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Farb Gel Self Defence Spray UK


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Farb Gel Criminal Identifier Spray

legal pepper spray for the Uk

In the UK we are restricted to having absolutely nothing for self defence, in fact if your carrying anything for the sole purpose of using it for your self defence, you will get arrested.

So what are the legal alternatives to pepper spray here in the UK?

The only LEGAL ALTERNATIVE that the public or UK preppers have at their disposal and is the equivalent to Pepper Spray in the UK a Criminal Identifier Spray known as Farb Gel.

Here's the specifications;

  • Non Toxic & UK Legal
  • Can Be Carried By Any Adult 
  • Discreet & Compact
  • Non Lethal Criminal Identifier 
  • Contains No Harmfull Chemicals
  • 4 mtr Spray Range
  • Highly Effective - Giving Time To Escape

How Do I Know Farb Gel Works?

If sprayed at face level it will completely disorientated the attacker – as a consequence the natural instinct for him is to back off – if sprayed at the eyes it also cause blurred vision and in addition, this makes an attack even more difficult.

With this sprayed into the eyes it is not possible to see what you are doing - wiping it off only makes it worse.

Having tested this on myself, I can assure you it was not possible to do anything other than try to protect myself and my face from the spray. (see my video below)

UK legal pepper spray alternative

As a result, the natural instinct is to try and wipe it off – this only makes thing worse.!

Can you imagine the panic factor you put into the attacker when he looks down at his blood red hands after you have sprayed him..!?

He will have no idea what has just happened and similarly be more scared and ready to run off, than you !

As a result, it gives you escape time......

farb gel legal pepper spray

This Farb Gel remains on the attackers skin and clothing for up to 7 days – making the police very aware if a potential attack has taken place.

In other words, value for money, this is a ‘must have’ self defence method for preppers and everyone else, especially at the silly price of under £11 including VAT & delivery for the basic spray bottle.

So What's The point Of This Spray?

The Farb Gel Criminal Identifier will give you a few valuable seconds to make an escape away from danger.

When Would I need To use Farb Gel?

If you perceive an attack is about to happen you can pre-empt it and use the spray to get away.
Of course you can't go around spraying people willy nilly as this would then mean it's you that are committing the offence.

See The Full Video Review On My YouTube channel

uk legal pepper spray


Current price under £10
Best price - Amazon


Current price under £14
Best price - Amazon


Current price under £16
Best price - Amazon

I have found out a couple of legal points regarding the Farb Gel Spray - please read before you buy:

  •  This spray is only legal in UK mainland and wont be shipped outside of the UK mainland  
  • There are some concerns as to whether it is legal to 'use' in Northern Ireland.- you can own the spray but you may  possibly be breaking the Northern Ireland laws if you actually use it .

Generally as an Alternative UK Legal Pepper Spray for self defence this product ticks all the boxes and is something to consider for all the family, especially as it is effective and easy to use.

But, the best of all, it works AND it's very cheap...

In conclusion, this is an absolute  'must have' for preppers and the general public. All you need is a couple of seconds and you can avoid an attack.

I highly recommend this product and the fact that it leaves an attacker identifiable for days makes this even more useful.


Steve Hart  -  UK Preppers Guide

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