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Is Criminal Identifier Spray Legal In The UK?

Is Criminal Identifier Spray Legal In The UK

Is Criminal Identifier Spray Legal In The UK?  Safehaus Mini Criminal Identifier:  the perfect alternative to pepper spray. As a deterrent and a means of preventing an attack, an identifier spray is an excellent choice but, is Criminal Identifier Spray Legal In The UK? Criminal Identifier Is NOT Pepper SprayFirstly, a criminal identifier spray differs …

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How To Make A Windlass Animal Trap For Prepping And Survival

Food Procurement For SurvivalHow To Make A Windlass Animal Trap For Prepping And Survival DISCLAIMER:It is illegal to hunt with this sort of trap in the UK. DO NOT DO IT.I only practice my skills at setting up various types, and then fully dismantle the trap, leaving no trace. Prepping is all about survival, and survival …

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Superfood For Survival | How To Make Stinging Nettle Tea

Natures Super FoodHow To Make Stinging Nettle Tea How do you make natures own superfood, a nice cup of stinging nettle tea.In this article I want to cover the advantages and benefits of drinking stinging nettle tea and how to make this nettle tea when you’re out in the woods. The herbal drink itself is very …

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Essential Knots For Bushcraft Survival And Prepping

Essential Knots For Bushcraft And Prepping Firstly, some of the terms used in knots for bushcraft ​These are the generally used terms for the various parts, you will need to know these before you begin to tie knots.They are pretty straightforward though. The LoopCinching Up​ The BightThe Toggle The Working End​The Standing End Below are some …

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Solo Stove Lite Wood Burning Stove For Camping Or Bushcraft

Solo Stove Lite Wood Burning Stove For Camping Or BushcraftThere are so many cooking systems to choose from these days, and the choice of fuel source is slowly increasing, but do you really need to have a stove that needs you to carry additional fuel..?In this review I shall be testing out the Solo Stove …

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UK Legal Pepper Spray Alternative for Self Defence | Video Review And Test

farb gel legal pepper spray

What Are The UK LegalAlternative To Pepper Spray for Self Defence? There are currently two very good UK Legal Pepper Spray Alternatives that are within the confounds of the law and available for use.The Farb Gel Criminal Identifier and the Safhaus Criminal Identifier. Furthermore I have tested out both products on myself and found that they …

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Best Emergency Water Filter Bottle For Camping, Survival And SHTF

Emergency Water Filter Bottlefor camping, survival and SHTF  In the past I have used and reviewed many types of systems that will give safe drinking water, but could this really be the best emergency water filter bottle yet?!  Everyone knows a story about someone who has been very ill as a result of drinking contaminated water …

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How To Make Simple DIY Fire Starters For Backpacking And Survival

Homemade Fire Starters

How To Make Simple DIY Fire startersFeatures of these very simple DIY homemade fire starters:1. All the components are easy to find.2. You can use your kitchen hob to prepare the ingredients.3. These DIY fire starters can be made to any length.4. You can even make them different colours.5. Ideal for backpacking6. essential for survivalWhy do we …

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How To Build A Dakota Fire Pit For Survival

how to make a dakota fire pitClear an area of any grass or debris.Find yourself a suitable area and clear all debris, plants and grass.Select your ground.The area where you choose to dig your pit should be free of stones or big tree roots.Use a stick, small shovel or entrenching tool.Dig a hole 300-400mm deep …

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Bahco Laplander Folding Saw Testing And Video Review

bahco laplander folding saw

bahco laplander folding sawfull test, demo and video review of the Bahco LaplanderIn this review I will be testing the Bahco Folding Saw Laplander – a well designed lightweight folding saw.It is made in Sweden and, of course, uses a good quality steel with a super sharp edge and from many of the other write-ups I …

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The Gerber Field Sharpener Review – How To Sharpen Knives The Easy Way

how to sharpen knives, gerber knife sharpener

How To Sharpen Knives The Easy WayGerber Field SharpenerAs a prepper you will have acquired the odd survival knife or two, also a multi tool and probably a Swiss Army Knife as well – am I right.?!When you bought them, there were nice and sharp and ready for action. and you make shaving sharp and fine tuned them by giving them the …

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Bushbox XL Survival Stove Review

bushbox video review

Wild Camping or Bug Out Cooking Stove Review  Bushbox XL The perfect wood burning stove for wild camping or bug outFirst of of a decent cooking stove is an essential part of your bug out kit and as such needs to meet a few specific requirements to be considered worth taking with you.  Must be …

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