Essential Survival Aids – Bushbox Hobo Pocket Stove Review

 Bushbox Hobo Pocket Stove Review  

Manufactured in Germany and made of 100% stainless steel, thisbushbox hobo survival stove survival stove is definitely one of the most compact units I have seen.

In this review I will cover the assembly and dismantle of the Bushbox Hobo Outdoor Pocket Stove
as well as finding out  “Does It Work In The Field’.?


  • Weight – 260 grams
  • Width – 80mm
  • Depth – 80mm
  • Height – 115mm
  • Folded size – 90mm x 115mm
  • Fuel – trangia, gel fuel, esbit tablet or wood twigs
  • Carry case – cotton pouch
  • Materials – stainless steel [1.4301]


    bushbox stove hobo survival stove bushbox hobo survival stove bushbox hobo stove height

The assembly of the Bushbox Hobo Stove is very easy as seen here

 ‘Does it work in the field’  –  full field test review


Since this video was shot, I have played around with the Hobo Stove and have managed to get the boil time down to a very reasonable 9 minutes.
Just took a little more planing really –
I pre heated the cup first, and used a bit thicker twigs which seamed to give a hotter burn and put a lid on the cup.

Does it work in the field.?

Without doubt this little Hobo stove works well and especially worked well under the conditions I put it through – the air was cold and damp, the water was cold, around 5 deg C, the cup was cold as well – I think with a little bit more practice I can get that boil time down to quite a bit less.

So it’s the old saying, practice makes perfect and I will certainly be using this stove again and again and maybe even put another video review as my ‘ boil time test’ record gets better……

So, in conclusion, the Hobo Stove certainly gets my vote as a very compact , versatile and effective survival stove and is an ideal bit of kit to carry in an EDC or Bug Out Bag.

I like the idea of being able to use any fuel type very much, but most of all the Hobo performed excellently with twigs that were just laying around the forest floor.

My only possible dislike is the cotton pouch, as I don’t see this lasting too long – so I am on the lookout for a small plastic container that gives a snug fit for the components to slide into. 

Overall, the Bushbox Hobo Stove performed very well and is now a permanent addition to my survival equipment and at under £30 inc VAT and delivery I think it is very good value for money – for more information with customer reviews and prices please click this link to the BushBox Outdoor Pocket Stove.


Happy Prepping Folks…






 Just a quick note folks:buashbox xl combi kit

My full test and video review of the BushBox XL will be going online this weekend 15th Dec 2013 – so check back and see how the Hobo stoves Big Brother really performs out in the field…

Bushbox XL combination stove review












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