Atmos Compact Modern Longbow

The Atmos
Compact Modern Longbow 

2018 Preview of the eagerly awaited longbow from Survival Archery Systems.

Launch dates and availability are expected to be June this year with a very high interest in the bow already, and in order to really push this project along, the driving force behind the new Atmos bow is founder of Survival Archery Systems, Doug Shadwell.
Doug has launched a kickstarter programme to really speed things up and get this bow out to the public.

The ATMOS Modern Longbow *shown here in its camo livery

This is the current available colour options:

  • Cobalt Cerakote
  • Burnt Bronze Cerakote
  • Sky Blue Cerakote
  • Camo (Hydrographic paint)
  • This longbow looks to be the ultimate bow for preppers and hunters alike, and is part of the overall development of the SAS bow family.

    High performance, high quality and specifications, along with the ability to maintain compactness seems to be Doug's driving force behind the range of SAS bows. 

    Take a look at the efforts made in the design and manufacturing process in this video here:

    The Atmos Modern Longbow

    It would seem a lot of consideration has gone into every part of the Atmos design and build process, and that includes the final livery colouring.
    Below are the four available colours, and I think you'll agree, all look every bit a profession quality finish:

    I also want to include this excellent review video by David, from the American website Ultimate Survival Tips.
    Here is David's review:

    Having already written articles on the two previous SAS bows myself, with video reviews, and manufactured from Survival Archery Systems:
    The SAS Recon Folding Bow:
    The SAS Tactical Survival Bow:
    I have been following the progress of the new Atmos longbow with interest. It certainly ticks all the boxes, and more for any prepper, or bow hunter.

    Interested To Know More About
    The Atmos Modern Longbow?

    Take a look at the current offers and packages available to backers on the Atmos kickstarter page right here..
    Backing this project will help Doug make this the best bow ever made for us preppers.

    Happy prepping folks, Steve

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      • Broadsman on May 17, 2020 at 6:30 pm
      • Reply

      So why carry an article about Bows when it is illegal to hunt with a bow or crossbow in the UK!

      • Nathan on August 30, 2018 at 10:32 pm
      • Reply

      Please would you tell when the Atmosphere survival longbow will be available for left handed people?

        • JASON Santamore on January 27, 2019 at 6:21 pm
        • Reply

        seems like a different approach to a winning product.

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