Air Rifle For SHTF And Hunting For Food

You can't go far wrong when using an
 Air Rifle For SHTF and Hunting For Food

As preppers we all know the importance of food procurement. 
Your stored food supplies will not last for ever, and considering there's not too many people who have huge food stashes, you definitely need to consider other ways of getting food in your belly.

Hunting small game for you food supply is relatively easy and a reliable method when you use an air rifle.

man with air rifle BSA ultra

As well as that, in a SHTF situation, an air rifle will be an effective means of self defence and suitable in many scenarios.

The UK public do not have the amount of 'real' firearms compared to American preppers. Although you still have a perfectly legal right to own a firearm, in the UK, there are relatively few compared to the population.

Using an air rifle in a SHTF situation will, of course, give you the upper hand and could be enough to deter a possible looter from targeting your home and thus avoiding your home and going for more easier pickings elsewhere.

On of the big advantages of this type of defence is that fact that you can put distance between yourself and an attacker/looter. Stopping them way before they get near you or your home.

  • There are, of course, many other self defence methods - but this article is purely relating to: The Air Rifle For SHTF and Hunting Food scenarios.

Typical hunting with an air rifle for small game
would more commonly include animals such as:

  • Rabbits & Hares & Squirrels.
  • Most smaller birds: Pigeons, Pheasants, Ducks

However, from a survival and prepping viewpoint, egg laying birds may well be worth keeping, literally for their eggs, if you can catch them and keep them.

In theory, any small game can be food, including rats.

But consider what the animal eats and access the possible dangers attached to that animal first.

By far the easiest small game to hunt with your air rifle is the rabbit.

After all, they breed just like rabbits..! So there's hundreds of them hopping about all over the hedgerows and fields. They are super easy to stalk, they sit nice and still for you to get a good aim and have a decent amount of meat on them for a nice nutritious meal.

Hunting rabbits with an air rifle is the best choice of weapon, and to achieve a clean kill, a head shot is your best target zone to aim for. This will give an instant kill.

You want the rabbit sitting up nice and contented and perfectly calm when you make you shot, and definitely not running scared around the field.

If a rabbit is in 'panic mode', then leave it alone - the rabbits body will be releasing adrenalin direct into its muscles for a flight or flight reaction.
These chemicals are unwanted and will taint the meat when you eat it. (this applies to most foods you hunt).

What type of air rifle is best suited for hunting?

As we stand today, there's no disaster on our doorstep, no doomsday scenario and no SHTF. 
This makes the choice of air rifles quite vast. If you check out a previous article: Best Air Rifle For Hunting you can see the reasons for choosing one rifle over another in a SHTF situation.

But in "peace time", there are many rifles that will more than adequately cope with small game hunting. A simple trip to your local air gun supplier will be the best way to approach this - just explain what you want to do and they will help you with your rifle choice.

There are many Air Gun Suppliers in the UK who are more than willing to help you out, and I personally recommend my own air gun specialist, The AirGun Centre based in Essex.
They have a excellent on-line shop and I have found them to be second to none with their expert help.

Your biggest challenge is to find some land where you can shoot.
Rabbits are often thought of as vermin, especially on farmland where they can destroy crops, and as such a farmer will welcome shooters to help control these 'pests'.

As preppers we tend to practice as many skills sets as possible, honing our survival and bushcraft skills as best we can.

This applies to air rifle shooting as well.
Practice well before you intend to go out hunting for 'real' targets.

Especially as the actual kill shot is so important to ensure the animal does not suffer.

If you haven't practised and you cannot hit the target, spot on, every time at 30 yards. Then don't go out. Simple as that.

Be responsible about your air rifle hunting right from the start. Practice now, because, when needed, your Air Rifle For SHTF And Hunting For Food will be your very best friend.

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    • phil martin on January 2, 2019 at 9:49 am
    • Reply

    Like this little article and good advice too, the trick is practice, practice, practice, if like some of us you have a few different rifles then that’s a whole lot of practicing, which if your garden is big enough or you have access to a site you can shoot on then that makes for a lot of fun. and remember every day is a school day your never too old to learn a new skill

    • Ginger Tom on April 21, 2016 at 7:14 pm
    • Reply

    Good article Steve,
    Glad you have mentioned to practice first.
    Remember you will be killing a live animal – so please get it right.
    I always have a few minutes practice before I go out and ALWAYS sight your scope in first, and keep to that distance until you know what you are doing.

    • Avril on April 21, 2016 at 7:09 pm
    • Reply

    A mad bunny tastes different to a happy bunny eh..!
    Well you learn something new every day. 🙂

    great article, thanks..

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