Apr 02 2013

What is prepping

Preppers are Survivalists in a calm state of  Emergency Preparednesswhat is a prepper

There is no such thing as your ‘average’ UK Prepper.

We come in many shapes and sizes, many different backgrounds and certainly cant be put into any social media group.

There is only one defining factor that unites us all – the simple fact that – Preppers are ready for emergencies that may occur due to no fault of their own. These emergencies can bring a very abrupt halt to the type of life and lifestyle as we know it. 

Don’t be fooled by the over the top TV programs that are going around at the moment showing how you have to have a secret underground bunker, fortified and filled with every imaginable item to ward off herds of crazy people hell bent on doing you harm…!

Some people are preppers without even knowing it.!

what is a prepper FOODQuite a lotof people ‘stock up’ with essential items and store them in there house just to make sure they have enough – it’s the ‘just in case’ syndrome.

But a prepper is just that bit more dedicated than that – planning a strategy  to ensure they have an emergency supply of ALL essential items that will last for days, weeks, months or even years.

Along with stocking up with essentials they will plan for various survival situations and also have a full disaster plan for when SHTF.

Quite often this will include emergency equipment if they decide to leave their home – this is know as Bugging Out. 

what is a prepper london disasterWhen a disaster strikes a survivalist will be in a state of emergency preparedness and be able to fend for themselves and for their family.


Having a plan and being ready to implement that plan is a major art of being a UK Prepper.

Please browse this website – it is full of useful information  help, tips and advice, as well as offering you a host of equipment to view and to purchase – Start your Prepping now.


If you want to know more even more, take a look at some of these handy pocket books below – these are very good handbooks covering essential Doomsday Prepping and Doomsday Survival skills necessary for any new UK.




    • Capt W Hawkins on August 29, 2016 at 9:41 pm
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    So what’s the difference between a prepper with thousands of pounds worth of equipment and supplies and a prepper with 20 years of survival skill and zero supplies?

  1. Interesting take. I like the very practical perspective, and how you point out that some people are prepping while not even realizing it.

    It’s like, if you ask an “old timer” about prepping, they would be confused. However, if you asked them how they did things “back then,” you would find they were prepping.

    Good article. Keep it up 🙂

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