Best LED Head Torch For Bugout, Camping and Hiking

Could This Be The Best LED Head Torch
For Bugout, Camping And Hiking?

Bugout and Wild Camping are essential skills to practice whenever you can, and having a good wild camp kit, with the right gear is also essential.
As it starts to get dark you normally find yourself beavering away setting up your camp and getting ready for the night ahead.

See the full Olight LED Torch range & prices here:

At this stage the most essential bit of kit to have with you is a head torch, of which there are many to choose from.

In this article I am looking at possibly the Best LED Head Torch for bugout, camping and hiking.

Without a head torch your life becomes very difficult as trying to use a torch is very cumbersome, making even the easiest of task a real pain.

Fumbling about in the dark is out of the question, and a hand held torch really doesn't cut it. So a head worn torch is the only answer and this Olight H1 Nova is a great bit of kit to use.

Essentially this is a tiny torch with all the functions of a larger hand held torch and pack some serious power along the way.
I like this torch a lot, as it has proved to be extremely functional and easy to use.

Conventional head torches only allow for two positions where the beam lands, the Olight can be adjusted to give all positions from straight up to straight down.

This is a good feature because the light will shine exactly where you want it regardless of your head position.

You can also fully remove the torch from the head band holder and use as a normal hand held torch.

I would also always carry a head torch in my Everyday Carry as part of my standard kit - your EDC is your emergency lifeline in a disaster situation where you have to get away from danger.
Using a head torch means that you are able to have both hands free to make your way much easier.

Here's my EDC kit review which features the
Olight H1 Nova LED Head Torch

As you can see in my review video, I include the Olight head-torch in my EDC kit, as it is perfect for everyday carry.
I really like this head-torch and the high end features make this little torch as must have.

An impressive bit of prepping kit and I highly recommend it.

Steve Hart  -  UK Preppers Guide

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