopping, splitting, carving and, hammering. You can also use the tracker to scrape, saw and even break metal wire by twisting and stressing the wire using the serrations on the backside.


tom brown tracker knife with yellow rope When I first received the Tom Brown Tracker as a gift I thought that it would be heavy, clumsy and would end up gathering dust somewhere. I thought why not just carry a small camp axe instead, but I was wrong. This knife turned out to be one of my favourite’s knives I keep in my survival/hunting pack. I do not use the tracker for everyday carry because it is a large knife and can be intimidating and a bit awkward to carry for everyday chores.  

I have used this knife as an axe on multiple occasions and routinely reach for it instead of my camp axe. It is ideal for any survival pack or bug-out-bag. However, I would not consider it an everyday carry knife.


tom brown tracker knife CARVINGtom brown tracker knife splittingBecause of the way the blade is designed on the The Tom Brown Tracker, you can also do smaller tasks like carving wooden fishhooks or putting a point on a spear or ground stake. The chopping blade is heavy enough to split large pieces of firewood, or chop down small trees or shear limbs.


I have put this knife through multiple camp holidays, hunting trips and just plain living in the woods for a few weeks at a time.


It holds up to every survival task and is always ready for more action. 

I do not care for the standard sheath. It is stiff and just does not feel right as I am afraid the knife will slip out and it is noisy when inserting or removing. The sheath should not be carried in a tactical situation where noise could be an issue.

I am currently looking for suitable replacement for the sheath. I like leather or good heavy nylon sheaths.


tom brown tracker blade notchThe saw blade is ideal for notching if you are making deadfall traps or even weakening larger tom brown tracker shower notched woodpieces of wood so they can be broken. It would be difficult to saw completely through a large limb but the saw blade will remove enough wood so the limb can be broken or then use the chopping blade to finish it off.

The saw blade does not provide precision cuts it will remove chucks of wood in a hurry however.  If you are measuring closely for shelter poles and so on, make sure, you account for the roughness of the cut.

I use the Tom Brown Tracker for field dressing game so it can be transported. The saw blade will help you separate the bones from the joints. It acts just like a meat cleaver but it is not a good skinner but then again it is not designed to be one.

It feels good in the hand partly because of the good balance and because of the Micarta handle. Micarta is a composite material usually made from linen or canvas – the material is layered and treated with a resin and then heated while under pressure to make an extremely strong yet lightweight handle material.

The Tracker is a multi-tool and something any wilderness survival expert looks for. If this was the only tool you had, you could build a shelter, chop wood for a fire, create tools out of wood and use the metal for striking against flint to create a fire. Very versatile and stout, once I felt the knife in my hand and chopped my first limb I was hooked.

Tom Brown Tracker, Gray Micarta Handle, 6.25″ Black Blade, Kydex Model TPT010


  • Very good quality carbon steel this knife is designed by an expert in the field
  • Multiple uses
  • Blade stays sharp and can stand up to the rigors of camp life
  • Looks great and feels good in the hand, you want to use this knife and once you receive one you will look for things to do with it
  • Big but not bulky and is designed for practically any sized hand
  • Reduced hand fatigue when chopping or sawing.



  • Even though the blade is treated to help prevent rusting it wears off quickly and rust will appear just like on any carbon steel. This is not a problem for anyone accustomed to carbon steel but really, there is no point in using the “traction epoxy” to help prevent rusting as a selling point. Anyone familiar with carbon steel knows to treat it to prevent corrosion, but some may assume because of the rust inhibitor that they do not have to pay as close of attention
  • Sheath is not as good as I would have liked or expected


I hope you have enjoyed this review and it has helped you when choosing the best survival knife for your prepping needs. Without doubt, the Tom Brown Tracker is one of the better knives I have and it gets plenty of use. I do not carry it on my belt however because of the sheath and its size but it is easily clipped to a pack.  I am not easy on my tools out in the woods but It’s definitely a knife that’s made for tough chores and full on survival.

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