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How to Find Water and Filter and Purify or Distill Using the Sun

man drinking dirty water

How to Find Water and Filter and Purify or Distill Using the Sun Knowing how to purify water will save your life. You may think that because you are miles from civilisation that any water source would be safe to drink but this is not the case.After obtaining shelter, water is your next priority and …

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Best Solar Powered Radio For Prepping And Survival

Best Solar Powered Radio In any disaster situation you must be able to keep up to date with the latest information to ensure you are able to keep ahead of any trouble and the humble radio is your first choice, more precisely a solar powered radio, in keeping yourself informed and a prepper ‘must have’, …

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How To Prepare And Survive An Electromagnetic Pulse – EMP

How To Prepare And Survival An Electromagnetic Pulse – EMP.  An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is, simply stated, a burst of electromagnetic energy.It can occur as a radiated, electric or magnetic pulse.An EMP is usually damaging to most electronic equipment including household appliances, automobiles, power grids and communication systems.However, certain equipment can be shielded from the …

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Solar Cooker For Preppers and Survival

This could Be The Best Solar Cooker For Preppers And Survival Ever..!! In the past I have been out, in the woods, trying out new bushcraft and survival skills and often thought that watching over my food to make sure it doesn’t burn, can take up a lot of my time.Although I do like a …

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Best Solar Survival Light

solar powered torch rewind

Best Solar Survival Light for Bugging Out There are quite a few solar powered survival lights and solar powered survival torches on the market today making it a difficult task to choose the best solar survival light for your home or bug out kit. Remember, you don’t need hours and hours of bright sunlight to charge a solar powered …

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Off Grid Solar Systems for Survival Preppers

OFF GRID SOLAR SYSTEMS FOR SURVIVAL PREPPERSAs a UK Prepper you may think we don’t have enough sunshine to use solar power effectively – well think again folks – the amount of daytime sunshine hours is more than enough to provide the power you need to run essential survival equipment. Using a simple Off Grid Solar …

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