Coronavirus, Social Distancing And Mental Health

Coronavirus, Social Distancing And Mental Health

How To Look After Your Mental Health Even During Lockdown

20th March, 2020 - The UK government are now issuing more direct and ever harsher instructions for us to follow.
They include avoiding all but the most essential social contact with others, albeit friends or loved ones, we are now dangerously close to a full lockdown of all non essential work force.

What does that mean? In a nutshell you will be ordered to stay within the confines of you own home. This is going mean that the vast majority of us will have to spend a hell of a lot of time just sitting at home.

We will, effectively, have our freedom of movement rights taken away for the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic.
All of our regular activities, all our pass-times and all our social interaction with others will no longer be available to us.
I think we all understand it's the right thing to do, like it or not, it's coming to a town near you my friends.
But there are plenty of things you can do to help adapt and see this quite clearly as a different period of time in your life, and definitely not a bad time, even if you didn’t choose to do it.

Your whole schedule and rhythm of life will change and now it's the time to be in touch with others in different ways than usual.
Using social media, e-mail or the phone, these are good ways to stay in contact with the people who matter to you. 

It is during this period that it’s really important that you look after your mental and emotional wellbeing as well as your general physical health.

Plan ahead for this slightly 'odd' time, try to re-configure yourself to think 'these are simply different times' and adjust to suit.
Sounds easy but we all need a few guidelines to help us:

  • Establish Your Daily Routine: 
    As humans, we thrive on routines, they provide us with a structure, purpose and a reason to get up in the morning.
  • Have A Balance Weekly Routine: 
    Work, rest, play and exercise - have a good balance of these activities.
    * Do a work like gardening or washing the car.
    * Find time for an afternoon nap.
    * Play games, cards or mind puzzles.
    * Exercise, even if you don't want to.!
  • Consider All The regular activities that are most important to you.
    What activities are the important to you that you would normally do away from home?
    Is it possible to change them a bit and make it a home activities?
  • Set Yourself A Daily Target And Achievement 
    This will give real purpose to the routine and a sense of achievement.
    This might mean slowly working through you 'to do' list.
  • Talk with Family & friends About How Your Feelings & Watch Out For Trigger Events: 
    Use apps and phone calls to let people know if your well or low.
    Contact them when your anxious or fearful. 
  • Look After Yourself:
    Ensure that you are eating and drinking as healthily as you can.
    Try to have lots of fresh fruit and vegetables .
    Most importantly, keep hydrated. Drink plenty of water, this will help to support your immune system and keep your energy and concentration levels up .
    The BDA also have lots of information on their website.
  • Avoid Too Much Inactivity: 
    Do not sit in one place of too long - get up and move around, not specifically exercise, but take a break from what your doing. 
  • Have A Regular Bedtime Routine:
    Sleep is essential for your general well being so try not to get out of sync by going to bed at different times of the night.

Don't let this enforced quarantine bring you down. 
Already we are seeing an incredible upsurge of volunteers  galvanising themselves into groups to help the more vulnerable in our society.

There clearly is a genuine concern to help, so if you feeling isolated and alone, please don't be afraid to ask for help.

Happy Prepping Folks,



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