Bugout And Prepping Clothing Taiga Swedish Army Mountain Paclite

Bugout And Prepping Clothing

Taiga Swedish Army Mountain Paclite
Gore-Tex Jacket And Trousers

Guest Article By:
 Des from Des Cattys YouTube Channel

As preppers or outdoor practitioners, we are always striving to reach a personal pinnacle in our training and also with our equipment selection and choice whether its clothing, water prep and purification, shelter building or first aid as an example it can sometimes become a continuous treadmill of seeking out the best kit and the simplest techniques in how to using it, but what a wonderful excuse to get out and spend time training.

Which leads me nicely onto some clothing that I came across at the Wilderness Gathering 2017 – bring and buy stall, I was on the hunt for some lightweight waterproof clothing for use of protecting me whilst I’m out on my runs, my favourite running top was worse for wear so on the hunt I have gone, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted but when I was checking out some outdoor shops nothing was really to my liking.

But fast forward to the gathering and I found a complete suit – Jacket and trousers by clothing manufacturers Taiga a Swedish company; the colour was of the M90 Swedish splinter camouflage and the model or style I believe to be of Alpine lightweight design, in the material known as Gore-Tex.

The size was XL (Extra-large), it fitted very well with lots of room if I was to adopt it into my bushcraft or bugout bag and wanted to wear extra garments underneath it was more than accommodating.

As I wanted it for more of a physical activity such as running or jogging, the jacket boasts 2 large under the arm ventilation sections on either side of the jacket, which can open or closed by zips. It also has four pockets 2 hand pockets have ample room to hold a map or even a small pair of binoculars with a small tiny vent hole underneath each pocket. 

The other 2 pockets are located either side on the arms which have a sturdy Velcro flap fastening, with segregated space Also being of military origin the bigger Velcro patches can be used for morale patches etc.

Velcro cuffs and storm flap over the zip, all the seams are very well taped especially at the zip areas as sometimes this can be a nuisance on snagging zips.

The hood is rather large and would probably accommodate a helmet though this is estimation on my part, the hood has a peak though unsure what helps it keeps its shape it works well.

Shock corded at both the hood and bottom hem of the jacket with sturdy cord locks.

As for the trousers they too were a great fit as especially as I’m an athletically built 6 feet 3” in height, ok not athletically but somewhere between cuddly and cuddly. 

The trousers though I have hardly worn as I’m not a great wearer of waterproof trousers personally speaking and definitely not for running, but if you had booted footwear you do not need to remove your boots to pull on the trousers as the zips on the outside part, unzip some way to increase that space to pulling on the trouser sleeve.
Again, with Velcro tabs fitted.

I have no affiliation with Taiga clothing, but I must say they are well constructed and take bit of a bashing, the water beads on top of the material which you would expect from Gore-Tex,
 The Taiga climate lab which located on the west coast of Sweden, you can apparently try their clothing out in the different chambers:

Taiga Cold Chamber

Ambient temperature down to -30 °C. With the help of three large fans measuring 60 cm in diameter, they can also create a wind chill factor down to -55 °C. 

Taiga Heat Chamber

Temperature of plus 30 degrees and 80–90 percent air humidity is the final stage in the process, and ensures clothing systems function in all climate zones during all 12 months of the year. 

Taiga Rain Chamber

16 nozzles can release 260 litres of rain per minute. The purpose is to test the garments’ water permeability and water resistance under specific extreme conditions, both in terms of their fabric and design.

Wow, definitely like to experience that! 
Anyway, if you’re after a garment not necessarily for running but for sticking in your BOB or as part of your outdoor apparel. I would recommend it, its lightweight and well made, and above all I like the camo, but when I’ve been out running I have been asked by many an inquisitive folk where I got the garment from, and that some liked the colour and to be honest if I’m to wear camouflage garments when I’m practicing such skills it will be in the trousers only if I wear camouflage associated to the U.K.

I do not personally wear full attire camouflage unless I’m hunting because people are quick to stereotype, and even then, its real tree type camouflage, but most of the time I wear subdued colours.

Here's The Review Video From Des
Steve Hart UK Prepper
Another great and informative article - thanks for that Des.

Des has a great YouTube channel ( Des Cattys - Bushcraft By Des ), with some good bushcraft and survival tips and advice, delivered in his unique quirky style.
Happy Prepping Folks,

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