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Best EDC Pen – Review Of The Open 2 From Olight

Olight Open2Is This The Best EDC Pen It is quite possible that I have found the best EDC pen that’s available for preppers…!Every prepper should have an EDC  (every day carry) with them at all times. Even for the odd things that crop up now and then, an EDC pack is an essential piece of …

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Compact And Lightweight EDC Hammock

EDC Hammock – The Perfect Getaway hammockWho’s been hanging aboutA Guest Post By: Des, from Des Cattys (YoutTube)​Let’s set the scenario where the so-called shite has hit the fan, it could be in the form of an EMP attack- (unbeknown to you). You are returning home from a long journey as one of your clients …

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EDC Everyday Carry Essentials For Preppers

What Are The EDC Everyday Carry Essentials For PreppersPreppers EDC [everyday carry] will consist of mostly the same gear for emergency survival.IT does, however, begin to change as you see people personalising their EDC to fit their particular situations. For example: If I were going to, or working in an harsh environment, I would consider an emergency shelter …

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EDC Must Have Gear | FireMask F60

EDC Must Have Survival Emergency GearFireMask F60Carrying your EDC to and from work is common amongst us preppers. But there are areas we travel in that make an EDC essential and there is one item that is absolutely essential to pack. In A Hurry? How To Avoid Smoke Inhalation During A Disaster fireFireMask F60 Video …

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Good LED Torch For Prepping EDC

Good LED Torch For EDC Everyday Carry remains a topic that is discussed quite a lot among preppers and survivalist throughout the prepping community.So deciding on what items suit the needs of your EDC can need some thought – except a few……A decent torch is one of those items that you simply must have your …

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Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDC Box Review

edc stove on rucksack

Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDC Box Review Possibly one of the smallest micro stoves in the world..! This is my review of the Bushbox Outdoor Pocket Micro Stove EDC Box – sometimes this size of cooking stove is referred to as either a micro stove, and EDC stove or a hobo cook stove, in effect they are …

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Survival EDC – Stash Cash Waterproof Money Clip

cash stash money storage

Survival Every Day Carry – Stash Cash Waterproof Money Clip  Cash is king – and when the SHTF and the CashPoint Machines don’t work and no one can buy anything electronically you WILL NEED CASH. There are certain items that make up the parts of every preppers EDC and ensuring you have cash with you …

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UK Legal Pepper Spray Alternative for Self Defence | Video Review And Test

farb gel legal pepper spray

What Are The UK LegalAlternative To Pepper Spray for Self Defence? There are currently two very good UK Legal Pepper Spray Alternatives that are within the confounds of the law and available for use.The Farb Gel Criminal Identifier and the Safhaus Criminal Identifier. Furthermore I have tested out both products on myself and found that they …

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Bushbox XL Survival Stove Review

bushbox video review

Wild Camping or Bug Out Cooking Stove Review  Bushbox XL The perfect wood burning stove for wild camping or bug outFirst of of a decent cooking stove is an essential part of your bug out kit and as such needs to meet a few specific requirements to be considered worth taking with you.  Must be …

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Emergency Preparedness – Signs And Treatment Of Heatstroke | Hyperthermia

Emergency PreparednessHEATSTROKEHeatstroke Prevention must be part of your emergency preparedness, however, in some cases you may not be able to prepare properly so it is important that you know how to protect yourself using what is available in your environment. Preventing injuries, and being proactive in protecting yourself against things like hypothermia, hyperthermia (heat stroke), frostbite and …

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How to Stop Bleeding Quickly using Black Pepper or Cayenne Pepper

How to Stop Bleeding Quickly using Black Pepper or Cayenne PepperIt may seem a bit strange, but by adding these simple ingredients to your EDC or bugout will help in a case of minor cuts. A small bottle of ground up black pepper seeds or some ground cayenne pepper gives you an instant dispenser to administer directly …

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Bushbox Essentials LF Titanium Outdoor Survival Cook Stove

Bushcraft Essentials:  Bushbox LF Titanium  Outdoor Survival Cook StoveFor those of you who are looking for real quality products, in your outdoor cooking equipment, you know your in good hands when you choose from the range of outdoor cook stoves from the Bushcraft Essentials range.I am quite fortunate and actually have all the cooking stoves shown …

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