Do You Really Need To Stock Up On Toilet Paper For Coronavirus

Do You Really Need To Stock Up On Toilet Paper For Coronavirus?

With the Coronavirus continuing on its merry way, there appear to be two very different takes on what to do.
Stay calm and don't panic V's We need to stockpile with everything and anything...!
That being said, we seam to have a toilet paper issue. And it is a pure joke. With people stripping the shelves bear and fighting over a single bog roll!
But what happens when they've used them? This type of stock is a one use item and then it's gone. You just don't need to do this.
You only need to stock enough for you and your family for one month. Any more is just not needed.
Have one months supply for any potential lockdown.

Toilet paper packs like the 54 roll Andrex should be more than enough for two people for one month.
So why buy more?

There's no need, leave some for others and have some common sense!

What you actually need are these.

Iv'e always know of these as 'do rags' or 'doey rags' and all they are is a cotton square, cut to about 9" and that's it.
That is your new toilet paper.  

In 'the old days' before the fancy and bloody expensive, disposable nappies came on the market, babies used to wear cotten nappies held together, at the sides, with a nappy pin.

Then, rather than just throw them in the bin, mum used to gather them all up and boil wash and away she went again.
Cheap, effective and eco friendly!

You can do the same...

If you want, add a tiny bit of washing powder as well to bring them out smelling really fresh.

In the event of a coronavirus lockdown you have a never ending supply of 'toilet paper'

You can get the maximum out of these cotten nappies shown above as one Pack of 12, 60x60 cm will give you 48 doey rags if the sheet is cut in four.
Buy four packs, cut the sheets in four and your have more than enough of two people indefinitely.

That'll cost you £40 in total for an endless supply rather than £30 for a pack of toilet paper to flush away until there gone...

Sometimes the old ways were just so much simpler..

If this was a real SHTF scenario we would run out of toilet paper within a month and then what?

Happy prepping Folks

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