Best Water Filter Straw for Survival

Best Water Filter Straw for Survival 

Drinking Straw

Every Prepper should have several means by which safe drinking water is available regardless of the survival situation and there are several very good choices on the market but what is the Best Water Filter Straw for Survival..?For a quick, on the spot 'top up' a Filter Straw is the best method. However, it is still essential to have a Primary Water filtration Method in place for filtering or purifying water whilst you are out in the bush camping or hiking or if you ever have to make the decision to bug out for extended periods of time. But the Water Filter Straw is an excellent piece of additional survival equipment to carry in your bug out bag and a definite 'must have' essential item in your EDC.  Water filter straws are light, compact and inexpensive, and considering the fact that safe drinking water is one of the top five essential requirements for survival, you really shouldn't leave home without one.!

 What are your choices when it comes to drinking water:

You basically have five choices when it comes to drinking unknown water from an untreated source -  i.e from a puddle, lake or stream.

drink stagnant water

 RISK IT.  Without doubt, a big no no.. Drinking water straight from unknown sources, streams or ponds - you would have to be extremely desperate to do this as you are risking doing more harm than good - there's almost a 100% certainty you will have extreme sickness and diarrhoea as a result.

 boil water 

BOIL IT. The method has been 'the' number one best water purifying method since man realised the dangers of drinking untreated water. To be completely sure of making the water as safe as posible the water needs to boil to heat up to above 160*f and by the time it reaches boiling above 212*f  it is considered safe to drink - boil for over 3 mins.


FILTER IT.  The Water Filter Straw is the ideal method for hiking, camping or bug out.    gripolabs

 TREAT IT.   Water Purification Tablets [ Iodine or Bleach ] will chemically treat the suspect water and will kill any harmful bacteria or viruses. *correct dosages and storage can be a problem with this method.  


 NUKE IT.  You could always blast the dirty water with a UV light to make it safe - There are some portable battery operated models available for killing germs with UV light.Not really the most practical thing to carry around with you though.  Whatever the method or combination of the above methods you choose, anything is better than nothing and every effort should be made to ensure you have water. With that in mind you must have a primary water filtration method plus other methods - choosing the Best Water Filter Straw for survival is vital.Most will offer you upwards of 200ltrs supply of drinkable filtered water. - That alone will give you a month of drinking water -  They are light, compact and reasonably priced, so to carry a few in your bug out equipment is very easy.

What makes the Best Water Filter Straw for Survival 

drinksafe water strawThere are quite  a few water filter straws on the market, with quite a lot coming in from Japan and China - these are much cheaper than the top two detailed below. This makes me a bit worried as to the quality of the filter straw - I'm not saying don't buy these, but, with something as important as your drinking water, something that your whole survival could depend on, I always pay for the best I can afford. The reason for choosing the two below as my Best Water Filter Straw for Survival is their ability to clean and purify the 'old' water and make it as safe as possible for drinking. 

Reasons for choosing the Surviva-Pure or DrinkSafe filter straw. 

Both have been vigorously tested and exceed the government requirements for clean, safe drinking water - removing pathogens, bacteria and viruses and leaving you with clean, odour free, safe drinking water. I have both of these filters in my various kit bags and they work each and every time - I very rarely carry any water with me when I go out hiking which can make a huge difference to pack weight. Carrying a filter straw instead of litres and litres of bottled water will save you space and weight in your rucksack - a litre of water weighs 1kg. Imagine the amount of bottled water you would need on only a three day hike..! You could add a lot of other essential equipment for that weight. Or just reduce your pack weight and save your knees and ankles some pain.!  

My top two best water filter straw for survival:


Surviva-Pure Survival Straw

This survival filter straw works immediately once immersed in your water source and is simple to use requiring no pumping or addition equipment.

The manufacturers say it is capable of 200 litres of natural tasting safe drinking water free of contaminants from any source whether that's a river or pond - not sea/salt water though.It is very light and very robust, the Web-tex surviva-pure system has built-in purification and post purification filtration that destroys and removes Cryptosporidium Giardia, Anthrax and many more harmful bacteria

  • Simply insert straw into absolutely any water source and drink safe, pure tasting water instantly
  • Contains in-built purification media & special filters which remove & reduce chemicals, impurities & taste in water immediately
  • Delivers clean tasting potable water from any non-saline source
  • Instantly removes Chemicals, Herbicides, Pesticides, Purification Chemicals,
  • Sediments & Trace Metals
  • Proven to remove Water-borne disease, Causatives, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, E-coli, Viral Disease Cause, Anthrax
  • 850ml
  • Filters up to 200 litres - equivalent to 2 glasses water a day for a year

 Contains Web-tex Surviva-Pure purification system. Filter contains pre-filters and built in EPA purification media that will outlast the life of the filter. Filter contains post-purification scrubbing system.Includes carry caseStraw length - 18.8cm  for more information, reviews & prices - click here    

drinking straw Surviva-Pure Survival Straw
Web-tex_Surviva-Pure_Survival Straw_Info2
best water straw

NEW 2014 Drinksafe Waterstraw 700 litre Personal pure water filter

The manufacturers claim this to be the lightest (40grm) proven personal protection device in the world.

The DrinkSafe water straw will remove pathogens including viruses, anthrax, crytosporidium, giardia, E-coli, schistomas and helminths in untreated water.It also filters out chemicals and bad taste making the water taste as good as bought bottle water.Using their Patented filter technology this filter straw can stored and then re-used again and againVery simple method of use from a river,stream, puddle and even iced water - not sea/salt water though.The DrinkSafe has an excellent draw rate - you sinmply place the end into water and then suck up on demand.Once you have had enough water you finish by simply blowing out excess water, then close the watertight cap and stow in carrier pouch provided - how simple is that..!This water straw has UK Environment Agency tested filter technology and will filter 700 ltrs of water - it also has an auto shut-down when the filter is exhausted.

  • Unscrew protective cap
  • Place in water to fill line and draw purified water with ease.
  • Shake out excess water when finished - Close for no leak watertight seal

Top Tip : Use polythene bag can be used as convenient lightweight cupComplete with field serviceable sediment filter and a user guide.Specification:Water delivery method: Direct via mouthDelivery Rate: 300+ ml minuteDimensions: 19.55 X 2.0 cmWater Delivery / Filter Life expectancy: Up to 700 litresTotal system Weight: 40g

 for more information on the 2014 DrinkSafe Water Straw - click here

 see the 5 star reviews from Amazon here     

drinking straw drinksafe wTERSTRAW
drink safe

  Both of these could be considered the Best Water Filter Straw for Survival and will give you good results and guaranteed safe drinking water 'on the go'. The DrinkSafe will give you 700ltrs whereas the SurvivaPure is 200ltr  with one filter straw - so you can see you have a huge supply of drinking water that will last a lot of months.So value for money, these water filter straws are an absolute must have for any UK Prepper or anyone out walking or hiking.   


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