High Quality UK Legal Folding Knife Review The Nomad From Des Cattys

High Quality UK Legal Folding Knife Review 
The Nomad made by Ben and Lois Orford

Guest article by: Des from Des Cattys

In my previous knife review, I mentioned that I also had another knife that accompanied the Wolverine by TBS knives.

Well, this one is “The Nomad” – where both knife and sheath are made by knife maestros Ben and Lois Orford, if you are new to their handiwork do check them out.
They not only sell knives, but also leather goods, carving tools and knife care goodies.

This knife to me personally, is a superb piece of workmanship. I had this knife long before I purchased the wolverine, and it's a knife that goes everywhere with me.

It not only fills the gap for when I’m in the woods but also when I’m out and about in general.
It is a friction folder type knife meaning that the blade does not lock within the knifes own mechanism and with a blade length under 3” long (2.75” to be exact), it ticks the box for UK legal carry.

The blade is of the scandi grind edge for easy sharpening and for the short number of years that I have owned one the edge was easily sharpened by simply running the edge of the blade over a strop. The standard blade which is made from 2.5mm unpolished 01 high carbon tool steel.

The handles are constructed in the choice of two materials G10 or Micarta, and there are many assorted colours to choose from.

My own choice was neon green and black which as you can see is quite snazzy:

  • handle length is around 4.125” long and fits comfortably in the hand
  • there is also lanyard hole which will accommodate a length of 5mm paracord

When I purchased my knife it came with two types of sheaths one was of leather material and the other in Kydex, which were of very good workmanship, the leather one is designed to be worn on a belt and the kydex sheath to be worn around the neck.

I did used to wear the leather pouch around my neck by tying a length of paracord where the belt would go.

But since then I have bought another pouch which accommodates a ferro rod and tend to wear it on my belt.

Shown here with the two types of sheath - leather or kydex sheath

Both the leather sheaths hold the knife very snug and are not too tight or too loose, the kydex sheath is designed to house the knife at the hinged end and all are individually tailored made for each knife.

I also keep a length of paracord coiled away in case I change my mind.

This knife will produce superb feathersticks and the back of the blade, when scraped down the length of a ferro rod, will produce sparks suitable for lighting those feathersticks or your desired tinder of choice.

It would be regarded as my kind of utility knife, also useful for opening toys from packaging.

I have even used it in some food preparation, and having also used it for, yes you guessed it battoning wood, though to be honest it was wood of around an inch to an inch and a half in thickness.

This may sound a little contradicting from my previous review:
But, I have ventured to the woods and with this knife and my axe and I was able to carry out some tasks that a fixed blade knife could do though you must be aware that the blade does not lock and basically relies on your hand strength.

You may potentially trap your fingers under the blade....

Although I am pleased to say that I have fortunately not experienced this, it goes without saying, and it’s not to sound patronising, but if all your used to in fixed blades then this could potentially be an occupational hazard.

I would recommend this knife and I know plenty of other people that own one and would sing its praises too, as I mentioned as a UK resident this ticks the boxes for a legal carry too though as a small word of advice I wouldn’t wear it to a nightclub or down the local boozer.

Here is Des's YouTube video review of The Nomad Folding Knife

Steve Hart UK Prepper

Another interesting guest article from Des Cattys - thanks Des.

Des has a lot more bushcraft videos on his YouTube channel - check him out here:
Des Bushcraft by Des Cattys,

This does look like a good knife and having met Ben & Lois, and seen the quality of the craftsmanship I know how good this knife really is.

Hope you have enjoyed this guest review.

Happy Prepping Folks


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