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Doomsday Prepping - Are You Ready For Anything?

I'm a Doomsday Prepper and I'm prepping for everything..!
Yeah right, of course you are... We here that all the time from the more extreme preppers around the world.

But what does it actually mean to different people who consider themselves to be preppers?

Prepper Level 1 (basic)

Some preppers feel that just having the basics that put them ahead of their neighbours is sufficient to keep them, alive in a doomsday scenario.
Maybe having enough food to last a month, a water filter, some candles or torches and decent sleeping bag is all they will need.

Prepper Level 10 (extreme)

Then there's the full on, level 10 preppers who believe in nothing less than complete isolation for them and their family, in an underground bunker with food staches enough for years, with water and air filtration systems and full munitions to ward of the bad guys.

The big question is: "who is right"?

Well, in essence, it all depends on exactly what you are prepping for - what major, Earth shattering catastrophe do you think is looming just over the horizon?
And when?

It really depends on what preppers camp you find yourself most comfortable in.
There are those who just want to get past the initial event, maybe last for the first month without to much effort - they are in the 'That'll Do' camp.
Then there's the people who work on the theory that if a little is good, then a lot is better. These preppers are your 'Almost Ready For Anything' camp. 
Finally we have the 'See You On The Other Side' group who are prepped up to the eyeballs and ready for any doomsday scenario that can be thrown at them.

Steve Hart UK Prepper

Me..? I'm somewhere in the middle I think.
So far in my life nothing major or catastrophic has happened here in good old blighty.

We have had a few specific incidents, namely 7/7 in London and Flooding to certain low level areas around the UK.
But in all honestly no disaster that has effected the whole country and brought us all to a standstill, except the famous 'leaves on the line' which brings the whole railway network to a halt with alarming regularity...!

I put great faith in my survival and bushcraft knowledge, along with my limited survival equipment and my stored food supplies.
I could probably scrape through for three months without leaving my home - wouldn't be easy at all, but that's my level.

Of course the question has to be asked - would anyone really want to live in an apocalyptic world anyway?
Wouldn't you be better off dead?
Yeah, maybe, but I really don't want to give up that easy....

That's where you need to find your own prepping level.
A comfortable level where you are comfortable with your efforts.
I don't think any normal person could be ready for anything. But, in my mind, It's worth a little bit of effort to help safeguard my family.

Even the simplest bit of prepping can save your life. 

So find your own level, and then assess where you are and actually see if that is good enough for you. If you happy with it, then just maintain that level,
If you see flaws in your prepping level and too many 'what ifs', I would suggest going one step further and filling these gaps one step at a time.

Of course, if you genuinely think the world is about to end, then give up now. You might just as well make hay while you can and enjoy life....

But no one is going to blow all their money on a good time thinking the world is going to end soon, so what the hell do you do?

Only you can decide whether your ready for anything...............

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