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How To Make Perfect Beef Jerky

beef jerky recipe - how to make the best beef jerky

How To Make Perfect  Beef Jerky For Prepping & SurvivalJerky has been making a resurgence lately. Whether it’s due to the maker movement, or the popularity of low-carb diets, this tasty snack has made a comeback. For prepping and survival, Jerky is a very good food to have with you and knowing how to make …

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Top 5 Herbal Plants For Survival

foraging for plant for prepping

Top 5 Herbal Plants For SurvivalGuest Article by: Gary Johnston Every prepper should have a knowledge of foraging in a SHTF situation – here are the Top 5 Herbal Plants For Survival that are both common and abundant that you can use to help if traditional medicine is hard to come by.There are many plants in …

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Simple Bushcraft Fire Lighting Kit

ferro rod fire starter

What Makes A Good, Simple, Bushcraft Fire Lighting Kit Keeping your Bug Out Bag Kit simple and effective is very important. It makes room for more equipment to be carried. So the importance of an effective, Simple Bushcraft Fire Lighting Kit is something not to be underestimated. As preppers you will always have more than one way …

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Making A Small Neck Knife Sheath

Making A Small Knife Sheath for a Nordic Knife  Last year I wrote an ‘how to’ article about Making A Nordic Knife after attending a blacksmith class. This year I am following it up with, How To Make A Small Knife Sheath for my Nordic knife. The knife itself is quite small at only 4″ long …

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Flint and Steel Fire Starting

making fire using a flint and steel video review

Traditional Methods Of Flint And Steel Fire Starting In this article I shall be showing how to make fire using a flint and steel, and also reviewing the authentic fire starting kit (shown above) For those aficionados among us – creating fire using a Flint and Steel is the oldest and considered the purest known …

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Best Survival Knots For Preppers

best survival knots for preppers the fishermans knot

What Are The Best Survival Knots For Preppers Do you know how to tie ‘proper’ rope knots? A lot of people don’t, and yet knots are a very necessary part of your survival strategy, as they play an important role in so many survival situations.You don’t have to know every type of knot and their …

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How To Make a Nordic Neck Knife

making a nordic knife

How To Make a Nordic Neck Knife I had a chance to learn from one of the UKs leading blacksmithsSo I jumped at the chance – here’s the results Last weekend saw the 6th Annual Bushcraft Magazine May Weekend Meet and, as every prepper knows, bushcraft is at the very heart of survival and prepping. …

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Bushcraft and Survival Shows 2015

wild food and chilli fare

Bushcraft and Survival Shows 2015This is an OLD article from last year – I will be updating this as soon as I have any information – There’s plenty to look forward to during 2015 – including this new event I can’t wait to get back to the bushcraft shows this year. If you have never …

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Best Survival and Bushcraft Axe

survival axe leaning on a tree

Best Survival and Bushcraft Axe GuideThere are many preppers and bushcrafters who will tell you they prefer their axe to their survival knife..This may very well be true – as an axe can do many bushcraft and survival skill tasks – far more than a knife can. Although a Survival Axe would also make a good …

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Survival and Bushcraft Schools and Courses around the UK

sos signal in the sand

  Survival & Bushcraft Schools and Courses in the UK Prepping is all about survival – although there is a lot of information on the internet, there’s nothing that beats actually ‘doing it’ for real. Learning your bushcraft and survival skills from a good survival school is something well worth considering  – there are lots …

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How to Preserve Food for Survival – making Meat Jerky

jerky in a jar

How to Preserve Food for Survival – making Meat JerkyThere will always be times during a year when food is in abundance. But, the most important thing, as preppers, is to know how to preserve that food for survival when times are hard. Learning the basic survival skill of preserving food goes back to our ancestors …

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Emergency Preparedness – Parasites and Bacteria

parasite tick picture

Emergency Preparedness – Parasites and Bacteria    Keeping your body clean is the first line of defence and one of the better ways of keeping parasites and bacteria out of wounds. Bacteria on the hands can enter the body through your eyes, nose and mouth. Parasites can enter the body through the feet and open wounds, so …

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