Bugout Foraging Prepping – Living Off The Land For Survival

Bugout Foraging Prepping
Living Off The Land For Survival

For any prepper who is planning to Bugout in a SHTF situation, the big question is 'How Long For'?
Just how long do you plan to hide yourself away from the dangers of a disaster?
One week, a month, or more. Indefinitely is the stupid answer, if you ask me.

The reason I say bugout indefinitely is a stupid thought is this: ​Your simply not trained enough, haven't practised enough and don't have enough survival knowledge to do that.

I'm the same.  I do not put myself in the category of being able to survive indefinitely, away from the masses​ and live comfortably, at all..!

The amount of knowledge you need is huge, along with a lot of luck as well.  ​

Foraging For Food Is An Essential Part Of Bugout

Although you may be safe in your own little bubble away from danger, you still have to procure your food to stay alive.
Short term - no real problem as you can take a fare amount of supply's with you that will last a week or so.

When you start to extent over the two week period, food will be getting scarce.
Yes we can all hunt and fish, and set trap or snares, but getting essential vitamins and minerals is as important as catching rabbits.

Foraging is the answer to your vitamin and mineral deficiency.​
Use the plants around you to supplement your food supplies.

Mother nature is on our side and provides an amazing amount of foods to be picked and foraged with ease.
 It is in abundance at certain times of the year and readily available to those that look for it.​

In this article I want to focus on possibly the most essential plant food available to us: ​A plant that will give you masses of nutrients, is simple to harvest and cook, and is all around us.

It is, in fact, the humble Stinging Nettle - ​one of natures super foods.

And by super food, I mean real super food, full of an amazing amount of nutrients you body craves for good health, and in a survival bugout situation it would be one of my 'go to' source for vital foods.​

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K
  • B Vitamins
  • Beta Carotene
  • B Vitamins
  • Calcium
  • Chromium 
  • Colbalt
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Magnesium 
  • Potassium 

You can easily forage for stinging nettles, as they are always around, and grow profusely along hedges and even at the side roads.
You can eat them raw, infuse in a herbal drink, dry them and save for later, you can even make cordage from the stem in a real emergency.
So not only a super food, but a versatile bushcraft plant as well...

Below is a couple of bushcraft videos I made a while back showing how to safely eat stinging nettles and how to make an infusion herbal nettle tea.

Steve Hart UK Prepper

Foraging is something we should all try to understand as these skills will definitely help in a SHTF situation.

I find that also having a

wild edibles information book
in your rucksack​ is a very useful tool to help you recognise the different plantlike that is available throughout the UK.

Happy Prepping Folks​

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  1. This is a great survival tip! great post. I do a lot of catapult hunting down here in Alabama and I got to say that sometimes I go a bit too deep into the forest and can’t find my way back out lol.

    So I mean I don’t think I will ever get lost like that but a good time to know.

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