Coronavirus And Pets Don’t Abandon Your Animals

Coronavirus And Your Pets
Don't Abandon Your Animals

We are a country of animal lovers, amongst the most caring nations in the world, but as the Coronavirus starts to rack up momentum here in the UK we will get pets being abandoned and left to fend for themselves!

Could you do this to your pets?
I know I most certainly wouldn't.
Whatever it takes my pet is included in all my prepping, and that includes bug out...

What Can You Do To Help Your Pets

First and most importantly, FOOD.
You've probably just done the biggest food shop ever and now have enough supplies to last at least a month.
If you haven't, then see my 'Emergency One Month Food List'  for details.

You can sit back, confident in the knowledge that when we get locked down and can't go out you have enough.

But what about your pets? They need to eat too.
Whatever they like to eat, buy at least one months supply to see them through.

Make sure that you do not get them perishable foods that won't last, although unless your buying fresh meats for them this shouldn't be a problem as most are pre-packed and sealed.

What Other Important Pet Factors Must You Remember

There may be possibilities where you have to move out form you home, so transporting your pets around is going to be a mission unless you have done this sort of thing before and are geared up for it.

If you haven't, you need something to safely carry them about. Of course this will only apply cats and to smaller dogs.

As well as a suitable pet carrier, it's advisable to make sure that they are Micro-Chipped and wear a collar with your contact details on as well.

Coronavirus And Pets - It's Not Difficult!

It's not difficult to stock up on food for your trusty pet.

BUT, do it now, make sure they have a minimum of one month supply of food AND their favourite treats.
If you prefer to get them dried food and that's even easier if they'll eat it of course, then do so, it's much cheaper and less messy.

But please, whatever you do, 
do not abandon your pets
as the coronavirus takes hold.

Happy Prepping Folks,



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    • philip craig on March 22, 2020 at 5:15 pm
    • Reply

    i know we have never met and this is cheeky of me but is there some
    where, where like minded people chat other than fb twitter etc . As i have
    said to you before we are prepped and in lock down but would like to chat with uk preppers
    just to see if were missing anything important or there is
    anything we are overlooking . All the best in this uncertain time . phil craig subscriber

    1. Hi Phil,

      I have an article on thus very subject here:

      hope it helps.

      Steve UKpreepersGuide

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