UK Legal Pepper Spray Alternative for Women

UK Legal Pepper Spray Alternative for Women woman with no farb gel defence spray

Firstly, the facts of life… It is illegal, under UK law, to carry a knife, a gun or even a stick to help protect yourself from being attacked.

Many women get attacked each year here in the UK and it doesn’t matter whether it’s late at night, in the middle of London or in a quiet village, the risk is very real and a very frightening and traumatic experience that will stick with you for the rest of you life.

The Plain Facts: 

There’s only really 3 main reasons a woman gets attacked:

  • Physical
  • Sexual
  • Robbery

Each one can have dire consequences and some can leave permanent damage both physically and mentally, leaving you to live with the thought of how you could have prevented the attack in the first place…

farg gel defence spray with woman being stalked by a manThere are a multitude of scenarios that lead to an attack on women, combine that with a thousand different situations and times and places – they all add up to the fact you never really know when an attack may happen.

You rarely know the frame of mind the attacker is in and the motives that have lead up to you being the victim.

With so many variables how are you supposed to tell the good from the bad, the muggers from the helpers and the scumbags that think they can prey on women for simply walking down the street.

There are, actually, a few very simple things you can do to help prevent an attack – the number 1 and most obvious is ‘to not be there in the first place’…!

If you avoid going out, by yourself, in darkness [or even daylight sometimes] then the risk is not even there. But we all farb gel defence choosing a different routeknow this is not always possible or a realistic choice. When you do go out at night, try to be with friends, male and female, at all times.

For whatever reason, if you have to travel alone then vary your route home and travelling at different times. This will make you an unpredictable target – you no longer become a ‘creature of habit’ and severely reduces the risk of becoming the stalkers dream victim who always passes by this dark alley at exactly the same time each night…

We are all very much creatures of habit, which makes us complacent and drop our guard when it is most needed.

Spacial Awareness

Be aware of your surrounding and the people around you – who’s in your space, do you feel comfortable and are you boxed in with no escape route if you needed to get away. Always try to ensure you have a ‘Plan B’

People Awareness.

farb defence spray with woman and man stalking


If you have your head buried in your mobile phone, busy texting someone, then you have no idea who is around you, who’s looking at you and who has been following you for the last half hour..!! FACT….

This can become an even more dangerous pastime if you are actually walking down a street.

Yes, you may have just got off the train with a hundred other people and started walking home, but where are they now.?

You suddenly realise you have been walking, alone, mindlessly unaware that it’s just you and someone following quite closely behind – you don’t know who, whether a man or woman, young or old, big or small…. No Idea….!


So whats the solution?

Possibly the best defence is just being aware of your surroundings and who’s in them, as well as, don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation if at all possible. Simple awareness can heighten your ability to predict if a situation is safe or not and give you the advantage of a couple of seconds to react prior to that attack.

What defence can you use?

The UK Laws state that you can use reasonable force in order to defend yourself against an attacker OR if you think an attack is about to take place OR you are threatened enough to make you think you are about to be attacked.

So you can defend yourself – but with what..?  Unless you are a trained in martial arts or unarmed combat the idea of fighting off an attacker is quite daunting for any woman, even if you are trained in any type of self defence fighting it’s still a big ask for the average woman to fend off an attacker.

Just about the only defence is to pre-empt the attack and stop it before it can start. farb gel self defence spray

This is where a defence spray comes in –  A spray that can be used, similar to pepper spray, that will stop an attacker and render that attack useless for those valuable seconds needed for you to make an escape and be gone before they know what’s happened.

These defence sprays are perfectly legal in the UK –

and are known as a  Self Defence Spray Criminal Identifier

Based on the pepper spray theory they omit a cloud of spray that will temporarily mark the attackers skin and clothes. Some contain a dye that makes them instantly recognisable to the police for up to 7 days after, others omit a spray cloud that has a repulsive smell and UV stain that marks the skin and clothes, again making them recognisable to the police after the event.

Either way, these defence sprays will stop an attacker, are easy to use and very effective.


Testing the Farb Gel Criminal Identifier Defence Spray in Action


Available Sprays for Self defence –  TOP TWO PERSONAL DEFENCE SPRAYS

Mini Self Defence Spray Criminal Identifier– this is a very nice and compact defence spray. The FarbGel canister contains 40ml of spray and will give you a spray distance of  up to 4mtrs.

Measuring in at 85x34mm and for sale at under under £10 inc. VAT & Delivery to the mainland UK



3 Function Personal Spray / Alarm – Three defence systems in one spray.

This self defence spray give an alarm of 138 decibels plus the spray is a Ultraviolet Invisible Dye and a repulsive odour which remains on the attackers skin and clothes

Costing under £12 inc. VAT & delivery from Amazon, this is a very effective piece of self defence kit.





Conclusions on the top three sprays:

The EveAid comes out as the dearest spray but offers a slightly bigger can with more spray as compared to the Farb Gel, however, the Farb Gel does have a neat belt pouch, is compact, sprays a very visible red gel and is the cheapest.

Middle of the three on price is the 3 function spray, which has been mentioned on ‘Crime Watch’ as a recommended defence spray and also give the added high decibels alarm.

So the choice is yours really, but to be sure, any of the top three will do the trick as an alternative legal pepper spray for us UK citizens.


for more information, reviews and latest prices please click below for direct link:



 Be Prepared:

UK Preppers Guide - Self Defence Spray


I own several of these sprays and have gone so far as to test them out on myself. It was not a pleasant experience and there was no way I could of carried on with an attack – the red Farb Gel spray sticks to everything and an attacker would be stopped in their tracks once sprayed in the face.

All the sprays are compact enough to fit in a pocket or use the belt clip and as simple to use as spraying some perfume.

All it takes is being aware of your situation and being prepared to take action.

Without a defence spray in your hand you have no real defence.



I hope this article on the “UK Legal Pepper Spray Alternative for Women” has spurred you on to get some for yourself and your family – I highly recommend it.






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