Best Knots For Survival Fishing

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Best Knots For Survival Fishing

Procuring your food by fishing is the most straightforward, easiest and least time consuming method of obtaining food in a survival situation.
Everything about fishing can be simplified and made a very straightforward process.

However, one of the most annoying parts of successfully catching fish is when one slips of your hook due to your fault - and by 'your fault', I mean, it gets away due to your poor actions of tying a simple knot..!  

If your fishing using a rod and line, then the only real technical part you need to do is tie the line onto the hook - without a good solid knot, a fish will find a way to wriggle it loose and escape, and bye bye dinner.

Firstly let me say there are dozens of knots that can be deployed to tie your hook on the line. But essentially, in a survival situation, you only need know a few, and know them well enough to ensure they work every time.

If you find some 'fishing expert' says you must do it this way, but find you simply can't, then don't. Find out what knots work best for you, and knots you can tie with ease.
Don't make life difficult trying some super complicated knot that is just a pain to tie.

Here are my favorite TWO knots that I use all the time, and, for me, these are the best knots for survival fishing. I find these the easiest ones to tie. 


This is the Trilene Knot, and is a strong and reliable knot you can use to join monofilament line to your fishing hook.

Works very well with swivels and lures, and will resist slippage and line failure very well.

* leave 3mm of line at the tag end 
* moisten line before pulling tight*


This is the Palomar Knot, another strong and reliable knot, more suited to braided lines.

* leave 3mm of line at the tag end 
* moisten line before pulling tight*

Other Uses:

The Palomar knot is also a useful one to remember as you can utilize it for larger rope or paracord tasks.
When you need a static join through any object with a hole in it, this will do the trick.

Tying off a paracord lanyard to your knife for example: gives a very straightforward, effect knot - not as fancy as a standard diamond lanyard knot, but very practical.

The more fancy 'diamond' lanyard knot.

Don't Waste Survival Time;

The one big disadvantage with conventional rod and line fishing is the amount of time you have to spend waiting for your fish to bite.

Although this article is more specifically about knowing the best knots for survival fishing, I just want to add a bit of equipment that will help you save time.

I have several of these 'YoYo Automatic Fishing Reels' and they really do mean that you can just set them and leave them to do all the work for you, while you concentrate on other important tasks.

The YoYo Reel is effective and will catch you a fish about 75% of the time, but by setting a few you are pretty much guaranteed to have something for dinner.!

see latest prices & availability here: YO-YO Automatic Mechanical Fishing Reel

Steve Hart UK Prepper

Prepping is such a vast and interesting subject, and trying to learn everything is impossible to do - that's why I try to pick out good, solid skills that work all the time.

These two fishing knots do exactly that, and in my opinion are the best knots for survival fishing and well worth learning.

Happy Prepping Folks,

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