Best Solar Survival Light

Best Solar Survival Light for Bugging Out SOLAR wakawaka light on bug out bag

There are quite a few solar powered survival lights and solar powered survival torches on the market today making it a difficult task to choose the best solar survival light for your home or bug out kit.

Remember, you don't need hours and hours of bright sunlight to charge a solar powered survival light. You simply need good daylight and if there's a bit of sunshine then all well and good, it all helps. But one of the key factors is, you need to have your solar survival light exposed to daylight whenever you can so its ready for action when you need it the most.... at night.!

So keep it out in the open at all times, just like shown here. >

In order to be able to do that your solar light must be very portable, of which most are, but also very water proof, hard wearing and robust to withstand the wiggling and bumping about that it will get.

When hiking the back of your rucksack is the ideal place. When camped it can be hung onto the top of your tent.



POWERplus Barracuda Waterproof Dynamo / Solar Powered Torch

SOLAR baracuda light

The POWERplus Barracuda is a combination of two different energy sources that you are able to use at the same time.

You can either charge the Barracuda using the sunlight during daytime or use the dynamo handle that winds up the torch.

The Barracuda has 3 LED ultra bright LEDs which give you a quite powerful light - certainly enough to se your way.

To find out what other thought of this solar survival light see customer reviews of this torch. It will cost you under £15 and is waterproof upto 5 meters - so good value for a robust solar torch.


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wakawaka solar lamp
SOLAR wakawaka light


This is a really neat solar survival light that seems to of been designed specifically for preppers.

The WakWaka Solar lamp will give you 16 hours of bright, reading light on a full charge and has some 2:1 use time vs. charge time

It comes with 5 different light modes, including SOS beacon and is both water and shock resistant.

It also has an neat USB port which allows for charging a phone or other device - very clever...  This is a top end bit of kit and sells for just under £30 inc delivery - so quite a reasonable price for a lot of kit.




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Re-Wind Eco Friendly Solar & Wind-up Powerful 3 LED Waterproof Torch

solar powered torch rewind


The Re-Wind Eco Friendly Solar & Wind-up Torch has three Powerful LED lights that give a powerful beam. The LEDs also flash to give an emergency signaling touch.

The Re-Wind is also Waterproof up to 5 meters in depth, which is a very handy feature, knowing you torch is going to be OK if you drop it in a puddle.!  The torch will fully charge in sunlight but also has the added feature of the wind up handle which will give 60 minutes of light for 1 minute of winding.

A nice compact torch measuring only 24.2 x 14.8 x 4 cm and weighing in at less than 1kg.

Selling at under £15 inc delivery, this offers very good value for money.



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