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How To Baton Wood With A Knife And Without A Knife

Basic Bushcraft SkillsHow To Baton Wood With A Knife One of the most consistant task you will do when out wild camping, or in a survival situation, is process wood to make a fire.  Processing wood is simply working the wood into manageable pieces. Once you have processed your wood down to small enough pieces, then …

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Backwoods Blacksmithing How To Make A Forge

How To Make A Forge For Backwoods BlacksmithingGuest article, kindly sent in by: Gary Johnston – Jack Raven Bushcraft & Ross Berry – Kaos BlacksmithsIf you’ve ever wanted to be able to make some of your own bushcraft kit, such as knives and traditional fire steels, but thought that building a forge was out of your budget …

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Mora Knives – Are They The Best Knife For Survival And Prepping

Top Mora Knives For Preppers And BushcraftMora knivesAre They The Best Knife For PreppingHaving a good knife is the absolute essential piece of survival gear you must include in your bugout bag.Without doubt, one of the most used, is the brand of knives from Mora of Sweden.  In this article I will be looking at the …

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How To Make Char Cloth For Prepping Bushcraft And Survival

Basic Survival Skills:How To Make Char Cloth For Prepping Bushcraft And Survival A camp fire is one of the most basic necessities for survival, and there are many ways to make one.  The hardest part has always been how to actually get the fire started in the first place. Using dry tinder that will catch a …

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How To Make A Feather Stick For Fire Lighting

Bushcraft SkillsHow To Make A Feather Stick For Fire Lighting In Wet Conditions Ever tried lighting a camp fire in wet rainy conditions?  Difficult isn’t it.  In fact, sometimes just starting a camp fire to boil up some water for a brew or cook your dinner can be a problem. In this article I want to …

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How To Make A Camp Fire With One Log

Bushcraft Skills:How To Make A Camp Fire With One Log​ Being out in the wild can be summed up in one word – a camp fire.  Having a glowing camp fire is natures TV.  It’s a source of great psychological comfort and reassurance. And epitomises the great outdoors. There are, of course, hundreds of different …

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8th Bushcraft Magazine May Bank Holiday Meet

The 8th Bushcraft-Magazine May Bank Holiday Meet A Bushcraft Show Not To Missed…. On the weekend of the first May Bank Holiday, this year falling on 28th April – 1st May, the Bushcraft Magazine is holding its eigth annual gathering in Egerton, near Ashford in Kent. The May Meet is a great opportunity to book …

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Bushcraft Skills V Prepping Equipment

Bushcraft Skills V Prepping Equipment Prepping and Bushcraft go hand in hand, they overlap in so many areas it hard to see how they can exist without each other. Going back to the very early ages, man had no prepping equipment at all, all the tools were either found or improvised from natural objects in …

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Survival Cooking using no Bushcraft Equipment

bushcraft equipment showing meat cooking on a leaf

Preppers survival cookingUsing no bushcraft Equipment In a survival situation that has suddenly happened or in an unforeseen circumstance, you will probably not have any Bushcraft or Survival Equipment with you so you will have to improvise, and use what you find around you and in your immediate environment.Survival cooking, or, as some might even …

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UK Preppers Guide Press and Public Relations

UK Preppers Guide Press and Media

press articles for UK preppers guide Quick Navigation Books I Have Written For PreppingNewspaper articles featuring the UK Preppers Guide Radio Shows featuringthe UK Preppers Guide Podcast / Internet Shows featuringthe UK Preppers Guide Video WorkTV & Film work featuringthe UK Preppers Guide UK Preppers Guide YouTube Channel The UK Preppers Guide website has been featured in many online publications. Various …

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How To Make Perfect Beef Jerky

beef jerky recipe - how to make the best beef jerky

How To Make Perfect  Beef Jerky For Prepping & SurvivalJerky has been making a resurgence lately. Whether it’s due to the maker movement, or the popularity of low-carb diets, this tasty snack has made a comeback. For prepping and survival, Jerky is a very good food to have with you and knowing how to make …

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Top 5 Herbal Plants For Survival

foraging for plant for prepping

Top 5 Herbal Plants For SurvivalGuest Article by: Gary Johnston Every prepper should have a knowledge of foraging in a SHTF situation – here are the Top 5 Herbal Plants For Survival that are both common and abundant that you can use to help if traditional medicine is hard to come by.There are many plants in …

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