Guest Post: My Best Survival Knife

 My Best Survival Knifeultimate fine edge knife by gerber

 Guest Post by, MonkeyPrepper

What is all the fuss about choosing the best survival knife.? There is just so much information on line nowadays that surely it must be easy to decide what is best for you.?

Now obviously, as a prepper, I have several survival knives – that goes without saying.! Along with pocket knives and a multi tool knife I like to have all the bases covered – but my survival knife is a bit different due to the amount of work I do with it – its not just for show.!!

I’ve had several knives of varying types over the years and slowly they have been left behind in my shed as I found they were just not suited for my needs and eventually they were relegated to gather dust in my shed and were slowly and surely upgraded to a better performing survival knife.

Yes, I still like to use my ‘old faithfuls’ – I have one knife that has been with me since 1978..!! –

This is my number one favourite

– it’s a Diawa full tang 130mm smooth blade with a false edge top and some thumb traction grooves. It just feels good in your hand and fit perfectly for all my uses. The handle finger groove has a solid front guard with gives me extra leverage when I need it. I especially like the the deep ‘choil’ at the base of the blade – this is great when choking down on the knife for fine work

And is tough – maybe because it’s an old knife [over 35 years old] – but the blade thickness is 4.5mm – and that’s a thick solid blade that’s hard to bend or break.

Monkey Prepper Survival KnifeIMG_4819










I always take this knife with me whenever I go on any survival training or camping, fishing etc….

This is my newest edition to my survival knives.

 This is my latest addition to my collection – and I must say, will probably stay with me for a very long time, and It’s The Gerber Ultimate Fine Edge – [ see our review here ] – there’s a lot of hype about the whole Bear Grylls thing but the key point is it is made from one of the best knife manufactures, Gerber and it really performs well in every aspect as a full on survival knife – I really like it – cost me about £55, so not hugely expensive, but considering what you get for your money, I think it’s good value.

gerber ultimate fine edge survival knife

I actually think this knife has got everything you need and I like using it a lot. At the moment it’s my most used knife and performs just how I like it.

So that’s it really. My favorite and my best.


Happy prepping everyone – Monkey Prepper.

info, reviews and prices here> Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Fine Edge Knife


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