Esbit Pocket Survival Stove Review

Esbit Pocket Survival Stove Review esbit pocket survival stove for preppers

If you are one of those preppers wishing to travel light and compact, there are a few choices of cooking stoves available to you on the market today.

But for sheer simplicity and ease of cooking I think the Esbit Pocket Stove ranks among the top.

I wanted to see exactly how well this bit of German engineering would actually perform out in the field and could it be classed as a real survival stove.

Firstly, the Esbit will fit comfortably into the leg map pocket of your cargo trousers as it measures only 130x95x35mm and weighs 360grams when fully loaded with a pack of the solid fuel tablets.

survival stove esbit


I found the idea of carrying the fuel tablets inside the stove is a good one as it keeps everything nice and compact and in one place due to the two sides folding down to keep everything locked together. Of course it would also, easily fit into an unused space within your rucksack as well.



Now, the Esbit is very much designed for the solid fuel tablets. In fact I did not even attempt to try with any other fuel as, during my field test, it performed more than adequately with the tablets only.

The unit tested was the Standard Esbit Pocket Stove with the 12x14g tablet pack - I found this offers very good value for money and can be bought for under £15 inc VAT & Delivery.

Click here for a direct link to the Esbit Pocket Mini Folding Stove with 12x14g Tablets.

You can also buy extra packs of the Esbit Solid Fuel Tablets for under £9 inc VAT & Delivery




In the video my test was using the Esbit for the 1st time - now I'm sure I can better the boil time by quite a lot as it was a very cold damp day, with very cold water and a cold cup - even putting a lid on the cup would of speeded things up a lot.

So I shall be practicing a few more times with this and will do a follow up video to see how fast I can get the water to boil on one fuel tablet - "watch this space".......

"Does it work in the field"?

This stove performed very well and done exactly what it said it would. It will definitely be a new addition to my hiking rucksack, especially when out in the open and I don't have any natural fuel source around me [eg: twigs etc]

A definite value for money little cooking stove that will save you time and effort when you need a quick brew.

So, in conclusion, I recommend the Esbit Pocket Stove to anyone prepping, hiking or as your light weight cooking stove when just out walking and fancy a brew... .


five star rating





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