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Solo Stove Lite Wood Burning Stove For Camping Or Bushcraft

Solo Stove Lite Wood Burning Stove For Camping Or BushcraftThere are so many cooking systems to choose from these days, and the choice of fuel source is slowly increasing, but do you really need to have a stove that needs you to carry additional fuel..?In this review I shall be testing out the Solo Stove …

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How to Find Water and Filter and Purify or Distill Using the Sun

man drinking dirty water

How to Find Water and Filter and Purify or Distill Using the Sun Knowing how to purify water will save your life. You may think that because you are miles from civilisation that any water source would be safe to drink but this is not the case.After obtaining shelter, water is your next priority and …

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Three Simple Yet Effective Rain Water Harvesting Methods

Three Simple Yet Effective Rain Water Harvesting MethodsLet’s face it, life is not perfect and in fact, at times it can be pretty harsh and cruel, and unfortunately, that means that disaster can potentially strike at any time. These disasters in question could come in a variety of different forms, including: Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, …

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How To Choose A Good Survival Knife

How To Choose A Good Survival Knife Firstly, it is without doubt that a good survival knife will make it is very hard to survive any outdoor situation.Your survival knife is undoubtedly the single most important item to have in your Bug Out Bag, your Emergency Kit and for Home.So what are the important facts …

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Survival Knife Guide For Prepping and Survival

Survival Knife Guide For Prepping and Survival Choosing a Survival Knife for Preparedness is very important to ensuring your survival, and no more so than having a knife that suits you and a knife that you feel comfortable with.Everyone has their own preference for a survival knife, but when the SHTF your going to need a …

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Can You Drink Rain Water

raindrops in hand

Can You Drink Rain Water? Collecting water can be a great way to conserve resources but can you drink rain water?Collecting rain water at home or in a survival situation may well be your only choice for drinking water.However, rainwater is not quite as pure and clean as you may might think, so never assume …

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Best Preppers Air Rifle for Hunting Small Game and Survival in the UK

man with air rifle BSA ultra

Best Air Rifle For Hunting And Survival In The UK Air rifle hunting is carried out by many people and there are many different air powered rifles available in the UK. However, there are two distinct differences to consider when choosing the best air rifle.The two distinct differences are a matter of the law. To …

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What Is The Best Filter Water Bottle For Prepping And Emergencies

What Are The Requirements Of A Good Filter Water Bottle With so many products in the marketplace it makes choosing the right filter water bottle that will give you clean, safe drinking water is a bit of a minefield!So what can be done to ensure you choose the right one for you needs?Firstly I’m not talking …

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Best Hunting Catapults For Survival And Prepping UK

How To Choose The Best Hunting Catapults For Survival   One of the oldest tools used for procuring food are hunting catapults and a very good bit of survival kit to have in your bug out bag. But what is the best catapult to hunt with? What is the best value for money and will …

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Best Solar Powered Radio For Prepping And Survival

Best Solar Powered Radio In any disaster situation you must be able to keep up to date with the latest information to ensure you are able to keep ahead of any trouble and the humble radio is your first choice, more precisely a solar powered radio, in keeping yourself informed and a prepper ‘must have’, …

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Coronavirus, Social Distancing And Mental Health

Coronavirus, Social Distancing And Mental Health How To Look After Your Mental Health Even During Lockdown20th March, 2020 – The UK government are now issuing more direct and ever harsher instructions for us to follow.They include avoiding all but the most essential social contact with others, albeit friends or loved ones, we are now dangerously …

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How To Make Survival Food

cooking bannock bread over open fire

How To Make Survival Food  As a prepper it is mighty important to have as many skills under your belts as you possibly can and being able to survive and make food with very few ingredients is vital.After all, your going to need all the skills you can if the SHTF, then when it does …

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