White Hunter Damascus steel fixed Blade Survival Knife Review

White Hunter Damascus steel  fixed Blade Survival Knife Review knife white hunter

Firstly, the White Hunter is a hand made, hand crafted survival knife of a very high quality and, in a lot of respect, is a true ‘collectors’ survival knife.

It is made in the true, traditional survival knife style and looks and feels every bit a real mean machine.! 


The White Hunter Damascus Steel fixed blade survival knife is made from four different low and high carbon steels and folded into 416 layers to give you a knife of some 311mm long with the blade length of 188mm – and at its widest point the blade is some  1 1/2″ (37mm) wide. AND …. the blade is also 5mm thick, making this one tough cookie.!

The original Puma White Hunter was made in the 50’s and featured a stag horn handle. But the Damascus Blade White Hunter   is every bit the same great hunting and survival knife as the original.

knife white hunter tang

knife white huhnter handle


It’s a full tang knife with walnut handle that has a polished brass thumb guard and brassbolts that give this knife a very authentic look.





knife white hunter sheath

The sheath is made up from one piece genuine leather and has traditional pop studs to hold the knife in place. The stitching is excellent and its also riveted together to give additional strength.

There is only one belt loop for attaching the knife to your belt.


  • Limited Edition Knife – based on the classic ‘White Hunter’ all round camp knife  
  • Full tang
  • Blade – Damascus steel – 416 layers
  • Length – 311mm
  • Blade Length – 188mm
  • Spear point blade with additional 50mm serrated edge
  • Brass hand guard and bolts
  • Walnut handle. Made from gun-stock offcuts
  • Heavy duty sheath – hand made



Overall, a nice high quality knife with a reasonable price tag that will perform all the normal survival duties. For anyone who prefers the larger knife, then this is well worth a look.

Don’t be put of by the idea that it’s more of a collectors survival knife – it isn’t – it’s a big knife in the big boys league…

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