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EDC Hammock - The Perfect Getaway hammock

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A Guest Post By: Des, from Des Cattys (YoutTube)

Let’s set the scenario where the so-called shite has hit the fan, it could be in the form of an EMP attack- (unbeknown to you).
You are returning home from a long journey as one of your clients lived a longer distance away than your usual 9 to 5 route, enjoying your favourite car cd you realise that your vehicle is running low on fuel so you decide to pull into a garage to top up your vehicle.

The pumps are not working entering the kiosk the place is empty there’s someone talking in the little office it’s a wind-up radio you listen to the voice on the radio explaining that martial law has been declared, people are looting and rioting.

Being someone of the persuasion who likes to prepare, you are now changed into your practical clothing better suited for such eventualities, grabbing your B.O.B – bug out bag/rucksack or E.D.C everyday carry bag. You do a quick inventory grab a few more items from the garage store.
Scanning your map, you calculate that you can get to your home in around 36 hours at the most, providing you don’t run into trouble and even have time for a little nap or rest your tired legs….

So what better way than to carry an EDC hammock 

​Essentially an EDC hammock is lighter and more compact than a standard hammock, with less frills.
It's a solid bit of kit that offers a means to rest up for a while, and not really designed for long term survival, however, when used in your EDC it comes into its own.

The Standard and The Heavyweight version.

The standard which is made from 1.3 oz. DWR rip stop nylon and comes in Coyote brown. The Heavyweight is made from 3 oz. and comes in green this one I own. They both come with a full YKK Zipper No.3 and genuine 550 paracord lines.

It’s worth noting that the standard hammock has a weight limit for a person up to 90kg, so being someone of the athletic type (tongue in cheek) I opted for the heavyweight version.!

This packs up very small so can even be carried in a pocket or carried in your kit which will take up very little space at all.

I cannot say that I have used my hammock for a full night’s sleep but I wouldn’t rule it out as personally I normally consider myself a ground dweller, but I do wish to experience the performance of the EDC for maybe a night or two, though I wouldn’t expect it to outperform hammocks on the market for more long-term camp outs, though it does excel for a temporary set up if you would like to rest yourself or set it up for somewhere just to chill out. It’s also very useful as a kit shelf somewhere to store your kit and to keep it off the floor.

So, to conclude this is a very practical, compact and useful piece of kit to add to your choice of kit or as previously mentioned to carry in your pocket.
The only quibble I have with it is that it doesn’t come with a stuff bag, having said that it is very easy to pack away and after a little practice it’s not difficult to incorporate the paracord to bind it together, but personally I like to stuff the whole thing into a small waterproof stuff bag.
Some of my friends who also own the hammock have changed the paracord for whoopie slings but that’s a matter of choice so like I say experience is the best way to making your decisions in kit matters.

Steve Hart UK Prepper

Another great article and product review from Des - thanks Des.

For those who don't yet know, Des runs the YouTube channel - Des Cattys, Bushcraft By Des and it's well worth a look for some great bushcraft and survival tips, presented in Des's very own 'interesting' style....​

The EDC hammock shown here can be bought from ​ They claim that the EDC is their bestselling item that is not only suited to the jungle but also as a perfect item for your EDC/BOB bag, and having seen this kit in action I aim to add one to my EDC as well.

Happy Prepping Folks,​

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    • Brian sinclair on September 13, 2020 at 11:42 am
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    Hi what is the weight limit for your hammocks as I’m looking for one but I’m 22 stone I’m actually looking for one to use as a travel seat when I’m walking in the woods thanks Brian

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