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EDC Must Have Gear | FireMask F60

EDC Must Have Survival Emergency GearFireMask F60Carrying your EDC to and from work is common amongst us preppers. But there are areas we travel in that make an EDC essential and there is one item that is absolutely essential to pack. In A Hurry? How To Avoid Smoke Inhalation During A Disaster fireFireMask F60 Video …

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Self Defence For Women

Self Defence For Women I am a great believer in being able to defend yourself and get out of a potentially dangerous situation, without the need to call for help. I also think that this should apply to both men and women. You don’t have to be big or strong to defend yourself. Quite simply, …

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How To Prepare For A Terrorist Attack

terror attack graphic

How To Prepare For A Terrorist Attack This article has taken me quite a while to write, with a lot of research and hopefully will benefit all you preppers, both old and new, out there in the UK. In essence, no one can really prepare for any form of terrorism. But what you can do is …

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Ultimate Airsoft Guide For Preppers.

Ultimate Airsoft GuideHow Can This Help Your Prepping? There is a strong connection between being prepared and military tactics. Both require a plan, both will have a plan A, plan B and even a plan C. Prepping has set ways to go about tasks, exactly the same way as a military campaign. As preppers we …

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BowHunting For Food and Survival

bowhunting for preppers

Do Preppers Need To Learn BowHunting For Food and Survival Without a doubt, owning a decent bow and being proficient enough to hit your given target successfully, is a very necessary skill, and something to add to your skillset as a prepper. Being proficient enough to hunt for your food with a bow will give you …

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UK Legal Pepper Spray for Self Defence | Video Review And Test

farb gel legal pepper spray

What Are The UK LegalAlternatives To Pepper Spray for Self Defence?BASIC SPRAYCurrent price under £11Best price – Amazon SPRAY + BELT POUCHCurrent price under £14Best price – Amazon BEST BUYCurrent price under £20Best price – Amazon When it comes to self defence and pepper spray, there are many question you can ask:Is pepper spray legal …

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Air Rifle For SHTF And Hunting For Food

You can’t go far wrong when using an Air Rifle For SHTF and Hunting For Food As preppers we all know the importance of food procurement. Your stored food supplies will not last for ever, and considering there’s not too many people who have huge food stashes, you definitely need to consider other ways of getting food …

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Best Survival Weapons for Self Defence

baseball club with nails

The Best Survival Weapons for Self DefenceA guest article by: Monica Rivers Prepping and survival have become hot topics amongst most Westerners during the last few years. For whatever reason, we have a genuine fascination with what might happen if the Electrical Grid goes down. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of …

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Best Preppers Air Rifle for Hunting Small Game and Survival in the UK

man with air rifle BSA ultra

Best Air Rifle For Hunting And Survival In The UK There are many different air powered rifles available in the UK. However, there are two distinct differences to consider when choosing the best air rifle.The two distinct differences are a matter of the law. To own a air rifle that is more powerful than 12 …

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Silent Hunting With A Catapult

Silent Hunting With A Catapult Every prepper knows the importance of having back up plans.They are essential to ensure you can complete any task needed to enable you to survive.But this also applies to equipment as well. Being able to procure your own food in a SHTF situation means you would be able to eat …

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Self Defence For Preppers | Guest Post

Martial Arts, Self Defence And Combat Sports For The PrepperGuest Post: By Rich Steggles Before I get started on this article, I just want to make it perfectly clear that I have absolutely no affiliations with any organisations or disciplines, if you train already in a martial art or combat sport and you enjoy it …

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Prepping Home Defence Plan For UK Preppers

Prepping Home Defence Plan For UK PreppersAs a UK Prepper you must have a solid Home Defence Plan Even the most uneducated person can see the sense in having insurance for an unknown situation. Everyone knows how important it is to try and plan for events that could effect your family and your way of …

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