Emergency Food Supplies For Prepping For Disasters And SHTF

During A Disaster Event Or Virus Outbreak
The First Priorities Is Building Up A Food Supply

We all have a certain amount of food stored away in our cupboards in the kitchen. In fact we already have emergency food supplies for prepping, disasters and SHTF, but in very small amounts.

Some may have a larder that gives extra shelving and room for a lot more supplies to be stored, but how long would these food supplies last you in an emergency?

Now most of us have a fridge that's generally stocked up with enough provisions to get us by for a couple of days, maybe a week at a push.

Then there's the freezer. That's normally stocked up to some level. Traditionally there will be a few scraggy odds and ends tucked away at the back, but at least there's something there as a backup.

And, of course there's  the good old neglected freezer....
That looks like a scene from Titanic with bits and pieces of food stuck to slabs of ice.

Is this like your freezer..!

Well folks, if that is genuinely all you have stocked up in your house, your in for a big shock when disaster strikes and the SHTF.

I can say with pretty much 100% confidence that the vast majority of UK citizens have a painfully small amount of food stored in their homes for even the most basic emergency situation.

Also consider that the food you currently have may well have to feed you AND your family - that being the case, your stuffed...

The stash you currently have will diminish in record time and then what do you think your going to do? 
You'll be asking yourself 'why didn't I do this sooner'?

Basic food storage for prepping is not difficult, and it's also not too expensive if you do it bit by bit.

But for any prepper, food storage is definitely one of the very first priority requirements to add to your 'to do' list. 

Here's how the current food supply chain system works

There is now a system of supplying the public with their supermarket food based on 3 days of food stocked.

Simply put, this means if the supply chain were to break (and there could be literally 100's of reasons for this to happen), but whatever stops even a small part of this 3 day restocking process, we would all see empty shelves in our supermarkets within days.
Maybe less if there's a massive disaster.  

All supermarkets operate the 3 day restocking

The good old British public would go bat shit crazy and buy anything and everything they could get their hands on probably within hours, let alone days.!!

Emergency Food Storage For One Month

OK, here's the deal.
If you can ride out the first 30 days of any disaster,
you have a 90% higher chance of surviving that disaster

So, if your stocked up for a minimum of one month, whatever you have in your cupboards right now is a bonus - you will survive longer.

But remember, stocking up and prepping for a disaster is a lot different then getting your normal weekly food shopping.

Forget the al l carte meals and fancy dishes, that's not going to happen - as soon as you run out of you normal food it's time to suck it up and face the reality of a survival situation.

These are top basic foods essentials that will keep you alive and are easy to prepare.e meals that are nutritious and filling.

Basic One Months Supply
For A Family Of Four

  • Canned Meat > 30 Cans
  • Canned Vegetables > 40 Cans
  • Canned Fruit > 15 Cans
  • Rice > 8 bags x 3kg
  • Beans > 2 bags x 3kg
  • Oatmeal >3 bags x 3kg
  • Pasta > 6 bags x 500gram
  • Salt > 1 packet
  • Honey > 1 large jar
  • Multivitamins > 1 month supply

Remember, this is your basic one months supplies list, and based on sensible proportions and sensible rationing, easily available to anyone and is you ESSENTIAL FOOD LIST only.
This will give you recognizable survival meals while you 'ride out the storm'. All long life foods that will store easily.
They can also be eaten at any time after so you haven't wasted your money either....
Water procurement and storage is a separate issue.

Canned Foods; 30 cans for one months supply

These are a perfect food source for your prepping store, as you can always find something you like.
Canned Tuna > an excellent food source along with various canned meats you can buy.
Some of the cheaper canned meats like Spam will take a little getting used to, although I think it tastes ok! 
So I suggest sticking to things you are more familiar with, like Canned Chicken, Steak Pies or Minced Beef.
These are all very good long term food for emergency storage.

But remember one can is enough for 2-3 people, so by adding Tinned Mixed Vegetables you will have a full meal.

Beans, Rice, Oatmeal, Pasta:
8x 3kg bags of rice for one months supply.

There a very people who cannot eat rice, and when mixed with other foods will add much needed bulk and extra nutrition to you survival meals.

Organic Brown Rice is a great value prepping food - do not buy in huge bulk though. It is difficult to ensure that it wont spoil and go moldy if kept in large bags.
Instead buy the more convenient 3 - 5 kg bags. They will be easy to store and use, plus if one goes moldy you have not ruined the whole stock.

The same goes for Oatbran and Beans and Pasta

The average man needs approximately 2,500 Kcal (a woman - 2,000 Kcal) within a healthy balanced diet in order to maintain body weight.

Of course, this is effected by age, metabolism, physical activities and more, so is much an estimated, average figure..

Therefore it makes sense to look at these values when buying food for storage and apply them to suit your needs.
If you use this Kcal /100g as a baseline, it's a good instant indicator to compare what you are buying.

So What Are You Waiting For.????

Do you really want to join all those those crazy people, running around like a headless chickens, fighting and trying to buy a can of beans.!

Of course you don't, so there's only one thing to do -
start prepping and build up good supply of foods that will feed yourself and your family for months and possibly years.

It's not difficult. Providing you stick to a few simple rules you'll be fine. Here's the simple guidelines for food prepping:

  • Packing and Storage are essential for long shelf life
  • Always have a good supply of base level foods
  • Keep good supplies of lifelong foods
  • Flavourings are essential
  • Ensure good food rotation and restocking records
  • Always ensure you have more than on food cache

High Nutrition & Calories:
These emergency ration packs are readily available and have good shelf life [5 years +] 

Army Ration Packs - full article explaining MRE meals ready to eat.
*opens in new window.

Once you have a decent store of one month's food you can add to that in monthly increments to build up to three months and beyond.

However, once you have a good store of the basic foods for survival, you can then go on to add different varieties of food to your overall store.  

Just as a side note here:
You should also keep a good supply of any personal medication or foods that are specific to yourself.
Any special dietary needs must be considered as well.

Dehydrating Food For Storage

By storing dehydrated foods you will save on storage space and also money if you dehydrate your own foods.

I own and use the Andrew James Premium Digital Food Dehydrator(shown here)and it has been worth every penny.

In effect, you can dehydrate all sorts of foods, high in nutrients and get them when they are at their cheapest, and mostly free when dehydrating fruit and vegetables.

Dehydrating removes any moisture from the food and thus prevents any bacterial growth and spoilage of the food – it’s the same principle you use to make jerky, you are simply removing the water content.

Another excellent method to increase your food store is by vacuum sealing all your dehydrated foods you make .I use the Andrew James Pro Vacuum Sealer. (shown here)

Below is a quick video of myself sealing up some Bannock Bread Mix ready for storage.

But I have also dehydrated and sealed up loads of different food and added to my store - it can be done easily and very cheaply, and the initial cost of the dehydrator and sealer is very quickly met.

Make Your Own Bread
and watch the
Vacuum Sealer In Action

Don't Forget Your Treats

There will come a time when you can step back and see your prepping store nice and full of a selection of foods that will get you through a disaster for quite a while.

So now's the time for a few treats...!

Start to add your favourite foods and snack - these will become your luxury foods when the SHTF.

Anything that you personally like to eat can now be added to your stores, but always check the sell by dates and buy with long shelf life in mind.

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    • Andrew on October 8, 2017 at 1:22 pm
    • Reply


    Great article and I am currently now nearly there with the food stocks. Can i ask if this is the food per person before i go and double up for my wife?

    • Sharon on March 9, 2017 at 5:06 am
    • Reply

    Interesting Reading here, some great tips here thanks very much , I have been ‘prepping’ for a few years now since my dad got me interested in being more prepared. He is a very wise person with great faith in God and the bible which describes what is going to happen in the end days, disease, floods, earthquakes and darkness before Christ’s return. These things are warnings given by God! Obviously the first preparedness we really need is to be spiritually prepared and get right with God by acknowleding we are sinners and believing in him and asking him into our heart, At least then we are assured that we have eternal life regardless of when we die! The physical prep can come next to help us in the last days before Christ’s return . This world is getting worse, more natural disasters, the climate heating up so quickly, (not due to “global warming greenhouse gas emissions” nonsense that we are fed in the media) evil is everywhere, the sad thing is people refuse to believe these things are happening and Bury thier head in the sand. Have a think bout these things and take a look to see for yourself 🙂 Many Blessings

    • Enlightened Patriot on January 18, 2017 at 11:40 pm
    • Reply

    After 4 years of prepping, I am pleased to have come across this useful site. I have already benefited by just quickly scanning down the page even though I have sizable stocks. There seems to be always something new to learn and I know I have made mistakes with some of my purchases. One tip from a US prepper was to freeze any bread flour for 48 hours in a plastic bag to kill any weevils that are naturally in there. One such was recently opened some 18 months past sell-by date and was fine. Another, not frozen, had little crawlies in it – not welcome if a vegetarian like me. Lol.
    I have built my food store behind a 2 ft false wall (with anonymous lift-out door panel each end) at the back end of my 20 ft external garage making it very difficult to spot. All internal garage/store walls have 1″/25mm builders’ foil-coated insulation boards fitted. All sealed off with tape, 12″ steel shelving and some lighting finishes it off. Like having our own little supermarket at hand – it’s great if you run out. My worst mistake is to have initially bought too much of some items, like pasta sticks, which we can’t get through fast enough although it should last a long time. I have just had it stand as stored instead of continually using and replacing. Still, I expect to waste little and intend to do some catching up.
    Although I started off with a full spreadsheet (never used before) where I recorded all items purchased, ref number (marked on food). where/when bought, price, weight/size, cost, sell/use by date, etc, it does get a little too complicated (my wife says I always make things hard work!) and I do find it a hard discipline to record/replace items that I `pinch’ – but I am getting better at it.
    I also stock useful, tradable items like whiskey, rum, brandy, etc, (I can always use them 🙂 and toilet rolls! A generator, 2 jerry cans of petrol, an 80w solar panel/leisure battery (for my caravan) completes my precautions. I would like to sort out some water filtration system next although we have an abundance of rain water (and local stone ground water horse trough) here in NW UK.

    I do feel I have been spiritually guided to take these steps (also converting devaluing, soon-to-be-made-obsolete cash into precious metals, as a Stacker) and I have rekindled my lapsed Christian faith as a result. My BIG number one problem is that other friends and family (who, at 70, I would give my life for) are not on board, will not bother, yet I know who they would come running to come SHTF time!
    A difficult one as you cannot support everyone close to you – just do the best you can. There is the theft threat and I like the duplicated store idea.

    Glad to have joined the UK community of like-minded people. Cheers.

    • beargills on October 8, 2016 at 12:06 am
    • Reply

    Hi, here in the UK we should be prepping for a major electric failure, The maintenance of the transformers is way over due, Its called saving money, and when one goes down it puts pressure on the next one and so on. We were lucky last winter it was a mild one, but if this one is cold all that extra call for power could cause major power failure. I advise keep a good stock of candles and blankets plus other means of cooking food. ( trangia, fire box, camp stove etc.) I keep very little in the freezer, rely more on dried and tined food, even though we have a generator and fuel stock. Any body thinking of starting prepping go for it, you will sleep better knowing your family has a plan, and you’ll be surprised how quickly it spreads within your family. I have a saying, I would rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

    • Nick on September 13, 2016 at 10:32 pm
    • Reply

    Thank you for information about food storages

    • Ian on August 23, 2016 at 5:30 pm
    • Reply

    Just started looking at prepping…seems a good site for info…

    • Simon keenan on June 28, 2016 at 11:53 am
    • Reply

    Hi folks…. Where to start? I’ve always been an outdoors/hunter fisherman type and lately to put it simple have had a supernatural encounter with god.i realise this may not be something that all of you are used to hearing but im simply being honest.which leads to to why I now realise the importance of being prepared both physically and spiritually especially given the times we are in and the state of the world.I have recently bought some hens for my garden and have all types of fishing gear and an air rifle for small quarry hunting however I realise I swiftly need to prepare other items such as food and water ect but dont really know where to start.any help or relevant information would be much appreciated.kind regards and best wishes- the caveman

    • margaret on May 28, 2016 at 7:44 pm
    • Reply

    i have been prepping now for about 4 weeks wish it wasent a disaster that made me start but im loving it..thanks for your help on here give me a few more ideas will def get a vacuumn sealer is good idea as im on my own.. well got me kitty too prepping for her lol. woman in the shop when i bought 2 boxes of 44 pouches of cat food and 20 bags of cat treats she said oh your cats are spoilt i just smiled i only got 1 lol bit worried about what is going to happen being on my own but i got a God who will be watching out for me i cant use guns but got me pepper spray ready lol good luck to you all ill be praying for you

    • Abigail Murdock on March 28, 2016 at 4:24 pm
    • Reply

    My family often uses canned fishes on the days we are busy to go to market for buying things for cooking, so that’s why we have them as prepping food

    • Shannon Bartolo on March 2, 2016 at 8:46 am
    • Reply

    I love my Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer. I use both the bags (mostly for freezer storage) and the mason jar attachments. Did you know they now have..I think it is 1/2 or 1 gallon mason jars. I put my excess flour (after it has spend time in the refrigerator) and sugar in them.

    • The Spartan on January 2, 2016 at 8:10 pm
    • Reply

    Very insightful and informative. Especially seeing as it doesn’t have to be a Hollywood-type disaster, it could be something as simple as a flood or power downage that could isolate you from the very things you need to survive. This forward thinking stops you becoming a victim and prepares you for the immediate crisis period

    My question is, who could you tell about your prepping. Most see it as extreme and unnecessary as their food supply is abundantly convenient and if things go dark would they come after you as it’s easier than tackling the masses in the supermarket?

      • Red Barron on January 3, 2016 at 12:24 am
      • Reply

      I know a few other LIKE MINDED people who prep on various levels.
      Some have mainly food storage and others survival equipment.
      I find that ‘gently’ broaching the whole survival subject with any mention on me being a prepper is the best way.
      You can get a feel for other peoples attitude and thoughts on the subject.
      There is an article on this site somewhere about making prepper friends.

      1. The Spartan / Red Barron – Here’s that article:

        How To Find Fellow Preppers


  1. have quite a stock of food and a water but, but intend to amass much more, would like to remove gas fire and have open fire to cook on, would have to stay in my house, and wonder whether to get a gun?

    • South Coast Prepper on October 30, 2015 at 6:37 pm
    • Reply

    Great piece, I’ve been stockpiling since the fuel blocade in 2001

      • Norman on December 1, 2015 at 7:30 pm
      • Reply

      2001 was my wake up call too!!
      good article above, except for one glaring omission
      when buying prep foodstuffs, always read the labels on the back
      there it gives you the calorific value per 100 grams
      using that as a base, you can compare the actual values of brands sizes and prices
      the best, as far as i have been able to determine, is peanut butter.–thats on price, weight and size ive got a lot of it, and sometimes open a jar as a check—ive opened and eaten jars 10-12 years out of date, no sign of deterioration at all

    • mummypig on July 9, 2015 at 7:20 pm
    • Reply

    i live on a estate on the outskirts of town. i have got a good supply of food in. but really im worried how safe myself and 4 children would be. If anything happened

      • marty C on November 27, 2016 at 8:44 pm
      • Reply

      Don’t worry about a mob and chaos type of thing, for the most part that will probably not happen. Think about it this way, there are lots of good reasons to prep, economic collapse, loss of employment, truckers strikes, gasoline shortages, all of these things effect the food chain for us. No gas, no trucks delivering food, strikes, no food being delivered, loss of job, times of hardship.. Prepare by having food in the house and a lot of your concerns will be diminished. Keep your prepping to yourself as well.. discuss it with your children that it is best not to discuss it if things do get bad. If you can stay where you are and feed your family you will be more comfortable and feel more in control and self reliant. You do not want to be dependent on the state in times of real turmoil or trouble. Start slow but start. 10-20 pounds/dollars/ euros whatever your currency a week will get you on your way.. Rice, beans, oats, learn to can sauces and other things.. buy an extra can and put it away.. it will add up pretty quickly. If you cannot preserve, buy stuff you like to eat, soups, stews, meat in cans are excellent.. you ad a bit of meat to some rice and beans and pair it with one of your homemade spicy chutneys or sauces and you will be golden. Don’t forget toiletries and pet food.

    • mummypig on July 9, 2015 at 7:16 pm
    • Reply

    hi.i joined preppers uk. and still dont know where to start.

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