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Top Ten Survival Skills – Build An Emergency Shelter

funny frog under a leaf in the rain

Top Ten Survival Skills  Build An Emergency Survival ShelterIn just about any survival situation or any emergency scenario, assuming you are not injured in any way, and where you are forced to fend for yourself, then your number one procedure is to ensure you can make a good shelter suitable to keep you out of the …

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Top Ten Survival Skills – Find Food

funny frog work for food

  Top Ten Survival Skills Number 2 – FIND FOODIf you’re in a situation where food is either in short supply or non existent due to the masses stripping the stores bare, and there’s precious little chance of any food being distributed, then you’re going to have to fend for yourself. This means ensuring you have the survival …

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Top Ten Survival Skills – Make Fire

survival fire made with a fire starter

Top Ten Survival SkillsNumber 4 – MAKING A FIREHaving the skill to make fire is absolutely essential in any survival situation – without this ability will render many other important survival necessities impossible.   In a survival situation having this knowledge and ability are essential for survival. Fire will provide you with heat and light, as …

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Top Ten Survival Skills – Find Water

raindrops in hand

  Top Ten Survival Skills Number 3 – GET DRINKING WATER Water is life – without water you will barely last three whole days before your entire body starts to shut down – it may be a little longer depending on your survival situation, but don’t get your hopes up, anything more than three days and you’re knocking …

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Top Ten Survival Skills – Sanitation

tiger with toilet paper

 Top Ten Survival Skills Number 5 – SANITATIONIn normal life we think nothing of washing our hands after going to the toilet,  and of having a shower whenever we want to – as keeping clean is easy. But when the water in the tap drys up and your toilet won’t flush. What then.? What if your water …

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Top Ten Survival Skills – Personal Protection

ninja frog on bamboo

  Top Ten Survival Skills Number 7 – PERSONAL PROTECTION  In just about any survival situation or any emergency scenario, there will come a time when you have to defend yourself and your supplies. You have shelter and provisions and are trying to keep under the radar, away from any fuss, until everything calms down enough for you to …

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Top Ten Survival Skills – Grow Your Own Food

sprout seed

 Top Ten Survival Skills Number 8 – GROW YOUR OWN FOODOnce you have overcome the initial disaster situation and have successfully bugged out, the next natural progression is to start to consider a long term plan. The plan must take into account whether you will be remaining in you bug out location for a decent period of …

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Top Ten Survival Skills – Medical Requirements

wilderness medication

 Top Ten Survival Skills Number 6 – MEDICAL REQUIREMENTS  Assessing your personal medical requirements and also the requirements of your family is a very big responsibility when preparing for a disaster scenario. There are simply so many variables to consider, including the risk of potential death from lack of essential medication.   If you are in good health and do …

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Top Ten Survival Skills – Preserving and Storing Food

jerky in a jar

Top Ten Survival Skills Number 9 – PRESERVING & STORING FOODIn a disaster situation or worse still a doomsday scenario your main daily chores will be, quite simply, to survive and feed yourself and your family. The longer you become accustomed to surviving the easier life will become.   You will become far more skilled at hunting and trapping …

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Top Ten Survival Skills – Signalling and Communication

man signalling with mirror

 Top Ten Survival Skills Number 10 – SIGNALLING & COMMUNICATION Communication between fellow preppers is a vital part of setting up a network of like minded people who can help each other other out when the SHTF. We all know the importance of keeping a low profile and operating below the radar in ‘normal’ times. The same applies even more …

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