Essential Prepping Supplies

Essential Prepping Supplies

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As human beings we are both lazy and not lazy, willing or not willing and when it comes to survival, a disaster or ultimately the end of the world, we are either prepared or not prepared. Simple as that really.
We are not 'half prepared' because that would mean not expecting it get though!
But for those who want to give themselves at least half a chance of survival it's essential to stock up with prepping supplies and keep adding to them whenever possible.

It is a known fact that if you can survive the first 72hrs of any disaster situation your overall chances of surviving are very dramatically increased.

With the 72 hrs rule in mind, always begin your prepping with the essential survival items for your situation, then expand your prepping supplies from there on -

When deciding on your prepping supplies it is essential to consider your own particular situation and location and, of course, your budget.
If you decide to live in the tornado capital of the world then that's your choice, you prepare accordingly. The same applies if you live below the floodplain and in an earthquake zone.

Your choice of prepping supplies will be dictated by your location and what you perceive the highest danger is to you and your family.
As a UK Prepper we get precious few earthquakes, tornadoes hurricanes to really worry us - at the moment.... But we can be quite susceptible to flooding and snow in some areas.

The problems are raised when the threat is for outside, a natural event like an EMP or a world wide viral pandemic. Where you live has no bearing on these human disasters.

But prepping and accumulating your pepping supplies will still follow a very general rule of thumb for most people regardless of where, in the world, you live.

Prepping Supplies Main Guidelines 

  • Water - begin your prepping with a minimum of 3 days supply of drinking water and build from there, increase to larger amount of water storage as you increase your other prepping supplies.
  • Water purification - have a good alternative method of obtaining purified drinking water from ponds, rivers etc. make sure you have a water filter that will filter out viruses (the smallest of the bad micro-organisms). If you can filter to this level you will be safe. 
  • Emergency drinking water - if you have to bug out or are caught in a disaster situation you must ensure you have a means to obtain emergency drinking water and carry this with you in your bug out bag. 
  • See full article for Best emergency filter bottle article and Video here.

  • Food - good food storage is essential for both the short term, while you ride out the disaster and for the longer term where you are relying on you main stock. Build you a complete range of long life food. Also see; Basic Food Storage Food Disasters
  • Food - shelf life is one of the most important factors when stocking up on food prepping supplies.
    There are ways to extend the shelf life of most foods, including fresh foods, a dehydrator will give you loads and you can choose when you purchase your supplies at their cheapest, or sometimes for free.. 
    Most canned foods have a very good shelf life - normally at least two years - but stored correctly this can be increased substantially. Freeze dried foods from the specialist food suppliers are gaining popularity with preppers and these can offer you a shelf live of over 20 years! 
    The downside is they work out quite expensive - but if purchased wisely, they make very high quality preppers supplies.
  • For complete meals that are ready to eat, you can't go far wrong with camping rations. These are pre-made meals, spag bog, chilli con carne, even stick toffee pudding! You just heat these ready to eat meals in a pan of boiling water and you yourself some very nice food.
  • Emergency survival food - this is the first thing to start with as you plan your prepping supplies.
    Emergency survival food for the first 72hrs and survival food for your bug out bag if you need to 'get out of dodge' quick will ensure you have the essentials for getting through a disaster situation.

  • Medical - if SHTF you will not be able to get your normal medical supplies - if you have prescribed medication that you need to take regularly this is going to be a big problem.! 
    Therefore it is especially important to ensure your prepping supplies include your prescribed medication for a prolonged period of time - in fact as much as possible really. 
    Also include them in your bug out bag, enough for 7 days supply. 
    A general emergency medication supply and first aid kit must be assembled to take care of immediate medical situations that may occur.

  • Shelter - Your home should be enough protection against the elements under normal circumstances but if the power is out, you have no lighting, no heating, no fridge, no cooking - even your gas and water supply would soon stop if the pumping stations had no power too. 
    Imagine if this had happened this winter - a winter that seemed to last for ever.
    You must consider clothing and keeping warm, lighting and methods of storing food as well as how you are going to cook and wash as an essential part of your prepping supplies.

  • Cooking - you may have a good storage of foods but most will be canned or dried and need to be reheated and cooked - cooking over an open fire is not as easy as it looks - so a good method of cooking your stored food needs to available, and not only available you must be able to use it proficiently.

  • Sanitation  - without doubt one of the biggest killers after any disaster situation. 
    Prepping supplies must include methods for personal hygiene and sanitation - Imagine if you could not flush the loo for a day... then two days and three and so on...
    But far more importantly -sort your poo out folks - this will kill you even if the neighbours don't...
  • Toilet Rolls - As a disaster progresses and you find yourself having to hunker down. You toilet rolls will run out, fact. There is an alternative to buying paper toilet rolls, our grandparents never had toilet paper, they used newspaper! Why not? So for a more realistic, and kind to your bum, toilet paper, please my separate article dedicated to alternative toilet paper.

  • Defence - now you have amassed a good stock of prepping supplies and are nicely prepared feeling confident you can last the initial 72 hrs and beyond, are you going to just let any Joe Soap just wander in and take them - 'good grief, no, over my dead body' I hear you say.
    So a means to defend you 'stash' and your family becomes even more important now. 
    In the UK we have ultra strict laws on owning weapons for defence. However, there are weapons, very effective weapons us Brits can purchase and use to defend ourselves if ever there were to be a situation of WROL

This, of course, is not the definitive survival prepping supplies list.
Everyone has their own essential items and methods of dealing with prepping for survival of a future unknown event. 

But it's a good place to start..!

Happy Prepping Folks,


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