Can You Drink Rain Water

Can You Drink Rain Water?

rain water harvesting methods in the wilderness

Collecting water can be a great way to conserve resources but can you drink rain water?

Collecting rain water at home or in a survival situation may well be your only choice for drinking water.

However, rainwater is not quite as pure and clean as you may might think, so never assume the rain dripping down from your roof is safe to drink.

Even as the rain pours down it has collected many airborne particles and contaminates.

As it runs down and off your roof it has a happy time soaking up anything that just happens to on your roof.

Typically, any form of waste or bird poo will wash down from your roof and then easily be absorbed into any rainwater that passes it.

So if you’re trying to collect it, you can guarantee it’s already contaminated with something that can cause you problems.

Bacteria, viruses, parasites and numerous chemicals can also be carried along in rain water, but can you drink rain water?

Generally speaking you would be ill advised to do so – especially with all the potential nasties that can lead to an upset stomach at least, and severe disease (or even death) at worse.

There are, however, a few things that can make your rain water better or worse, namely your location and how you store that water. Also the temperature the water is stored at.

Whatever collection method you use the water will not be anywhere near clean enough or safe enough to drink – in a nutshell, stored water from collected rain water should only ever be used for watering plants or washing your car..!

From a preppers perspective and a survival situation you would most likely be collecting rain water for drinking and cooking purposes only.
So for the purpose of cooking you will be boiling the water, making it safe to cook with.

germs in water glass

Bacteria & Viruses can hide in rain water

Any Collected Rain Water For Drinking Must Be Made Safe To Drink

 Adding water purification tablets will work to a certain degree and give you drinkable rain water.

water tablets

But you can only carry so many which severally restricts longer term drinking water in a bug out or survival situation.
Plus they are not an ‘instant’ answer to obtaining safe drinkable water.

Fortunately, water purification tablets are very cheap to buy, as well as being compact and lightweight.
Making them an ideal weapon against contaminated water.

One tablet per litre of water, shake and wait half hour, and your good to go.
If you can boil the water to a rolling boil as well, then that's double bubble and your about as safe as you can be.

The main drawback of tablets is you need a store of water and it's time consuming, especially compared to the next method below....

There Is An Answer To 'Can You Drink Rain Water'..

A portable water filter bottle will give you gallons of safe drinking water every time you need it, wherever you need it .
This means you can collect rain water however you want and use a portable water filter bottle to ensure you are drinking clean, safe water without any parasites, viruses and bacteria.

A portable water filter bottle can also be used to give you safe drinking water from any water source – river, pond, puddle – anything except salt sea water in fact.

See my full video review of the Water To Go Bottle filter system here. 
And get 15% special discount on all bottle and filters.

There is no boiling and no tablets involved, just fill, filter and drink. This is a preppers dream.

Personally and from my own survival experiences I use the 'Water To Go' filter bottle when I am out and about.
But for larger quantities of drinking water I use the  LifeSaver Water Filter Bottle’.

They both work perfect every time, regardless of the water quality I put through it.

So the answer to the question of  ‘can you drink rain water’ is generally a big no, but, with the right equipment you definitely can drink rain water, pond water, river water.

You just need to run it through a good water filter first.

Happy Prepping Folks,  Steve

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